Sick o this shit

To quote the Home Office:

"Driving requires full concentration at all times"

No it fucking does not!!!! It requires the ability to use the controls of a vehicle WITHOUT HAVING TO THINK ABOUT IT IN YOUR CONCIOUS MIND. Day after day i watch my other half pull out on people, carve people up on roundabouts, fail to indicate, drive to fast for the given conditions blaaa blaaa blaaa... Why, because she has to pay far to much attentions to the controls of the vehicle therefore at least 50% of her brain power is NOT paying attention to the outside world...

It's this ridiculous attitude that gets people like me, someone who isn't even aware of the effort involved in making a car more, indicating, changing gear and the like, in bother. I don't need to think about when to put my indicator or or when to change gear, it just happens in the same way yo don't need to remind yourself to breathe!

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