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WARNING: This site contains adult related materiel, profanity and other things that tight assess might find offensive. If i offend you then you should most likely go to another website like this one. If not....Enjoy...=>

Wed, 16 Apr 2014 11:23:02 +0100 Police investigate after Ed Balls hits parked car

Police investigate after Ed Balls hits parked car

Ha ... I got 10 weeks in jail 5 years ago for "Leaving the scene of an accident" (where not one was injured and NO damage was done) I only touched the other car...

Well, we shall see how Ed Balls (titter fucking titter) is punished, no charges brought no doubt because Ed is important and rich!

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Mon, 07 Apr 2014 12:58:12 +0100 Zenimax Bethsoft Elder Scrolls Online Review

Guys, you cant take a WOW clone, slap a TES logo on it and make it TES ANY MORE than you can paint a car red, slap a Ferrari badge on it and call it a Ferrari. ESO Has held my interest for less than 6 hours and I don't really think I'll be playing it much more ... Fucking waste of 50 quid!

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Tue, 25 Feb 2014 09:49:07 GMT The Appearance of Words

Strange as it may seem up until about 4 weeks ago I'd never heard of or seen the word instantiated
verb (used with object), in·stan·ti·at·ed, in·stan·ti·at·ing.to provide an instance of or concrete evidence in support of (a theory, concept, claim, or the like).
at all let alone in a technical context.

Now, four weeks after seeing it in a dojo programming development document it pops up absolutely E V E R Y W H E R E!!!

Why does this happen, it' not the first time it's happened either?

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Wed, 29 Jan 2014 09:56:33 GMT Lilo, Grub and Grub2

So lets improve lilo and replace it with a boot manager that does not need to be updated each time you make a change to the config file, personally, I thought that was a brilliant idea. The times I changed the lilo config file and forgot to run update-lilo where uncountable!

A few years later, lets improve grub and turn it into grub2. A better, more flexible boot manager that has more configurations file than ANY boot manager before and, while we are at it, lets create yet another scripting language for all those user to learn along with the 40 others they already need to know to ANYTHING on a modern Linux system. And to add the icing on the cake, lets do this all in such a way that you, once again, have to run and update program to get it all to work...Oh, yes, one last thought, lets give the update program a completly obscure name like grub2-mkconfig!

By the power of Greyskull, what is wrong with people these days? Grub2 is a definiate step backwards if I've ever seen one!

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Tue, 28 Jan 2014 12:29:16 GMT The bloat of Fedora Core

I've been using Fedora (well, Redhat to be accurate) since Appolo (1998) and have always found it to be a sturdy, easy to install and reliable system.

The same can be said of the early Fedora Core systems too, all easy to use, do what they are supposed to and not much else.

Recent version however, not so! I'm just now installing FC18 on an old Toshiba laptop (1GiB RAM, 1.4Ghz CPU, 40MiB Disk). and after a minimal install (if you can call 681MiB minimal) I want to install X, no desktop environment, just X.. To my shock and horror this requires another 500MiB of files? To 1.2GiB for simple install... What has become of what was once my favorite Linux distro?? I'll stick to debian for now but even that is slowly removing packages I use. I'll be onto LFS before I know it just to get what I want!

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Wed, 15 Jan 2014 11:02:08 GMT Games (Tomb Raider and Far Cry 3 to be specific)

Being a long term fan of the TES and Fallout range of games and with no new release for a while I've had to turn my attention to other titles recently (specifically over the Christmas and new year period). I tend to steer away from EA (Electronic Arseholes) and Ubisoft (Ultimate Blasphemous Idiots) mostly because of their stupid DRM making playing a paid for version of their games harder to work with than a cracked copy (although once I've bought the game I tend to download a cracked exe if I can).

To that end here's a quick rundown on what I think of these two games:

Far Cry 3
Repetitive, dull, bad graphics, OK AI, semi-decent weapons (I'm into archery so games with bows always get a plus), decent total play time, better than Far Cry 2, incessant un-skippable cut scenes (I REALLY don't care for the story, it's an FPS!!), godforsaken quick time events. Glad I got it for a tenner, would have been upset if I'd have paid 35 quid for it!

Tomb Raider
Repetitive, OK graphics, OK AI, semi-decent weapons (I'm into archery so games with bows always get a plus), bad total play time, incessant skippable cut scenes, godforsaken quick time events. Glad I got it for 12 quid, would have been upset if I'd have paid 35 quid for it!

That's it, Halflife did OK without tons of cut scenes, so did the entire Quake range of games. Dev's can we stop with the trying to make games realistic please?? GAMES ARE NOT REALISTIC!!!

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Tue, 14 Jan 2014 14:40:26 GMT CSV NOT A CSV that has commas in the text / fields / coloumns

We've all seen them, so called CSV files that have commas in the actual data! That means they are NOT CSV files doesn't it??

This is a tricky one for most people....Thank fully I'm not most people ;) I've read dozens of ways using complicated code (sometimes hundreds of lines there of) and to this day the simplest way to deal with these NOT CSV files is to take a step back from your degree in computer science and think like a child!

"Col One","Col Two","Col Three","Col, Four"

You can see the problem there, as far a we are concerned its got four columns, splitting this line up on the commas (as we are supposed to do with REAL CSV) won't work will it? So to solve the problem we split on multiple characters EG;

(in perl): my ($col1,$col2,$col3,$col4) = split('","', $line);
(in php(to an array)): $array = explode('","', $line);
(in java): String[] parts = yourString.split('","')

It's not perfect and you will need to remove a leading and trailing " nor does it work on NOT CSV " encapsulated text but ... Job Done(I hope :)!!!

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Wed, 25 Sep 2013 12:00:08 +0100 Akeela Ahmed

"These findings indicate that we need to ensure young people are mixing at local levels and that they're working on projects together so that people can get to know Muslims and vice versa."

No Akeela, that is NOT what needs to happen, what needs to happen is that you leave the young people to make their own minds up rather than trying to force them to "like" Muslim youth's

If you want to tackle prejudice lets start by actually making race a NON ISSUE. Three simple things can be done now:

  • Remove race question from job applications.
  • Remove racially based quotas from employment law.
  • Remove so called "positive discrimination" from society.

Maybe then less than a quarter of the youth will mis-trust Muslims!!!

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Wed, 28 Aug 2013 13:24:17 +0100 The Public Interest

We've all heard this term over and over in the last few years, it's been around in common law for a long time. The question I've always pondered is:

Who get's to decide what is in the "public interest"?

The Government as a whole?
A single politician?
A judge in a crown court?
A public prosecutor sitting in an office in Whitehall?

Just take a look at the term in it's various legal forms and sadly, it is NOT for any one person to decide what is in the "Public Interest" is it? Surely it should be down to the public. Maybe, if we lived in a truly free world we would have the ability to decide if an innocent person can be detained under section 7 for 9 hours? Or a criminal should be prosecuted "In The Public Interest"

Food for thought!

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Sat, 24 Aug 2013 00:55:38 +0100 Fedora 19

Been looking to update my Debian 6 based laptop...

Ive tried Debian 7, alas it is missing quite a few packages that I have come to rely on over the last couple of years..

Ive tried Fedora 19... My god what a nerfed cockup of an operating system that is these days. a partition manager that is more confusing than a Japanese VCR manual. CLI Is telling me its using a UK keymap but when I shift and # it printing a freaking question mark. Dont even get me started on systemd.

And Fedora 19 is so very VERY S L O W!!

Where do I go from here? Stick with a 4 year old version of Debian?

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