SATA advantages over IDE

In plain old fashioned English....NONE!!!

Ive jsut installed a 150GB SATA raid array to my home PC, i copied my winXP partition to the new drives(reducing the SATA raid array to 120GB, nevermind) and when i rebooted i noted absolutely NO DIFFERENCE...OK So _they_ would have you believe SATA cab do 150MB per second and IDE can only do 133MB per second, believe me, it makes not one iota of difference to the actual speed windows runs, boots or shuts down at!!!

To those of you thinking about upgrading to SATA, dont fucking bother, its a waste of time and just yet another way for huge commercial enterprises to make dollars from us. The same applies to PCI EXPRESS video cards, my new motherboard has a PCI EXPRESS slot instead of an AGP slot, do you remeber how _they_ said AGP will be sooooo much quicker then PCI??? And now they are reverting back to PCI...Its a money grabbing conspiracy created to earn, not to make life easier!!!

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