Ebay Wankers, Dodgy Ebay Sellers, Bad Ebay Sellers, Ebay Ripoff merchants, Bad ebay buyers

You know the ones:

  • They say it works but it doesn't.
  • They say "Item Location: London" but you get it airmail from Hong Kong 2 weeks later.
  • They say Imediate Payment Required but take a week to post you your new toy.
  • They say "We need your feed back to know you have recieved and are happy with your goods!". They mean: We wont leave feedback for you until you do for us in case you leave a negatory!
  • They say a lot of thing, few of them true, then when you complain the tumble weeds start rolling!!!
  • They leave a negative for you when you held up your end of the deal by paying but left them negative...
  • They buy stuff off you and claim it's faulty when you know it's not then get a refund from paypal!

The Solutions

  • Ebay could force sellers to leave feedback before buyers.
  • Buyers have the right to withdraw and change feed back without agreement of sellers.
  • Most of all Ebay could allow buyers to post more than 80 letters of feedback!

For the time being

You, if like me, are sick to death of these lying scumbag Ebay ripoff merchants both buyers and sellers (but mostly Ebay businesses), can now post their Ebay usernames on this page along with a brief description or indeed an entire email conversation, on this site. There are 2 rules:

No personal details!

No Lies (Makes you just as bad as them!)

If you wish to leave a comment please fill out the form below and i will galdly post it (bad language included provided it is in good taste!!). Feel free to post entire email conversations, Ebay item numbers shop names and websites. The more info we get posted the less people will succumb to these dis honest rip off merchants...

A personal note for: not saying about: mmmhhhh I know buyers can be twats too, feel free to add them here if you like!

Your Name: (handles are ok)
Their Ebay Username:

The Comments

From: theowner
Subject: hemplan
Date Posted: Mon Mar 17 21:13:08 2008
Advertised item: 270217515069

PC Sold as working, PC Does NOT work by any measure of the word. Email seller hemplan with the following:

Dear hemplan,

Contrary to the listing, this system IS faulty. Upon recipt i inserted a
Debian Live CD and attempted to boot it but after a random amount of time
it resets its self for no apparent reason. The same applies to windows xp.
It seems to reset its self as soon as the OS switched for real mode to
protected mode!

One would think a relatively consise and easy to understand explaination of the problem!? But...It seems not!


Thanks for contacting us about the blank machine that you

Sorry but I don’t quite understand what you have said.

I take it that you are trying to install windows XP from an original CD and
the unit won’t boot from it ?

Although the unit was booted and wiped
using it’s CD rom, you may need to check that the bios is set to boot from

Some of these old systems are a bit fussy with XP, sorry we’ve never
used Debian Live so can’t give much help with that.

If the CPU cooler
has moved or come off during transit it will need to be re-seated, this
will cause the unit to shut down.

email me back with some more specific
details and I’ll advise.

Best Regards

Name Removed

N.B Remember we are
closed at the weekends, so if you email late today you may not get an
answer until Monday.


I emailed back at 13:40 with:

Dear hemplan,

With reguards to the problem i am suffering with the "Sold as working" item
that does’nt work... It has a broken power supply which i have replaced
with a working one. I am to presume that your lack of action and "I dont
understand what you mean" reaction to my initial complaint means you are
happy to sell a broken PC as working??? I give you until close of play
today to come up with a resolve for the problem then i will leave honest
feed back and would expect you to do the same (rather than the normal
retalitory negative!)

As expected, he didnt respond so i left the negative and am simply waiting for the retalitory negative!!!

A True Ebay Wanker (with his own website)

From: Russell Copeland
Subject: asylum-books-and-games
Date Posted: Wed Mar 19 19:25:23 2008
This tosser stated on his listing that the postage costs would be for 24 other courier. I bought two lots of goods of him, which were Games Workshop Epic blisters...

After a week had gone by, I e-mailed him, being polite and curtious. No reply... Another week goes by. I e-mail him again, asking which courier he used and for the tracking number. All I got was a terse answer saying he’d look into it.

