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I've been fiddling with my audio system for my PC for a while now, trying different amp and speaker combinations to find the best all round quality for both standard audio and 4 channel surround for DVD's. I do have a sub and centre but they are really surplus to requirements when you only sit a foot away from the front speakers.

I have tried 3 different dolby amps and a combination of 2 channel amps (one for front via a graphic, another for rear) and the best combo so far seems to be an old NAD 3020E paired to a set of Mission 761's for the front and a Mission Cyrus 1 pair to a pair of Dennon MC-1's for the rear.

With this set up i can have 4 channel sound for games and filums and decent 2 channel sound for just music.

Now all i have to do is get shot of this Yamaha dolby amp and set it up :)

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