Probation Service

to ensure the prisoner's successful reintegration into the community!!!

Apparantly... This is the purpose of the porbation service!

Having recently been released on HDC with licence conditions forcing me to attend weekly probation 'supervisions' and a phsyco-logy course named 'think first' I would like to know if A N Y O N E can answer the simple question i have reguarding this whole ridiculous state of affairs.

How can i re-integrate into the community (get a job and all that entails) when i cant even get evening appointments with probation or this course??? Next week i have the following diary to keep the forces of evil happy!

Monday 11:30 -> 12:30 Supervision!
30 Mile journey by public transport...
Monday 13:30 -> 15:30 Think First!
Tuesday 13:30 -> 15:30 Think First!

This continues on a weekly basis for 17 weeks when it returns to just the monday supervision appointments! There is no evening session for this course, nor, as i've already said, does the probation officer have any free time of an evening.

Before that dongo judge locked me up for what _could_ have happend (but didnt) i had a business. It was turning over almost 3 grand a month (lest we not forget at least 25% of which would have gone to the public purse). I had no need for a full time job at the hands of some minute munger boss who would have you sitting around doing fuck all for 3 hours of a morning then moan when you are 3 minutes late back from lunch. I even employed someone to come and do my invoicing / book keeping once a month.

So how am i to get a full time job (the probation service is not satisfied that i am actually doing any work, now im a convicted criminal im also, suddenly, a compulsive liar too) when i am tied up jumping through hoops for the probation service all day monday and most of tuesday(including travelling time). What boss will willingly take someone on knowing that im only going to be there for 3 and a half days a week???


Glad you are back!



Well one idea is to not commit crime


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