Extremism is not welcome in my life...

...I am a libertarian, I believe anyone should be able to do anything providing it is not having a negative effect on another person.

If 2 consenting adults want to hurt themselves for sexual fulfillment then that's their twix and no one should do anything to stop them. If a man want to run back into his burning house to save his dog or cat or PS4 then again, that's his choice. If a woman want to buy herself a pistol to carry in her purse that's OK with me considering how useless our police force is, they're more concerned with looking for offensive tweets than catching criminals!

With this outlook on life extremists of all kinds are not welcome, religious, sexual, ideological or others. You may notice I did not use the T word. Mostly because the only terrorism I see is that of our leading classes. Hand holding the blind and stupid to a place where they can mould them like putty!

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