More Goverment Bullshit

If you speed it could cost you alot more than money!!!

WHY WHY WHY...??? I dont mean to insult anyone but i am weel and truly bright enough to KNOW, without a shadow of a doubt that it is not SPEED that causes accidents, its twats not paying attention to the road. I see them every day!!!

They pull out on you and when you toot them they jump out of their skin becaue they didnt even see you! I want the goverment to stop wasting money(that they make with speed cameras) telling us that its dangerous to speed! I want them to start tacling the root cause of %70 of accidents, lack of concentration!

Is it fair that a police man can give me a speeding ticket for doing 33 in a 30 limit when on a recent drive to Norwich i encountered more danger from mis-leading road signs than people speeding???

STOP wasting our money on telling how dangerous going fast is and start concentrating on the real cause of accidents......


Fuckin agree mate


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