Time for a new astro front page!!!

Well, its been a while since ive done any work on this bit of my site. Mainly becasue its been a while since i've done any atro work!!!

The reason..? JAIL

Yes, I've spent 5 months in jail and another 4 months with a tag attached to my leg stopping me from going out after 1845...Only in England could you get 16 months for not stealing anything, not hurting anyone, not damaging anything and not costing anyone any money!!!

I digress... Point being, i have had a rethink of my observing process (and a driving ban :). Whats the point in lugging all that heavy gear down the creek only to be shat on by the weather. Plenty of people observe from towns so im gonna make a few changes to our bin cupboard. Details to follow (and pics too!)

Come back soooooon...

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