2 more e-mails followed, one in the 3rd week and 1 more in the fourth week.

Ended up doing a PayPal dispute - and now the sod has left retaliatary negative feedback saying that I am rude, stupid and obnoxious!

This "seller" has had quite a few negs for the same thing - so PLEASE AVOID like the plague!

From: Seen coming!
Subject: guitars-amps-instruments
Date Posted: Thu May 8 13:19:25 2008
Bought a guitar from this power seller.

Turned up with a warped neck and corroded frets.

I repeatedly tried to arrange return for a refund and spoke to them on the phone. This "Power Seller" lied to me repeatedly claiming they were away on holiday.

I turned up at the house and they didn’t deny lying to me when they were at home!

They later tried to make a complaint to the poice about me. I spoke to the police and they agreed it was the seller who was in the wrong.

I posted a complaint to Ebay and put on the feedback that the seller had tried to get me in the sh1t with the police.

Ebay pulled it saying it was defamatory!
It isn’t defamatory because it is true!
So avoid GUITARS-AMPS-INSTRUMENTS like the plague.

It is no wonder they have a good feedback score if Ebay just deletes the negative feedback!

From: rrrrrrrr
Subject: pltdiver
Date Posted: Sun Jun 29 17:35:04 2008

From: fran
Subject: oglu79
Date Posted: Sat Jul 5 11:02:17 2008
i bought a playstation 3 60 gigibyte one off this seller on the 15/06/08, paid 309.98 for it straight away. I sent him an email asking which courier it was getting posted out with, but in my response from him he just said it would be sent out with a courier. so I thought nothing of it. I checked my ebay to see if i had a emails to say it has been despatched which this was on the 17/06/08, and no emails but noticed he had sold over 2000 worth of stuff and bought over 2000 worth, which I thought was a bit bizarre, sent him more emails and got his contact details but to no avail, just a bloody answer phone.. But then I checked again on the 18/06/08 and what a suprise the tosser was no longer registered with ebay, so that was it i thought shit... now what. so reported them to paypal and ebay, of which ebay just kept telling me to contact them, which i was but they didnt seem to get the message that i had contacted them. so waiting for new response from ebay, but today paypal say they finished the claim and i got back a grand total of 0.00 as there was no dosh in the tossers paypal account-are paypal thick as this tosser has done a runner, so why would he have money in his account.... so still no luck at the mo.... but ebayers if you see oglu79 name any where stay away....

From: mad
Subject: skurfan and 3991clifford
Date Posted: Sat Jul 19 01:22:06 2008
Manipulative ebay trader. 3991clifford sells photos of postcards that have been ripped off of other people’s auction listings and sells them for a pretty penny. When negative feedback is left, he uses the alias to bid on your sale items specifically to leave negative feedback as retribution. Ebay’s new feedback policy doesn’t let sellers leave negative feedback, but lets buyers leave it. Watch out for this guy!

Mike Hawk
1785 Cedar Lane
Sedalia, Mo.

From: efgeefive
Subject: stratocasterserial001
Date Posted: Tue Jul 22 02:22:10 2008
Purchased this guitar $1030 US on the 13 May 2008.
There was friendly communication...until I lodged an item not received dispute with eBay, 2 days too late for pay-pal!
Approximately 70 day’s later still no guitar and no communication whatsoever since I lodged the dispute.
The guy is still happily selling Items on eBay, small ticket items to move my NEG down the list.
And I’m out pocket!
You would think that eBay could just send this seller a friendly e-mail to either refund my money, contact me or provide information that the goods have been sent.

Don’t get sucked in by friendly sellers, take the appropriate action without delay!


From: Blnde
Subject: MJRSales
Date Posted: Wed Jul 23 03:36:12 2008
Aweful Aweful Aweful!!!!! Seller refused to give me a confirmation number, then "blocked" me, then gave me a confirmation for general mail, and after 3 weeks my package never arrived.....the post office had no record of it, and so I left the ebayer a negative feedback and he shot back and basically calling me a liar and that FEDEX confirmed the delivery.... only DUH the package wasn’t shipped fed-ex. GRRR I’m so mad. I got duped out of 40 bucks.

