Tal 100 R Novobirsk 100mm x 1000mm F/10 Refractor Review

Author: Robert Geake robert@thegeakes.co.uk


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My astronomical experience

I have, in the last 6 years gained more and more experience with telescopes and all fields of astronomy. Although i am hardly a professional i do have a very good working knowledge of telescope types and use as well as observing practices. I have been using all the equipment mentioned on this site along with other equipment at star parties. Read on for the first section of my review.

TAL 100R technical specification

Aperture = 100mm
Focal Length = 1000mm
Focal Ration = f/10
Aluminum baffled tube assembly
9X30 Finder(replaced with 9X50)

The Journey

The TAL 100R will be purchased second have from an advert placed in astrobuysell.com. I say will because the guy I'm buying it off of has gone on holiday for 2 weeks and cant deal with the sale util his return! I will continue this review then....


Author: Robert Geake robert@thegeakes.co.uk
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