VNC to real native Xorg X11 Session GDM / KDM / XDM

Xorg VNC to native / real X session
Ever wanted to VNC to an active X session?? I do all the time. Sometimes I'll be gaming with windows and need a tip or a map from a website. These days most games won't let you ALT+TAB out and back in again. The solution, run a VNC session to an already exsisting X session. You dont even have to be logged in, because the support is native it'll work with GDM/XDM/KDM!!! Simply ensure you have the line Load "vnc" in your xorg.conf (it was already there in my FC10/11/12 installs) then add the following to your "screen" section:

Option "SecurityTypes" "VncAuth"
Option "UserPasswdVerifier" "VncAuth"
Option "PasswordFile" "ABSOLUTE PATH TO .vnc/passwd"

Clearly there has to be a .vnc/passwd file where you tell it to. To create one in your home directory run vncpasswd.

GDM Login over a Native VNC Connection

A Fluxbox session over a Native VNC session

The advantage of this method is the dual input system, I run a dual head set up so I have the VNC session on one screen and the game on the other. This allows me to use the mouse and keybaord plugged into the linux box when I'm gaming or the windows mouse and keyboard if I'm not. Don't expect rapid performance...But it does the job!



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