From: Kitkat
Subject: isoupscaletreasures
Date Posted: Mon Oct 6 00:07:21 2008
Has a habit of selling clothing with undisclosed flaws and that it was at your own risk buying on Ebay! When you win the dispute they say Paypal found in their favor.

From: Will Stirling
Date Posted: Mon Oct 13 14:11:30 2008
At Last someone with the bollox to host such a site. I agree with everything you have mentioned. Only together can we force ebay to change their ways after all they don’t care, they consider themselves not an auction but a middleman putting buyer and seller together, so there are few laws they have to comply with.

From: Will Stirling
Date Posted: Mon Oct 13 14:19:07 2008
Please be aware that some accounts get hijacked. If the seller is buying loads of gear and selling loads of gear, check the user name. Hackers will change the email add and username. If it has changed within the last 30 days avoid. If there is recent negative feedback, avoid.

Is anyone willing to setup a similar site to ebay, only then can we combat these bast4rds as ebay are supposed to. Lets all get together and fuck ebay.

From: hifihead2
Subject: nuclearprawns
Date Posted: Sat Oct 25 00:39:02 2008
glasgow based wanker,paid 200 euro for an ipod that didnt exist.

From: Steve
Subject: etal70
Date Posted: Sat Nov 8 00:54:22 2008
Had 100% positive feedback when I bought, then decided to go on a conning spree. Myself and several others lost hundreds on this wanker.

From: Rich3423
Subject: uk-offerhouse
Date Posted: Tue Nov 25 23:29:20 2008
Terrible, It states on his shop that he is UK Based, lie (Hong Kong), He doesn’t hold his stock, ie says that he has something when he has yet to purchase said item. Loooonnng delivery times. Bugger all communication, which is really annoying. basicly I’m saying avoid this unscupulous seller like the plauge. I won’t be using him/her again. enough said.

From: Starminder
Subject: Boosa14
Date Posted: Wed Dec 3 22:27:30 2008
The worst seller of the worst kind. Lies, cheats, steals, misleads, misrepresents, keyword spamming, and includes items in pictures that are not part of the auction.

From: DeejayP999
Subject: PJL ALLSORTS (peterjohnlester)
Date Posted: Wed Dec 17 11:13:10 2008
In November 2008 I ordered an item from this Ebay Seller based on their 99.9% positive feedback. But despite twice marking the item as dispatched, it never turned up. Obviously, Id like a refund but PJL ALLSORTS have ignored my emails, never answer the phone and even ignored the dispute that I started with Ebay.
And, reading their feedback, it appears that Im not alone: Non delivery, faulty goods and false promises are common themes. And if something does go wrong, their standard tactic is to ignore all communication.

Since having these problems, mine and a number of other negative feedbacks re this company have simply disappeared from Ebay (and they havent been marked as withdrawn). PJL ALLSORTS appear to have used their clout as a powerseller to persuade Ebay to remove any feedback they dont like. How dodgy is that?

Date Posted: Wed Dec 31 11:41:29 2008
The main problem I have is with some of the sellers. For example look at certain items on the buy it now option and the contrast of prices for the same item, I am not talking about a couple of quid (dollars) the difference can be astronomical.I know we can ignore that seller but surely ebay realise these type of sellers are taking the piss (the same can also be said about postage and packaging). Also why do so many sellers feel they have to use the word RARE to justify its price, especially on items you could easily buy a couple of years ago, do they think we are mugs

From: John
Subject: John678
Date Posted: Wed Feb 4 07:55:23 2009
If anybody sets up an alternative to Ebay which isnt a damn rip-off then i would be happy to use it.My gripe is with the greed of Ebay where i could previously sell my stuff which isnt too often and pay just an insertion fee,now they want a final sale percentage too,which i see us unfair considering how much money they must make from Insertion fees alone.For occasional sellers like me who may sell only about 50 items a year this should be scrapped,the shops should pay this or advertising used,not hitting the small people in the pocket yet again.

