The bloat of Fedora Core

I've been using Fedora (well, Redhat to be accurate) since Appolo (1998) and have always found it to be a sturdy, easy to install and reliable system.

The same can be said of the early Fedora Core systems too, all easy to use, do what they are supposed to and not much else.

Recent version however, not so! I'm just now installing FC18 on an old Toshiba laptop (1GiB RAM, 1.4Ghz CPU, 40MiB Disk). and after a minimal install (if you can call 681MiB minimal) I want to install X, no desktop environment, just X.. To my shock and horror this requires another 500MiB of files? To 1.2GiB for simple install... What has become of what was once my favorite Linux distro?? I'll stick to debian for now but even that is slowly removing packages I use. I'll be onto LFS before I know it just to get what I want!


Linux does indeed suck these days!


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