Crying Wolf

Once again i read stories of the English police spending a small fortune of our money on a ridiculous rabbit chase in the name of political correctness. This time they have spent 5 months search for all senders and receivers of an email that contained images of a black man falling foul of a fence and getting beheaded.

Here it is!

In my view, and probably a lot of others, this is just a MAN, a MAN that was taught a hard lessong when running from the police! Notice i say MAN, not nigger or gollywog or coon or indeed, any of the other derogatory terms one could use! He is just a MAN, so why would A N Y O N E deem this racist. I'll tell you why shall i! Because those that deem it to be racist have T H E E biggest chip on their shoulder, these days its also backed up by the PC brigade giving them an entire fecking forest on their shoulder!

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