From: paul warren
Subject: john2005dj
Date Posted: Sun Mar 1 17:05:25 2009
I won an item from him e-bay said we were in same town and he had not stated no collections or put a revserve

I emailed :-

pay cash on collection Where about are you?

He replied:-

not sure id be happy to do that mate,,99p..i wouldnt make any money..im willing to take something a bit more than 99p....this bracket cost 45 new

let me know if you think thats fair..?


From: Bob
Subject: hotproducts
Date Posted: Tue Mar 24 20:33:24 2009
I bought a couple of magnetic bracelets of this guy, he is based in New Jersey, He never posted me tracking number and gave some BS about waiting for 45 days for the product to arrive, the items never arrived and this guy refused to answer any of my mails, by then it was too late to open a resolution. Total Plonker!!

Do not buy from this guy,

From: OM
Subject: jsb190854
Date Posted: Wed Mar 25 12:52:14 2009
Anyone with half a brain, when buying from eBay, checks the postage and handling price, and weighs up the total cost to determine if they are getting value for money.

jsb190854 is not of this strain of regular person. Her preferred method is to buy the goods, have them satisfactorily and speedily delivered, find they are to her satisfaction and THEN she will start pestering you and complaining about it.

Be advised that she sends her e-mails to you through the eBay service, hopeful that she can get them on side and make problems for you.

I wrote her up in more detail on the real-deal-blog dot com.

From: 1rossiter1
Subject: unitek-systems
Date Posted: Wed Apr 1 16:30:00 2009
item No 150327637650

this seller gives you wrong tracking numbers then calls you a thief!!

trys to fighten you with court, fine will love my day in court.

hope his account are all in order has a phone call to HM Revenue & Customs i think is calld for

From: q
Subject: q
Date Posted: Wed Apr 1 19:30:24 2009
This site drives sales to ebay sellers, good on ya ;) lol

From: paul
Subject: scooters-and-bikes
Date Posted: Thu Apr 2 18:00:10 2009
they told me i was gonna get a bandit rear shock for my bike and it didnt fit properly.

i was upset with this so i decided to write a email and was appalled by the outcome. swearing at customers is not very good customer service.

From: icemonkey99
Subject: silverstonemr*
Date Posted: Sun Apr 12 10:43:32 2009
i purchased discs from these people in aug 2008,got the wrong ones! they said they would send new ones but after 7 email,13 phone calls & alot of false promises i knew id never get the correct ones! cars still off the road & as you will prob know..discs are not cheep

From: adam
Subject: untamed_performance
Date Posted: Wed Apr 22 06:33:59 2009
item: 110258479356

ebay seller ’ untamed_performance ’ sold a wastegate that was not as listed, totally different spring rate / item. in the dispute eventually got them to reply that they were going to send the proper item. Then never heard anything back...

also could not leave feedback because by this time the listing had gone over 45 days :(

From: eBuster
Subject: eBuster
Date Posted: Fri May 1 14:49:30 2009
Yes i got scammed on a car only to find the seller had no less than eight other eBay accounts and eBay sit back as if they don’t know who these people are when they have access to IP addresses and bank details.

eBay took 3 months to provide the trading standards with information and except all the accounts were opened using fake name and addresses but say they could not join the accounts togeather.


i’m not sitting back and taking this so i’ve put a site up on the internet www.Ebuster.co.uk to shame eBay into protecting people from these scamers and i won’t stop untill they do just that.

we have access to pages eBay pull from the system and will try and help anyone that has been scammed.

As for No-Pal paypal don’t get me started.

From: Ella
Subject: Home Living Online
Date Posted: Mon May 18 10:02:36 2009
Lying, fraudulent, arrogant, illiterate tosspots. Don’t put up with their shit,or leave it with ebay who dontn give a toss. How they operate is criminally illegal and they can get done for it if reported.

