Fucking Women

Well, not actually fucking them in the horizontal jogging sense, fucking as in what the fuck is wrong with them???

Ive just had one of my work mates friends ask by txt(yes not even got the minerals to ask to my face at 30 years old :) does he like me? The reply i wanted to give was you have tits? then yes i like you ;) alas i result to gimpy she got nice hair and a nice smile....

The moral of this story is simple! When some one asks somthing like this tell them what you think then wait for the grief. Her reply was Well he is with someone and im far to good looking for him!!!

What sort of a cunt asks someone somthing like that then throws it all back in their face?? I will save you the though, a self-loving premadonna, thats fucking who! To Natalie i say!!! I earn over 50K a year bitch, im inteligent and mature! You are a single dole scrounging mother that should obviously still be at school playing litte games in the playground with your friends! At least my freinds are my age and not all 20yo lesbians :)

A final note: Fuck You Bitch, find somthing more creative than charator assassination to do, maybe next time ill put your phone number up here eh.....!

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