Over Opinionated Lankey Streak of Piss!

Warning: Strong Language and Opinions Contained

Mad? Did i say mad? What i actually meant was fucking insane!!! This page contains a collection of views and opinions about the recent tide of PC problems and the divide it is causing amongst the working class of the so called *Great* Britain. Its also got some other stuff that has nowt to do with being PC, I just cant be bothered to create a new page in which to put it...

Firstly i would like to put a stop to those who will read this and brand me a racist, this document is not a dig at Chinese, Asian, Afro-Carribieans or, indeed any other minority! Its a moan, a gripe about the never ending stream of shit our goverment seems to spew out in the name of 'Greater Good' or 'Political Correctness'. I, like many other working class citizens, am fed up with the so called democracy of this country where by we vote in a government then they spend the next five years ignorning our opinions, increasing our taxes and increasing their expense accounts and salaries!!!


We are all aware of the recent spate of media attention to knife crime and fatal stabbings of those under the age of 18. Note I say "media attention" because as far as a tad of research shows, there has been no dicerable rise in knife crime?

I love knives, i used to carry a rather attractive fox one. A 2 and 3/4 inch model that locks open. Yes yes, that is illegal to carry these days but it is OK for me to carry a 2 and 3/4 inch no-locking blade that, lets face it, will do just as much damage as a locking blade! The part i cant understand is this:

A knife is no more harmful than a cornish pastie. Put the cornish pastie in the hands of a psyhcopath and you have a deadly choking weapon. The same applies to a knife. It is not the knife that is dangerous but the person that weilds it!!! It is not fair or just to criminalise people just for carrying a knife be it in a pub or whilst fishing. A reasonable excuse is required in the eyes of the law to _get away_ with carrying it. So what is a reasonable excuse, in my view "because i might need it" is good enough, thats what my scout master used to tell me..."Be Prepared" was that not the scouts moto. These days being prepared can get you 6 months inside and.... The safer they try to make it the more dangerous it gets. Look at what happend to guns!


This is something i have been thinking about a lot lately! What is freedom, are we (the working class human) really free??? For me freedom is the ability to do what i want when i want. The ability to carry a knife, gun or sword if i want. The ability to go to the woods, trap cook and eat a rabbit. To get in a car and drive at a speed i want to where i want.

With that in mind i dont think we are free at all and freedom is nothing more than an illusion created by the high and mighty to keep us all under control. Each day our so called freedom is being eroded by more and more legislation and regulation. You, I and every one we know is a slave, a slave to MONEY and nothing else. My research has lead me to believe that this is the ONLY country in the world where just by being alive and of a taxable age you must pay tax. So, in the once Great Britain these days you MUST work in order to pay your community charge unless of course you live with parents or in a non permenant residence. This is the first level of slavery that we all ignore each and every day. I dont feel free anymore and the older i get the more enslaved i feel.

"The truth is no defence." That's the 'law', no getting around it.

The title of this sub-section is taken from the British National Party's website. The first in many points warning potential article submitters of the problems faced by a political party in this politicaly correct gone mad country of ours!!! Further quotes include "A white rapist may be described as a 'beast' or an 'animal', but a black one must merely be a 'criminal'.". Do the creators of such farcical law not understand the hatred they are breeding simply by way of their legislation? A muslim girl goes to school in her 'relegious dress' and is allowed in, a white english girl goes to school in a t-shirt and jeans because her parents can ill-afford the cost of a uniform and she is denied access. The rules and regulations created by these 'thought shower's'(the term brain storming is no longer PC because it may cause undue angsiety and distress to people with brain problems) cause no purpose other than to increase the divide between racial groups. The most frustrating thing in this case is the fact that these people are paid from the public purse! Money you and i are forced to give to the government in every facet of our lives...

