Knives of All Types

Why is every one so scared of knives and swords when every day we are faced with a perilous battle against CARS!!!

Even the biggest sharpest sword in a great warriors hand is no where near as dangerous as a car used as a weapon..

Knives and swoders are part of history and still, even with all of todays technology, a required part of life so grow up all you sandle wearers and relatives of those struck down by a crazzed junkie with a blade. The point you all seem to be missing is the one i just snuck into this rant without your tiny little brains seeing! It is the crazed junkie that is the threat, not the knife!!!

I have always carried a knife and always will, i have yet to stab slash or even threaten ANYONE!

What right does _ANY_ human have to tell me i cant have an authentic folded samurai sword in my house?

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