Ex Girlfriends

I have just spent 7 years of my life trying to do my best by one of the most awkward, unreasonable angry insensitive rape vicitms i have ever met. I have fed, watered and housed 2 children that i didnt ask for and suffered an abortion(without my knowledge or consent). I spent night after night sitting in "babysitting" said children while she spent my hard earned cash on cocain and alcohol. Now after i recently refused her offer of un complicated sex and have kept my mouth shut about her renting her council flat out to whom ever would pay the higest price i find myself the target of the infamous CSA...

To Sarah Henderson, 07788697848 i say, why are you not happy that you have made my life a misery by forcing me to leave 2 children i had grown to love just to escape your unreason? Why do you have to now attempt to ruin my life by trying to force me to pay to you money that i already pay in tax and ni contibutions. You will get nothing more from me.

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