Iraq, Afganistan and the Middle East

If George Bush wants to attempt to take over control of the middle east that is fine by me, if they wish to install a functioning goverment in an otherwise chaotic political system, again, fine by me. What i disagree with is the lousy exscuse he used to put this little world domination plan into action! A war against terror? I, along with any one else with half a brain know that that is a measley exscuse to attempt to try and take control of a large section of natural resources, oil, gas, gold and other commodities. In the aftermath od 9/11 most people wanted revenge, the US goverment used that thirst to rush through an un-planned invasion that, to this day, has acheived nothing. Terrorists still run free amongst us blowing things and people up willy nilly. Fuel prices rocket to pay for the invasion and we sit, waiting for a bomb to be planted near our childrens school or outside our favourite pub.

A secondary complaint to this *attack* is why does our country have to get involved with the bully tactics of the USA? We all know the USA think they own the entire planet, we all know they think they invented everything(did you know the original document pertaining to building aircraft that can avoid radar, stealth in plain english, was accidently marked as public by the Russians and was found, purely by chance by the Americans)! Now our country has become a target for terrorists, when will our government realise this is their fault for supporting a war monger!!! I understand the need to eliminate terrorists but their are far more effective ways to do so. I read of a goverment list that contains terror suspect resident in the UK, why are these people not detained and deported NOW. But that would be an infringment of human rights is guess? What about the rights of the 49 odd british citizens making their way to work? These bombers had no thought of human rights infringments or mercy for them!!! Normal people going about their daily business!

Blowing up innocent people will not help your cause! Terrorism attempts to effect our daily lives by making use nervous, our best combatant to this is to continue using the tube and busses, to relax airport security and to carry on as normal!!!

Saint Georges Cross

We are all familar with this red cross on a white back ground, from football to car number plates we see it every where. For me, it represents the struggle our ancestors had to go through to acheive the freedom and reduced oppression in which we now wallow like a hippo in mud. It represents my country of birth England, not the United Kingdom or Great(ha, more like little) Britain but England! If you wish to be an American citizen(Why???) you HAVE to pass the citizen ship test, naming states and key moments in history and, more on topic, questions about the stars and stripes flag. I digress, the point i am about to make is a sore one for me, why, in the name of the devil has an ENGLISH man, in ENGLAND, been told he faces arrest if he does not remove his ENGLISH flag from HIS land? Why have firemen been told to remove their ENGLISH flag from the back of their publicly funded ENGLISH fire tenders? Why have prison screws, err, sorry, guards... Been told to remove thier St Georges crosses worn in support of a charity, no doubt benefitting English people??

I know our leader would like our homeland to be renamed new America but, unfortunately for him most of us dont! My point? If you dont like the English flag you should most likely fuck off back to what ever shit bin country you came from in the first place!!! For one thing i KNOW im not alone in thinking this and since the London bombings i have noticed a huge increase in the number of red crosses spotted on the back or cars and in house windows. I am sick of seeing people persecuted for displaying the flag of their country in their property. Are we no longer proud to be English? I have a St Georges Cross covering the speakers on my parcel shelf. I dare ANY member of ANY authority to try to make me remove it on the grounds that it might cause offence. I FUCKING DARE YOU...


No, im not talking about amphetamine sulphate, im talking about the speed of cars and the growing obsession that "Speed Kills". Why is it, once again, we find ourselves being targeted for yet another slogan laden campaign to save lives? Each and every day on my commute to work i come across people doing stupid things on motorways, rural and town roads. Pulling out late forcing others to break hard to avoid collisions, turning onto motorways at 45 mph to mention but a few. All these points are listed in the highway code as no go's and should be avoided at all costs. So why, when we have the best road safety record in Europe, are we being singled out??? I have been driving since i was 19, i am now 34. Thats 15 years, i have never crashed and i can honestly say that on an average day i avoid at least 1 incident that without my intervention would cause an incident. Statistics have shown that speed is not related to accident rates in any way. They have also shown that in certain circumstances scameras, sorry saftey cameras, can actually increase accidents!!! This un healthy obssession with speed is purile and unjust. The Germans, know to be one of the most sensible races on the face of the Earth have no speed limit on their motorway, they have somthing else instead. RESPECT FOR SPEED. Unlike almost every driver i encounter every day, im not talking about driving slowly, im talking about respecing that fact that the appraching car is moving at speed and being polite and respectful enough to allow it to pass before pulling out. NOT like the english seem to think, "its going faster that the speed limit so i will go". Let me make one thing clear here folks, when i hit your car up the arse at 90 and your only doing 40 or 50 you and your passengers will get hurt as will i. Also you cant proove that i was going to fast and going to fast DOES NOT mean you will automatically win any claim or cout case!!!

