Yet Another Wannabe Black Boy Gangsta

YAWBBG Yaw-b-g
1. to attempt or to imitate a commercial black rapper.
1 to wear ill fitting trousers, to cup one's genitailia, to walk with a deliberate limp.
See Also: twat.

Yep, we've all seen em, most of us know one, in jail they are everywhere!

Those freaky white boys that wander around with their trousers hanging off their arse and the hands down their fucking pants playing billiards when walking down the street!!

These are also the people that can't be bothered to speak English in any manor of the language. Lts g dn pub pl... So wat! (Original reference Alan James Selwood)!

The labour party has, since its election, produced over 3000 new laws and twice as much legislation. I would like to ask:

Can you make it law to kick people that wear their trousers off their backside please?



On Sat, 27 Jun 2015 14:25:29 +0100 xX GANGSTA Xx though we needed to know:
Your a dick


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