Fallout 4 Sucks .. Complaints .. Thoughts

OK So, some comparisons of time spent playing games: Skyrim - 1800+ hours
Oblivion - 800+ hours
Fallout NV - 600+ hours
Fallout 3 - 1000+ hours
Dishonored - 117+ hours
Metro 2033 100+ hours
Fallout 4 60+ hours

Where to start with how terribly terrible this new offering from Bethsoft is... In true 21st century style it has been changed from a game that the developers (probably not) and publishers cared about to a money making tool, a cash cow. I've been playing games since one had to type what you wanted to do in. Since Beneath a Steel Sky... Since Wasteland!

I don't really know why I'm writing this because, as they say, all publicity is good publicity but to those whom have played other Bethsoft games and are thinking of buying Fallout 4 DONT! Especially if, like me, you have played the whole fallout series since it's inception.

So let's get to complaining:

  • You play a married man/woman... How many people aren't married let alone married with kids? The character you are playing is NOT you, you are playing someone you can't relate to!
  • The quests are repetative and incredibly boring.
  • There is no repercussions for your actions aside from turning another faction against you.
  • You are forced to chose a faction (I guess they think that increases playability, it doesn't)
  • Combat is sketchy to say the least, so many misses, so many shots needed to kill an enemy on Normal Difficulty!
  • Companions are, once again, irritatingly stupid and annoying!
  • A real low choice of weapons although the modding aspect is pretty good.
  • The settlement system was OK but alas, really REALLY repetative. Go here and kill this, go there and kill that, now you have more people moaning about food or water or defense.
  • Exploring offers little reward aside from being over encumbered almost constantly (I haven't found a rare weapon whilst exploring yet!).
  • They went way to far with trying to make the game look good and ended up creating a game that you need a Cray supercomputer to play and even then, you might get good results.
  • Consolised controls, you have to take your hand off the mouse constantly.
  • The building system is again, OK but, it could have been so much more.. Why do we have to live in squalor after finding all this cool stuff to build with!
  • The weight put on power armour is ridiculous. I only used it a few times in the other games. It should rare and hard to come by in this one.
  • Too much handholding.. Like pretty much E V E R Y game these days.. We are smart, let us work things out for ourselves. You tell us how to use WASD but not how to use some of the more complex game mechanics.
  • VATS is no longer the last ditch, my god I'm going to die, save your life gadet it once was. In fact, VATS seems as accurate as a 4 year old shoulder firing a 50 cal rifle.
  • When you leave the vault you should struggle for ammo, guns, armour, money and clean food. Not be given, within 30 mintues, clean water, a full suit of power armour and a mini-gun with 500 od rounds of ammo!
  • Zero to hero in 2 hours is NOT my idea of a Fallout game.
  • Want a hot rod paint job for your power armour? Just visit the atom cats, you can buy it with caps, you can even steal it because no one cares if you nick stuff unless the catch you red handed.
  • I like perks, they allow you to tailor a charachter to you liking. I really don't like not having skills... Straight out of a vault you can shoot like a pro and won't ever get ANY better (unless you hold your breath).
  • Loading times are horrendous!
  • If I wanted to feel sick I'd drink seawater, I don't need the mouse acceperation in a game I paid 40 notes for to induce vomiting!
  • You can't even start the game with an average S.P.E.C.I.A.L
  • Where's the groovey, funky 40's and 50's score gone? YOu couldn't even be bothered to grab a few more tunes, just use some of the ones from NV and fill with a bumbling mumbling DJ??

I enjoyed my first rush play through but didnt really make it very far through the second so that's it for me... Just over 60 hours play and I'll put it down and run through Dragon Age again... Or Oblivion or maybe even Fallout NV...

Call of Far Cry Fallout is what this game should have been called. This should have been a PC game for adults ported to consoles. Not a game written and designed to appeal to the widest audience possible!

The Fallout series was born on the PC and to have that "forgotten" is just plain insulting to those of us that have stuck with the series over the years. I've already stopped buying EA games and now I think Bethsoft games are going to be next on the list!!!

The biggest issue I see is simple. Bethsoft will call it a flop and we'll never see another Fallout game again!

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