This sofa was listed as being brand new and in immaculate codition. It was damged and used (we found a broken necklacen under one of the cushions). Firstly this sofa was delivered late, and when I tried to cancel on that basis I was lied to and the sofa wes delivered anyway. It arrived wrapped in clingfilm and the first thing the delivery man asked me was ’did you buy it like this’ and held up one of the sofa’s feet, which not only completely off but covered in digs and scratches. and damaged, when I looked,all the feet had digs and scrapes and the leather was scuffed in several places. This was bought as a present for my daughter and we had already cleared the old furniture out. Before accepting delivery I rang the seller who advised me that if I took and sent photos of the damage they would look at them and then I could either have a full refund with return of the sofa or we could keep it and negotiate a price reduction and refund. I then signed the delivery documents ’accepted as damaged’ and sent the photos but heard nothing back. I emailed several times before they acknowledge receipt of the photos and said they would get back to me. This they never did despite several emails from me. They responded only when I posted negative feedback, whereupon they advised me they would refund only if I withdrew the negative feedback. I refused as it was entirely justified and I would not be forced into anything. They have now responded on my negative feedback with a blatent lie, saying they had not received any photos. SInce my sale, there are several negatives feedbakc that say this seller sold items it didn’t have.
and several more with a similar story to mine. Beware this bunch of arsoles.
A) fraudulently described the item
B) sent it knowingly damaged (the delivery man said it had arrived to them in its damaged state and only wrapped in cling film.
C) refused to answer emails
D) responded only to the negative feedback and not my correspondence
E) misled me and a lot of other bidders by representing the item as new and perfect when it wasnt.
D) misled me into accepting delivery
F) misled me into believing a refund was an option
G) have tried to extort me into withdrawing negative feedback by withholding a valid refund, legally due.
I am in the process of reporting this incident to Berr not only because of their behaviour on ebay but also because they represent themselves as a limited company but do not appear on the register at Companies House. I have also reported them to the police, the Norfolk Constabulary reference is NC-06052009-244 as I believe them to be acting in a criminally fraudulent manner with every intent to deceive under the Fraud Act of 2006.

Jacqueline Gittens

Subject: Re: titaniascloset has sent a question about item #360137975563, that ended o...
Date: 09/04/2009 11:05:32 GMT Daylight Time
From: JcqlnGitt
Reply To:
To: ebay@homelivingonline.co.uk

Dear Sirs,

Further to my recent emails requesting a full refund for the non-delivery of my item ’The ’METRO’ Leather Corner Unit Sofa Settee Bed’ to which I have received no response, except for the one from ’Abby’ which seemed to indicate that despite my cancelling the order with you due to non-delivery, you are insisting on delivering it Saturday.

Please forward your Limited Company Registration Number.

Jacqueline Gittens

Subject: titaniascloset has sent a question about item #360137975563, that ended on 17-Mar-09 21:30:00 GMT - The ’METRO’ Leather Corner Unit Sofa Settee Bed.
Date: 11/04/2009 18:20:52 GMT Daylight Time
From: member@ebay.co.uk
Reply To: jcqlngitt@aol.com
To: jcqlngitt@aol.com
Sent on:

Sent from the Internet (Details)

Dear homelivingonline1,

This is email is to confirm our telephone conversation this morning with your office reporting that this item was received damaged, with a foot completely off, scuff marks to the leather cushions and leather body of the sofa, and with the feet showing scrapes and digs.
We confirm your affirmation that the item was described as being sold in perfect condition and and can also advise that the delivery company advised us that the sofa was sent to them in that damaged condition. Therefore you have sent it out in a damaged condition, knowingly.
We also confirm your affirmation during the telepone conversation that we have the choice of keeping the sofa in its damaged condition with a view to a partial refund or a replacement.
This issue is to be discussed on Tuesday with the Manager’s return to the office after the Bank Holiday.
We confirm we will as requested, send photos of the damage, that has also been noted by the delivery company on their paperwork, in due course.
Thank you

Subject: RE: Fwd: Metro soffa, titaniascloset, 360137975563,
Date: 28/04/2009 11:26:35 GMT Daylight Time
From: ebay@homelivingonline.co.uk
Reply To:
To: JcqlnGitt@aol.com
Sent on:

Sent from the Internet (Details)

Dear Jacqueline

Apologies for not responding to your correspondance quicker. We will have a look at the photos and get back to you as soon as possible.


