Commodore Amiga A1200 Full Setup Process with Internet

install CLI decompression utils unlha,unlzx,
install Installer!
Install ClassAct! (you only need classact if you want to run AWeb!)
Install Aweb! (not advisable on a standard A1200, it will run out of memory FAST)
Install reqtoolslib!
Install copper_demon (if you like that kind of thing)!
Add clicktofront to S:WBStartup and set the tooltype QUALIFIER=NONE (give you double click to bring to window to front)
Install magicwb (abandoware) from: (unpack the file then install that!)

At this point you should have a pretty cool looking workbench :) Me, I'll be using CLI internet alot so the next part of the setup will be based on that!



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