Fucking M25....Ha, how can they call it a motorway?

I went to London via the M4 last night and as i approached the heathrow area i notice more road works, not a problem i hear they cry!

No, the road works them selves are not a problem but what is a problem is the gantry signs say 60mph and speed cameras going off at 40! Each time the reflective orange coating of a speed camera is notice i was confronted with a sea of red brake lights scrablling to reduce their speed before the camera.

I wish the goverment would be a little more honest about the scamera thing and admit they are placed to make money, NOT for safety.

Each time i go near the M25 i find my self spending more time worrying about how fast i am going and far less time worrying about the road, this is not a safety issue its a fucking money issue

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