Pox ridden windows XP

Answer me this.. When im using linux and i want to copy a WHOLE bunch of files from one place to another i go cp -Rpv file newfiles and no matter how big or small they are away it goed happily copying until there is no copy left.

With windows first job is to select them all, then copy, then navigate to the destination folder and paste them..Ah yes..I forgot, if one wants the operation to go smoothly you have to first ensure that _View All Files_ is set up in explorer options and make sure all the files are attrib -h -r -s otherwise you will end up with loads of prompts!!!!!!

So, here i go, p a s t e -: and off to bed last night at 4 am to allow the 40 odd gygabyts to copy over knight! :)

LIKE FUCK!!!! Are you sure you want to copy the encypted file..bla bla bla..is waht i was greeted, no you T W A T, i just thought i would tell you to copy it so you could ask me once more if i actually wanted to copy it! God i hate it!

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