Wearing a mini skirt is no excuse for rape!

Google: mini skirts misunderstandings

It's archaic to blame a woman or suggest that she dresses more conservatively to reduce the risk of rape isn't it? It sounds like a throwback from the 50's or 60's when women "get what they deserve for dressing like that".

This is is something most western men have been taught for decades now (I have other views on this subject), this does not apply to immigrants (refugees come from Syria NOT Africa) coming from North Africa or Northern Middle East countries. In this case it's OK to tell girls NOT to wear short skirts because it'll help avoid rape!

Boxser Tyson Fury is slated for saying 'in the kitchen and on her back' but we are letting hundreds of thousands of men into our country that belive 'if I want a woman, I just take her and the police will do nothing'!

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