Farcical UK Law

HFC Bank, now theres a nasty peice of work. After getting a loan from them on a purely unsecured basis i encounter financial problems. Being the good citizen that i am i make contact by letter(lets face it thats the only reliable way to deal with this sort of thing) requesting a stay in payment... 3 months, no reply! I try again requesting a reduced payment untill i overcome the financial problems...again...no reply. They ignored my pleas for sympathy and instead applied to the court to use my house as security!!!

Yes you read right, the court has a time machine and have taken me and HFC bank back in time, changed the contract i signed to read "This loan is secured on your house!!!". Is this legal, obviously yes, is this fair...In a few words no fucking way!! What the court has done is favoured a financially massively superior entity and re-written a contract. It would seem that all your credit company need to do is ignore your corespondance, take you to court and say you made no effort to pay the debt(which i did) and the court will gladly sign your house over to them!!!

Law?? Piss take if you ask me. How can this be a fair system?

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