Lilo, Grub and Grub2

So lets improve lilo and replace it with a boot manager that does not need to be updated each time you make a change to the config file, personally, I thought that was a brilliant idea. The times I changed the lilo config file and forgot to run update-lilo where uncountable!

A few years later, lets improve grub and turn it into grub2. A better, more flexible boot manager that has more configurations file than ANY boot manager before and, while we are at it, lets create yet another scripting language for all those user to learn along with the 40 others they already need to know to ANYTHING on a modern Linux system. And to add the icing on the cake, lets do this all in such a way that you, once again, have to run and update program to get it all to work...Oh, yes, one last thought, lets give the update program a completly obscure name like grub2-mkconfig!

By the power of Greyskull, what is wrong with people these days? Grub2 is a definiate step backwards if I've ever seen one!

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