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I have recently moved from a mortgaged house to rented acomodation provided by Moat housing of Sevenoaks. All was well for the first few months until the boiler broke down and failed to provide us with reliable hot water. A service call was logged with the contractor(Swale Heating) and the call center was told that we both work and any visit must be booked and aggreed with us first!

Surprise, 2 days later i arrive at home to find a "we called but you where out" card on the door mat. Another call to Swale Heating and a date for the visit was agreed. The engineer then proceeded to break the boiler to such a state that it no longer produced any hot water at all. This has continued for 4 visits over 2.5 months and the hot water has still ot been repaired!!!


I work there and tbh yes it can take a few call outs until the engineer diagnoses what of the many many common problems your boiler is cropping up to fix but tbh there can b a number of reasons why it may to wrong. You customers get all your parts and labour etc covered by moat for free anyway I really do not understaand how you can complain!!


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