Concealed Carry Firearms

When are our leaders going to realise that a well armed society is THE only way for citizens to be safe and express their natural right to live.

The best way to maintain the rule of law is with armed citizens...We are not all criminals. we are not going to shoot people because they disagree with us!

Could an armed, brave citizen have stopped the Hedbo attack? Maybe, at the very least they could have backed up the police to the best of their abilities.

Could an armed, brave citizen have stopped the attack on Fusilier Rigby? Definitely!

I'm not talking about a free for all, I'm talking about going back to the 90's before politicians and pressure groups used the deaths of children to push their agenda!

Owning and carrying a firearm on a daily basis does not make you any more likely to use that gun for nefarious purposes!

How many people have to dies at the hands of lunatics before we get the right to defend ourselves back?


What about the loonies that will shoot people because they looked at them funny?


.308 Man

Most gun owners are just normal people and will avoid confrontation at all costs. I don't like the idea that people would label us all as lunatics that will shoot someone because they looked at us funny!


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