"Once upon a time you could get that on any street"

Well bugger me, really, and mr hanson / miss roslyn and other so called famous people, why might it be that we can not "get that on every street" anymore?

Dont, know, poor starlets, far to dense to work out that its THE FUCKING SUPERMARKETS that are using you to advertise their shitty replacement _market street_, thats why you cant get that on every street these days...Bunch of brainless retards...


And another thing...Is it not Ford that currently use a bunch of birds walking about the place using the tag line "Wouldn't it be a shame if birds didnt use their wings" only then to go on to try and convince us that if we dont use their motor we arent using our wings..

The sad parallel is that by using your car WE ARENT USING OUR FUCKING LEGS / WINGS are we mr ford???


Just one more while im at it...Tesco "You help to keep us going, we'll help to keep you going"... Notice that word HELP, sadly mr tesco, whoeverthefuckyoumaybe, we dont just help you to keep going, if it where not for us constantly throwing money at you YOU WOULDNT EVEN BE HERE!!! so lets have a litte respect from you please?



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