Buy Hand Made Rowan Cutlery (ESEE) RAT-6 Horizontal Carry Leather Belt Sheath online

Like most of my hand made sheaths the Rowan Cutlery (ESEE) RAT-6 sheath is born out of a lack of options. The original Rowan Cutlery (ESEE) RAT-6 sheaths are OK but everyone has one and they seem to lack a leather one, especially a horizontal carry belt sheath. After market sheaths are also 2 a penny but very expensive.

For those of you that want a horizontal carry leather belt sheath that isn't the Rowan Cutlery (ESEE) RAT-6 standard one but don't want to pay literally hundreds of beer vouchers for it my sheath is one of few choices!

A simple leather horizontal carry belt sheath for your Rowan Cutlery (ESEE) RAT-6.

This sheath will protect your Rowan Cutlery (ESEE) RAT-6 for many years.

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Price: 65.00

Delivery: 2.99


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