Gatso Speed Cameras

Some of you may be aware that gatso speed cameras flash when you drive through them forwards, this type of camera is designed to take pictures from behind a car only! DO NOT confuse a gatso with a truvelo(that can tak a forward facing picture of you speeding). I dont know if a gatso actually takes a picture when you go through them forwards but i did hear of a man getting prosecuted for dwdca becasue a gatso took a picture of him from the front and he was giving the camera a 2 handed 2 finger salute :)

That in mind + the fact that I have set several gatso cameras off in recent weeks and never recieved a ticket for speeding would the world not be a better place if each of us accidently set of any gatso that faced into trafic? I am unaware if the camera actually takes a picture when the car is comming towards it but if it does that means one less motorist getting a ticket for going away form a gatso at 34MPH!

Nuff said, i will now wait to see if i am arrested under the prevention of terrorism act for publishing this document :)

Aplogies to for stealing their image of a Truvelo camera. I've taken it down as per your request. Given you sell speed camera avoidance gadgets I though you might actually WANT people to avoid tickets rather than just make money out of them?!?!

A Truvelo has ROUND lenses, a Gatso has SQUARE lenses. Never break the speed limit, you, your family and hundreds of innocent drivers WILL DIE if you break the speed limit even once!

A Gatso
A Truvelo



On Wed, 28 Aug 2013 14:00:51 +0100 though we needed to know:
Please remove the Truvelo image above which has been taken without permission and infringes copyright.


On Wed, 28 Aug 2013 14:35:00 +0100 Admin though we needed to know:
If you are after having the picture taken down try googling DMCA and _asking_ properly! Given this is an informational page aimed at helping drivers AVOID getting a ticket I would have thought you would be a bit more understanding? Especially since your site is all about people avoiding getting tickets too? I guess you are just in it for the money?!?! I'm in it to actually HELP! But hey, takes all sorts to make the world as bad as it is eh?!

Image removed!


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