Film Astrophotography Pictures Taken The Old Fashioned Way

Author: Robert Geake Robert Geake
Subject:Film Astrophotography Pictures Taken The Old Fashioned Way


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Skywatcher Evostar 150
Konus MotorMax 90
Orion(UK) Europa 250
Skywatcher EQ-6
Meade DS2114
Orion(UK) OMC 140
Meade ETX-90EC
Skywatcher Startravel 80
Synta Skywatcher EQ-6 EQ6
TAL 100R Refractor
Film Astrophotography
Minolta SRT100X
Canon IXUS 330
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I have taken many astro pictures with my Minolta manual SLR camera but have never been really satisfied with the results acheived. I have also tried taking many pictures with my somewhat outdated digital camera, a Canon IXUS 330, again, not to my satifaction. I have however, recently purchased 2 lenses from a chap on ebay. One 16mm(surplus to requirements but for £6 a bargain not to be missed) and one 135mm fixed focal length branded Mitsuki. This lense has proven to be priceless(even though i had to bid upto £35 to get it). The pictures below have been taken using mostly the 135mm F2 lens. They are all labeled with as much info as i can remember about them and i intend to continue adding the best picks as my collection grows. I am now happy that i can, with my current set up, get some decent wide field pictures and will continue to do so for a year or so at progressivly longer focal lengths until i am happy i have the skill and experience to move on to prime focus.

I use the same film for all pictures, the film is not chosen from experience it is simply a the easiest to obtain in my area. Using the same film simply narrows down the error margin and gives me less settings to worry about at the scope. The film i use is Kodak Ultra ISO 400 24 exposure rolls. I hope you enjoy the pics and typos and please fee free to contact me if you have any queries or comments or flames!!! Ah yes all images link through to a much heavier copy(normally about 400K or so) they pop up in a sized to image window!!!

Image Details Unknown, Subject: Constelation Orion Image Details Unknown, Subject: Milky Way
Constelation Orion Milky Way
135mm F8 15 Minutes, Subject: Messier 45 135mm F8 15 Minutes, Subject: Constelation Orion
Messier 45 Constelation Orion
135mm F8 15 Minutes, Subject: Comet C/2004 Q2 (Machholz)
Comet C/2004 Q2 (Machholz)
Author: Robert Geake Robert Geake
Subject:Astro Pictures Taken The Old Fashioned Way
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