Bath and Somerset

For the lover of Jesus Christ on a fucking harley davidson!!!

The journey to Bath was shit...Rain stopped play, well reduced the speed of play to and average of about 30MPH along a 50 odd mile stretch of the M4...

The b and b was nice, the second b, breakfast that is, well... Sick scrambled rotten eggs the menu did not say!

At the door i read the price list, again i am shocked to see those on benefits get a subsidy of 50% off..Me and the other half pay our 9.50, YES 9.50(i only wish my computer could do upper case numbers). After walking through a dimly lit maze of chunks of old stone we arrive at the actual central bath. A place where the community can meet and socialise for over 2000 years...

I look up to see signs every where Do not enter the water and Do not touch the water.... Err WHY??? What the fuck exactly did i pay a tenner for then you bunch of sandal wearing cunts? To look at a pile of old stones and an overgrown puddle. Fuck me, there where even _guards_ standing a round wating to tell offenders off for touching the water!

I left a note in the visitors book As usual for the UK this is far to expensive, have you chaps never heard of getting people to sign a disclaimer??? I was the followed for the remainder of my visit by a hapless memeber of staff that read my comments and obviously thought i was a terrorist with intentions of urinating in the water!!!

On to wookie hole!!!

Fuck me, another fucking rip off 10(almost) to be led around some tunnels by a fucking gimp in a quilted jacket! A tenner to be told stories about blue peter presenters and other _famous_ people that have been diving in the caves!!! Again, sir! excuse me sir, you cant take your shoes and socks off and paddle in the water, we arent insured for that...! A fucking tenner to get in and your not insured to allow people to paddle???

This is why i have grow to hate england in my adult hood! Jesus, i do alot of road trips in mainland Europe, you dont get this kind of shit over there. I visited a V3 installation not 2 months ago, huge chunks of rock where clearly falling from the ceiling as we passed, deep water filled drops where present left right and center! The price? 2 euros...

The seemingly brainless society we live has bred contempt from me, i am inteligent enought to understand the risks of being alive and i DONT need some lentil eating do-gooder telling me that i can go in the water at the roman baths in case i get sick.. Nor do i need some quilt clad fuckeroo to tell me i can paddle in the freezing bastard cold water of Wookie Hole....

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