SEO (Search Engine Optimisation)

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Many designers and programmers will try to baffle you with whizz words and complex systems for providing search engine optimisation. I will not, just 1 paragraph can cover the entire ethos of SEO.

There is one simple way to deal with search engine optimisation, so many companies promise this and promise that; I dont promise anything. I will however point out the most simple thing so many people seem to miss. If you have a site that sells carrots, your site needs to be all about carrots!!!

The above links shows the results of the SEO performed on this site, as you can see this site appears near the top of the listings on a UK search and still quite close on a worldwide search. This is thanks to a well laid out page, valid XHTML markup and a constantly updated site.

This site has NEVER used any kind of pay-per-click advertising, instead focusing on natural listings. Natural listings are the way to go as far as we are concerned, once they are working they last for ever. Feel free to contact any of the clients on our portfolio page and speak to them about the advantages of natural listings over pay-per-click. Most will tell you our standard products out perform any kind of PPC system they have used over the course of 6 months..

Off Page SEO
We do not provide any off page SOE services. There are more than enough companies out there that will sell you promises that off page SEO is the greatest, newest tech and "can't be ignored". We do ignore it, experience has show us it only provides short term results unlike organic SEO.

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