Skyrim Live Off The Land Character (Hunter / Woodsman Bushcrafter Role-playing Rules)

Living off the land eh ... Not as easy as one might think. We need some basic rules and a small back story to start!

Back Story
Picture in real life trying to move to an area and live off the land, you would more than likely starve to death very quickly so kids ... Don't try this at home! The intention is to start with nothing more than somewhere to sleep and some where to store some stuff so I'll add a mod that has a map marker, a bed with the well rested perk and 4 trunks. Maybe a roof over my head if possible! I'll add it close to riverwood for easy access to shops and tools (smithing, enchanting and alchemy, you can use Anise's cabin for the latter or finish the first parts of the main quest to access Delphine's gear).

Update 1
So item 2 in the first list of rules can be a bit of a game breaker for playing a hunter / woodsman / bushcrafter type chap! Making potions and enchanted gear quickly spoils the fun and finds you very rich so I've had to modify the rules a bit.. These modification only apply to rule 2 in basic play.

Update 2
I've also modded the rules on fast travel. With Hearthfires installed you can find yourself a wee bit out of the way when at home (2 hours walk to the nearest merchant) so fast travel from your Hearthfires home to a city is fine. As is fast travel from a city to the nearest city to your home.

Rules (In no particular order)

  1. NEVER loot anything from human corpses IE; those you kill!.
  2. Anything you need you make OR make things to sell to get the money to buy what you need.
    • DO NOT make potions to sell! (I ONLY make potions from stuff I grow on my Hearthfires garden)
    • DO NOT make enchanted gear to sell!
    • IT'S OK to make wood, leather, iron, steel armour and weapons to sell!
  3. Sleep at night.
  4. NEVER fast travel anywhere.
  5. Stay out of gated cities unless for quest / business related purposes.
  6. Cutting wood / mining and the like is acceptable for making money.
  7. Only take the first set of perks on the perk trees (Stealth, Agile Defender, Overdraw ETC ETC ... ) with the accept ion of ONE tree. (me, I pick smithing)
  8. Do not buy ANYTHING you can collect and craft yourself!
  9. Build and decorate your Hearthfires house yourself, dont be lazy and make your steward do it :]

Rules for Containers (Only these things can be taken from containers, already dead NPC will be classed as containers, dead hunters and the like)

  1. Gold
  2. Lockpicks
  3. Enchanted Items
  4. Other items under 1 pound in weight NOT potions.



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