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A horizontal wall mount storage rack for a traditional style bow and 8 arrows in stained pine. Like all our archery racks this arrow rack has a very low profile so can be mounted just about anywhere in the house without taking up too much space.

Why leave a beautiful bow locked away in a cupboard somewhere when it can be put on display and made a centerpiece of your room. I made these originally to show my bows off, suddenly other archers wanted them to so now I make them as part of my hand made manufacturing company.

The distance between the bow rests is 510mm and the rack sits just 70mm proud of the wall. I wouldn't suggest using this for a bow with a sight as the sight will probably hold the bow off the wall and the bow won't be very stable.

This is a RACK ONLY! There is no bow or arrows with this. The pictures are to show what it looks like with a bow and arrows on it NOT to show what you get!

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