Knife Crime and the ineptitude of the UK police and politicians

Knife crime has been in the news for many years now, we have had more legislation year upon year yes knife crime still rises.. Why are the politicians and police so ineffectual?? Take a look at this picture:

Can you see why the policies of banning items based on how they look or how they might be used or how they might encourage this or that was perhaps, not the smartest thing?? Look at the picture - what do you see??
1 Sword
1 Machete
2 Combat knives
1 Hunting knife
23 Kitchen knives
and lets not forget what looks like a PERFECTLY LEGAL TO CARRY POCKET KNIFE!!!
Yes, when a black boy want to stab someone because said someone "dissed im" he goes for a kitchen knife NOT a zombie knife (what ever the FUCK that is supposed to be!!!!

Also, lets not beat around the bush - do we really think that ganstas, niggas, dealers and criminal types take their knives to the police station???

Our so called leaders DON'T actually want to do anything about us killing each other, they don't care if we do that, they jsut want to be SEEN to be doing something to stop it. That means the usual lowest common denominator, the most public thing they can do! A knife amnesty!!!

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