Gmini / CMoy

He heyyyy, i did it at last. Although i have previous experience at building electronic circuts ive never embarked on converting one from a standard PCB to a stripboard. The gmini never did have the berries to drive the ER6i's and only sounded good through the ancient sony MDR-A34's (BTW, if you have a working pair of these cannes, i have some good old fashioned pound sterling i would like to swap for them, mine arent going to last forever!!!).

Anyway, the CMoy took 2 goes to get right but now its working, my god does it work!

Before the gmini didnt get any louder above 80 on th dial, now, i can barely deal with the Db level at 80 let alone higher!!!

A N Y O N E with a little electronic experience and a taste in mobile music be it through your phone or a good old fashioned walkman should embark upon building one of these gadgets, wicked bit of kit :)

The Gmini, The Amp and a Pair of ER6i's

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