-------- Original Message --------
Subject: Fwd: Metro soffa, titaniascloset, 360137975563,
From: JcqlnGitt@aol.com
Date: Tue, April 28, 2009 3:05 am
To: ebay@homelivingonline.co.uk

Please respond to our email of 24/04/09 as detailed below.

Thank You

Jacqueline Gittens

Subject: Re: Metro soffa, titaniascloset, 360137975563,
Date: 30/04/2009 15:28:33 GMT Daylight Time
From: JcqlnGitt
Reply To:
To: ebay@homelivingonline.co.uk

We still await your proposals on the above sofa.

Please forward without further delay or we must assume your indifference and refusal to deal in a fair or legal manner with this issue.

Thank you

Jacqueline Gittens
Subject: Re: Metro soffa, titaniascloset, 360137975563,
Date: 06/05/2009 09:57:09 GMT Daylight Time
From: JcqlnGitt
Reply To:
To: ebay@homelivingonline.co.uk
CC: enquiries@berr.gsi.gov.uk

Dear Sirs,

Further to my recent, unanswered emails regarding the above transaction, I will reiterate the facts for your, and other agencies information.

We bid on the above item along with many others which was described as a new and undamaged, we won the auction in good faith expecting delivery of a brand new, unused undamaged leather corner suite as described: (see screen prints 1-3 of your auction below).

Home Living Online Auction 360137975563 of 17th March 2009. Screen Shots 1-3.

What was delivered, was a corner unit with numerous scuff marks, all of the feet covered in digs and scuffs, and with one foot completely missing. There was an item of somebody’s personal effects under one cushion. (see photos below). The sofa was not in manufacturer’s packaging but in clear plastic sheeting. As we have discussed before, the delivery driver asked us if we had bought the sofa knowing the foot was off, because that was how it had been received at their depot. Clearly the damage to this sofa did NOT occur during delivery but had been sent out from you in its damaged condition. This could not have been done unknowingly, therefore there is a deliberate fraud.

When I rang before accepting delivery, I was advised by your representative that no managers were available it was a Bank holiday weekend. On their advice, which was that if we accepted delivery then, further discussions and negotiations regarding a refund or return, would be conducted on the following Tuesday after the Bank Holiday. with this information we then accepted delivery, making notes on the delivery papers.

This did not happen, we have had not had the promised correspondence or contact from any manager or representative since that phone call, and no response other than an acknowledgement of receipt of our email happened despite my repeated emails to you over some weeks, I have to assume this too was a fraudulent measure. Therefore all previous offers of a negotiated partial refund are withdrawn, and could you now please, as is my legal right under trading standard, issue a full refund and advise a date for collecting the corner unit.

On taking advice I am also sending this email to Trading Standards, to Ebay and if I do not receive a satisfactory response, I will take this matter as far as possible through both the civil and criminal avenues open to me.

As you are a limited company I have tried to find you at Companies House, they have no record of you. I have been advised that you are obliged to display your registered office on all correspondence, please forward your registered office address, your reference number and the name of your company secretary.

Given the time lapse of your non-response please reply to this email within 48 hours.

Thank you

NO RESPONSE to this email or anty others until I posted negative feedback

BEWARE! Delivered damaged,maybe used no response to emails re partial refund Seller: homelivingonline1 ( 7130) 06-May-09 10:33
Reply by homelivingonline1 (06-May-09 14:28):
We are still waiting 4 pics of damage to be sent through to us b4 we can advise?
Follow-up by titaniascloset (17-May-09 11:16):
Liars Photos sent. Told to withdraw neg feedback or no refund Reported to police

The ’METRO’ Leather Corner Unit Sofa Settee Bed. (#360137975563)

Jacqueline Gittens
Subject: RE: Metro soffa, titaniascloset, 360137975563,
Date: 07/05/2009 13:39:08 GMT Daylight Time
From: ebay@homelivingonline.co.uk
Reply To:
To: JcqlnGitt@aol.com
Sent on:

