My Gaming Evolution: From 1981 to 2015 and beyond!


Yep, ole Rob has been playing computer games and using computers since 1981 back when I was just 10 years old.. Even then I could write BASIC! It started with a game called Xzap which was a knock off Sinclair version of Space Invaders. I did take a break from computer gaming after the ZX81 up until the Amiga 1200 was released in 1992.. I've had a few consoles, an NES, a SEGA Mega Drive and more recently a PS3 for a while but.........

.....My heart lies with the PC and it's infinate flexibility as a gaming platform. Consoles are fine but they require re-purchasing at each generation and lately have been turned into cash cows (PSN, GFWL, XboxLive and such) requiring subscriptions to play multiplayer games. Personally I think that is disgusting. You are paying for the bandwidth to play online, you are paying for the initial game purchase and now they want to charge you to play online with your buddies?!?! Me? I'll stick with my PC and steam. With steam you can access DRM free (sort of) games from anywhere you have an internet connection, even without an internet connection provided you are playing a non online game that you have already downloaded! I've got a nicely pimped up Amiga A1200 for my retro gaming fix and over 100 games invested in steam. I never stoop as low as to buy early access and rarely rush out to buy new games on the release date. The ONLY exception to this rule is the Fallout and Elder scrolls franchises.. They are great games one and all no questions asked.. Until Fallout 4 and ESO! Mrs Geake is also an avid gamer so I guess all round I am one lucky guy.. Do you ever see pictures of gamer girls on the internet sitting around in their underwear playing Skyrim?? Yes, that's what Mrs Geake does weather dependent!

The Early Years

Nineties and Noughties

2001 and Beyond



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