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Rita Dagger Style Letter Opener is exactly what it is called. As a knife maker in the UK it is illegal to advertise knives if I even suggest they could be used in combat so, to that end, a traditional dagger (a knife originally designed for stabbing, swiping and thrusting IE; combat) must be advertised as a letter opener!

Our stainless steel letter opener will open your letters with a speed and deft you've yet to witness. No matter how well armed your enemies envelopes are with just a little practice you will be opening them without fail each and every time.

This dagger style letter opener comes with a leather sheath that has a standard size belt loop. This knife can also be supplied with a boot sheath so you can open letters with style in your home or office!

Rita is only available with American Cherry scales, white PVC liners and solid brass pins.

Blade Length: 85mm
Overall Length: 190mm
Material: 440C Stainless Steel

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Price: 49.99

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