People and Friendship

We've all been there, working for or with someone for a few months or years. You get to know them, regard them as a friend and they hold you in the same light! We talk about how much we've learned form each other, we talk about things we've found difficult both project based and in life, we talk about hobbies, tech and life in general. We talk about the exciting aspect of life and retort anecdotal situations we have been part of or shared. We share experiences AND experience (the most important part of friendship for me). Then the job or project finishes, maybe on good terms, maybe on bad. This is the point when you realise it was not friendship you were experiencing, it was convenience!

This person was you friend because you were there, nothing more nothing less!

After being an adult on this planet for over 20 years I am noticing this situation is becoming more prevalent as time goes by. Is it me, am I the kind of person people don't want to be friends with. Or is it them, are they a new breed of narcissistic, self centred humans that only see people for what they can take from them. Either way I don't like it!

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