Buy Spyderco UKPK Hybrid Neck or Belt Sheath (Hold Open) online

A hand made Hybrid Kydex interior, Leather exterior neck/belt sheath for the popular Spyderco UKPK UK EDC legal carry knife. Unlike other UKPK sheaths this sheath holds your blade in the open position so you don't have to unsheathe then unfold the knife. The knife is held securely by the unique shape of the UKPK blade and will of course, fit any other knives with that shape blade.

I've not tried it with any of these knives but the blades appear to be the same:

Spyderco Urban Lightweight
Spyderco Dragonfly
Spyderco Dice
Spyderco Tenacious
Spyderco Ambitious
Spyderco Sage
Spyderco UKPK FRN Flat Grind (NOT drop point)

This sheath does NOT come with a UKPK!

This is basically one of my Kydex neck sheaths clad in leather with Brass, Gun metal, Black or Nickel rivet detail. Dyed black with white stitching.. It looks quite eye catching!

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