Sent from the Internet (Details)

Dear customer,
We have spoken to ebay regarding this order as we have noticed the negative feed back but because we had a problem with our ebay system shutting down due to a hacker a few weeks ago we have either not been receiving emails or emails have been arriving to us late hence why no response has been made recently. We dont intentionally ignore emails as it risks us getting a negative feeback which risks us as a business. As you have been responded before i feel it is unfair that you have not taken this into consideration. As we have responded to you previously we may have not had a chance to respond yet. If you can reavaluate your feedback i wll be able to get the collection and refund actioned as this is your right and if you are not happy with the item of course we will collect the goods and refund. But a refund means a withdraw of feedback as you will no longer be a homelivingonline customer

Kind Regards
Office Manager
-------- Original Message --------
Subject: Re: Metro soffa, titaniascloset, 360137975563,
From: JcqlnGitt@aol.com
Date: Thu, May 07, 2009 5:47 am
To: ebay@homelivingonline.co.uk

Just to clarify, are you saying that you will refund if I withdraw the negative feedback, because without it I am no longer a customer of yours?

Yes once the feedback has been withdraw we will action the refund .

Kind Regards

Subject: RE: Metro soffa, titaniascloset, 360137975563,
Date: 07/05/2009 16:20:54 GMT Daylight Time
From: ebay@homelivingonline.co.uk
Reply To:
To: JcqlnGitt@aol.com
Sent on:

Sent from the Internet (Details)

Subject: Re: Metro sofa, titaniascloset, 360137975563,
Date: 07/05/2009 16:50:49 GMT Daylight Time
From: JcqlnGitt
Reply To:
To: ebay@homelivingonline.co.uk

Sorry, I’m not going to withdraw the negative feedback because it is the truth, and deserved.
You DID present the corner unit as perfect.
You DID send a damaged corner unit showing signs of wear as well as damage.
We DID find somebody’s else’s personal effects down a cushion.
It WAS NOT in manufacturer’’s packaging.
The delivery company stated clearly that THEY HAD received the unit in its damaged condition, they gained nothing by saying that.
The delivery documents WERE annotated as accepted damaged.
I DID ring before accepting delivery in your company’s promise that on receipt of photos we would be entitled to either a full refund with the furniture picked up or a partial refund if we kept.
We WERE promised a call back on the Tuesday after the Saturday delivery that never came.
I HAVE sent the photos.
I HAVE sent reminder emails with no response except to say you would get back to me.
You only responded once negative feedback was posted, how fortunate that your hacking problem did not interfere with your trading or accessing feedback details.

I will NOT be withdrawing the negative feedback

There were a lot more emails than this all asking for a response

Complete an utter crooks, BUY NOTHING FROM THEM

From: me
Subject: pastybrown
Date Posted: Fri May 22 18:13:50 2009
check this seller out.. They run another site under 1bidder1967 at least that is the new name change, it used to be ste.birtwistle
If you go on 1bidder1967 and read all the pages of feedback you will see the amount of shill bidding this so called buyer (lol) does for pastybrown.
Ebay have been informed but yet these sites are frauding money on items, and stealing as in money.