It is time the goverment and police force started to tackle drivers with unsafe vehicles, no insurance, Drink / drug drivers and real criminals instead of Joe Shmoe who went 5 mph over the speed limit. Trouble is you actually need to spend money on officers to catch real criminals, its not as simple as spending 30k on a scamera and letting it earn its living within a week. As for me, i drive fast, everywhere i feel the conditions are safe. For all you sandal wearers out there at 3 am i WILL drive down my local motorway at 140+mph but strangely enough in the town where there are people and unpredictable children i rarely go above 20 so your little 20mph limits have done nothing to reduce my speed have they!!!

Trains and Crossings

Now the parents of those two teenage girls have my sorrow and grief as does the driver of the train but i am alreading fuming to see that the lentil munchers have moved in on this story already! Train crossings are dangerous, huge chunks of metal speeding past at 50+ miles per hour and as far as i am concerned ANYONE who decides to venture onto a level crossing when the lights and horns are sounding really does deserve everything they get... These crossings have been in use for years and now, suddenly becasue 2 teenagers are killed they are the root of all evil! Never mind that for years we have all managed to use them without getting squashed, never mind that for years this actual crossing has had no accidents. There is only 2 reasons this accident happend, stupidity and darwinisum. Nature and stupidity selected these girls for thier fate NOT a level crossing!!!

I know the difference between safe and stupid, why should i be tarred with the minoritys stupidity!!

Money Wasted Protecting People

Im sick of it, Geology, Medicine, Oceanography and oh so many other graphy's!!!

The bit that really get on my tits is the study of volcano's. In my view natures boils! Every year billions of dollars are spent on studying volcano's to what end? Well no end really even after many years of study they still cant tell us when or where a volcano will errupt, nor can they tell us how bad it will be. To me this is a total waste of good money that should be spent re-settling people away from these behemoths of nature. If you want to go and park your house under a fucking volcano you really do deserve to get burned to death or drowned in glacial melt water. I once visited Italy and drove from Rome all the way down to Sicily to pay a little visit to mount Etna. The whole time i had in mind that i could well be driving to my death or disablement. I didnt expect any mercy from nature!!! Also on the way back we visited Vesuvius, one of _THEE_ most terrifying i have ever seen. In my view anyone stupid enought to settle within 100 miles of that thing deserves to die a horrible death...

There are over six and a half million humans on this planet, you are not unique as paramedics and other health workers will say, you are the same as the rest of us, a party animal. As long as you are alright what why should you care about anyone else, nature has put these things on the planet to keep us under control and we, in our oh so infinate wisdom, think its ok to stop, or at least try to stop them!!!

Police Hypocrisy

They are and have been for many decades merely another instrument of the state whose job it is to obey orders. No longer do they even pretend to represent the very people they claim to protect. Like spoilt children who want to be treated as, when faced with the consequences of their actions, cry "I'm only a child!", they want it both ways! For as soon as there is even a hint of taking one of them to account for killing someone they all drop arms in protest.

They want to be both above the very laws they claim to be upholding, and want special punishments for anyone who tries to stand up to their excessive force, but naturally want full immunity for themselves, for rather than being held more accountable than the average person because of their office, they want no accountability except to the politicians who white-wash every action with the.

Remeber the innocent Brazilian shot in the name of terror prevention? Not one officer has faced a single charge. If i had shot Mr Menezes i can garuntee there would be an entire world of eveidence and even if there was not, some could easily be created!!!

