Perl Programmer For Hire 10+ years experience

We are experienced perl programmers and have been using perl in every aspect of computing since late 1999 on many operating platforms (Windows, GNU/Linux, Unix, Solaris). Our skills as a perl programmer reach far beyond that of CGI scripts for the web. We use perl as a system administration tools, write our own libraries and modules and have even built GUI interfaces for windows in the past. We have been involved in many large projects in our time as a programmers including windscreen repair booking/stocktaking/pricing systems, order tracking systems, stock control and hotel bookings.

Linux Apache Perl MySQL (LAMP)

Our skills are by no means limited to web based CGI programming but it is an area in which we excel. We have several prebuilt systems that cover most aspects of the standard web based dynamic content CGI programming and have been building web based projects from scratch for over ten years. When it comes to accessing databases and image manipulation for shopping carts / product catalogs / property sales and letting systems you will not find a cheaper quicker perl programmer in the UK.

Perl and Windows

We have distibuted several GUI (Graphical User Interface) administration systems for windows machines that use the PAR (Perl Archive Toolkit). PAR makes it possible to use a single executable file that contains all code, modules, interpreter and interfaces required for a project.

Resusing code and CPAN

We have extensive experince at building perl modules to client specifications. Teaser Template is a module that provides teasers from a database (or files) of website pages. Ideal for allowing prospective clients to view a selection of items from a subscription only site. We have also written a huge all encompasing perl module that provides MySQL access, news posters, blogs, mailform and many other functions from one library. The library is available to purchase.

Programming Rates

Please see our prices page.

Project Quotations

Quotes are binding within reason. A requirements document will be provided by yourselves outlining the functions required in the finished system and the quote will be generated upon that document. Any changes from the original requirements will incur further charges. If a project takes far less time than initially expected you will only be charged for the actual hours we work. You can request a quotation by calling +44 07731 399006 or emailing us. An advanced payment of 50% is required before any project will be started.

Other Information

There is no minimum project size but there is a minimum charge of one hour for all work that takes less than one hour.

We can help you with modifying exsisting CGI applications providing you are authorised to do so by the original writer although, generally, the cost is higher than a rebuild due to the personal differences in the way people build coded systems.

Bugs and mistakes / missing function are repaired FOC upto 30 months after project completion.

Payment terms are 14 days from invoice date.