A 25 year old traffic cop with a little advanced driving tuition and 5 years of road driving can chase a driver/rider of 20 years along a section of section of dual carrigeway at speeds in excess of 130 miles per hour then arrogantly accuse the driver of far greater experience of driving dangerously and beyond his skills in a childish and purile "Im better than you" school playground ground attitude. No amount of training makes up for experience.

An office pursuing a motorcycle that is driving dangerously and apparently putting the rider and/or other people at risk or can in fact ram that biker off his bike of he sees fit, more than likely gravely injuring the biker for life. Creating, by their own hand, the presice situation they said they where trying to avoid!

A police officer can ram a car in a chase and the driver of the car being persued is charged with using a vehicle as an offensive weapon even though the officer was the one using the vehicle as an offensive weapon. Proving once again the arrogant and hypocritical attitude of the police.

The police can take you car as evidence and keep it for as long as they deem necessary causing severe financial loss in the case of us that actually work to pay their wages. After their investigation is finished NONE of the losses you have sustained will ever re-imbursed whether you are found guilty or not. Prooving they are a law unto themselves!

A police officer can arrest you using what most people would regard as violence and excessive force. When you retaliate using reasonable force, you will find youself charged with assaulting a police officer for doing nothing more than trying to prevent what feel like an assault!

REMEMBER You ARE guilty until proven innocent!!!

Cancer Research and other Terminal Disease

Firstly, this page is in no way affiliated with the Cancer Research UK, it is simply my opinions on the vast amounts of money selfishly spent on extending the live of those that will, without a doubt die anyway.

Firstly, for all those that will read this and instantly want to comment about how they lost their Child or Wife or Grandma to Cancer and how hartless i sound by making these comments understand one thing... I have lost 3 relatives and 2 friends to Cancer and in every case the national health service spent thousands and thousands of pounds and only succeeded in extending my cherished ones lives by a few years and in one case just a few months.

The opinions i lay out in this page dont just apply to Cancer, they apply to ALL terminal diseases and infections from HIV to Salmonela.

Nature has placed these terminal diseases and viruses on this planet for a reason. The only reason they exsist is to kill people, its called natural population control. Who are we to spend millions, nay billions each year in vain attempts at preventing these minute creatures that have the same right to life as we from doing what they do naturally? There are over six billion of us on this Earth and in the time it takes for me to type the words "six billion" another 5 have been added but only 3 have died. To take a life in violence for money or religion is wrong, that can not be argued. For one of natures creations to take a life in order to survive is nature and should not be interfered with.

The money wasted in trying to rid us of these diseases and infection would be far better spent on learning to live in harmony with our environment rather than egotisticaly and methodicaly destroying it. If you have Cancer, or if you find your self with some other terminal disease or infection be a truly good person and take the hand that nature has dealt you instead of running to the NHS in an attempt to extend your misery further. If nature has decided that you should survive you will, if nature decides you should die you will, in the end, so why try to fight it.

As for me, if i catch one of these diseases or viruses at least i will have the minerals to let it do its job and if my immune system is as good as i think it is i will live a long and healthy life...

Agent Smith:
I'd like to share a revelation that I've had during my time here. It came to me when I tried to classify your species. I realized that you're not actually mammals. Every mammal on this planet instinctively develops a natural equilibrium with the surrounding environment, but you humans do not. You move to an area, and you multiply, and multiply, until every natural resource is consumed. The only way you can survive is to spread to another area. There is another organism on this planet that follows the same pattern. A virus. Human beings are a disease, a cancer of this planet, you are a plague.



On Tue, 28 Jan 2014 16:42:38 +0000 Adrian though we needed to know:
A very funny page. Incidentally I totally agree with you about "freedom" and its dilution. However you really should try Debian as an alternative to Fedora.


On Tue, 28 Jan 2014 16:46:32 +0000 Admin though we needed to know:
Thank you for the comment, and the help with fixing my broken site!

I use Debian on my laptop these days, the other distros seem to be trying to be too user friendly and failing to support long term experienced uses at every step!


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