From: oldfool
Date Posted: Sat May 30 09:34:09 2009
A CAUTIONARY TALE.I very recently purchased a 1980s folding caravan from this man who described it as being in "lovely clean condition, owned by his grandad from new,only used for 15days a year and dry stored all her life. In totally unabused condition" NO faults whatsoever and foolishly, based on this glowing description offered him 19.000 pnds to end the listing early and sell to me outside ebay (Bad mistake). Duly went and collected the van which looked ok but taking the sellers glowing description as read, and after a very long driveand it was wet,did not look close enough!!! However i did ask the seller if the description was accurate and he confirmed this as so.
The next day I found a number of faults that had been covered up,glossed over etc but my biggest let-down was to discover that the van was structualy affected by wet rot with attempts to poorly repair same. Had i had known the rot was present I would have not paid anywhere near the price I paid.
I immediatley contacted the seller with my complaints stating that he had grossly over described the present condition and must have known about the presence of the rot as why bother with the makeshift repair? He said he would speak to his grandfather lol and call me back the following day which he failed to do so. On contacting Trading Standards i sent him a "7 day" letter which he has never signed for. The only way forward for me is through the county court system and could be a case of good money after bad. I decided to sell the van on,honestly staitng the defects and the van found its true value of one third of what I paid for it. Ime ok about this and my concience is clear in knowing that I did not have to resort to a pack of lies. I might add that I am a pensioner and always look for the best in people.The seller was very personable etc and invited me into his house etc etc and I judged him by my own standards
On closer reading of his feedback albeit in between the lines,and with the benefit of hidsight he is not to be trusted, always someonelse mistake syndrome.
THIS MAN IS A COMPLEAT CHARLATAN STAY WELL AWAY. THE FULL EBAY WANKER. And I am and not so trusting old fool, thanks for reading

From: tacii
Subject: ben_dogs
Date Posted: Mon Jun 1 21:47:37 2009
Hi, Just mad a purchase of six items from this guy at 7, they weigh around 600 grams yet he tried to charge 35 for postage !! When pushed he did reduce this to 18 by Royal Mail, On checking with Royal Mail you can send 1KG for 8 next day so he clearly feels he never sold them for enough, Oh his next answer was ’ Given the price they sold for !’ Hmmm Is this not agains the Ebay Rules, of course if I do not pay I get a non payer strike ! Not realy fair nor in the spirit of the game HEY !

From: mike davies
Subject: homelivingonline
Date Posted: Thu Aug 27 08:57:52 2009
hi mate im glad u have this web site.i have just tried to buy a sofa from homelivingonline
throught there ebay site.i was promised the goods would arive on the wednesday.But due to work commitments i phoned them up and asked for it to be delivered to my warehouse so my lads could deliver it to my home address because i was unavailable.They then told me that they were not going to deliver the goods because they had been told by the credit card company that my card was stolen.So i told them there had been a mistake and that i would speek to the bank.the bank told me they had had the money and there was not a problem with the card.So i phoned them back only to be told that i was a theif and that no goods would be sent.I told them that i would not be spoken to in that way and demanded a full refund.Only to get a load of abuse from the sales assistant.I then asked to speak to a director only to be refused.So after we blocked there lines for 2 hours asking for a director one finally came to the phone only to promis me an empty promis of refunding the money.We then left it till Friday and started to phone and phone and phone all day.Until at 5pm the director promised to refund again but only if i didnt call again.So monday my wife called up only to get the abuse of the staff again .After many more call we got through to the director who promised that he would refund th enext day.After 4 agonising days of wait its finally been refunded.After may be 100 phone calls.Having to thresten them with a stop order from trading standards.Which means that they will aplly for the busness to cease trading.The directors would have been arrested and cautend by trading standards and interveiwed under caution.And if found to be in breach of any of your rights on several occasion would have had a stop order placed upon the business.This would be my advice to any one with problems withnthis company.And is a very easy way to resolve this type of problems.normally u find that if you have a problem like this them trading standards are aware of the company and the more people that complain to them the better it is for you as the customer.


From: Jim Jones
Date Posted: Fri Aug 28 10:31:30 2009
Ebay wanker creator you are the wanker

From: merlin
Subject: pollabchess
Date Posted: Thu Sep 3 13:54:42 2009
this wanker...stifed me for a payment after winning item...sent loads of invoices and reminders and he ignored all but 1...when i said are u having difficulties paying...maybe we can sort something out...all i got was this reply.......i difficult!!!!!
which means what????????
filed complaint with ebay...then had to wait 2 bloody weeks to see if he would respond...then all i get at the end of it was 3.60 valuation fee refunded!!!!...plus ebay have not so far carried out the strike against this twat!!! that they promise to do...so in the mean time the guy is continuing to buy of ebay...getting feedback and only a matter of time before her rips someone else off and wastes 3 weeks of their time!!!!.....

From: Puddinglover
Subject: Branded Lighting
Date Posted: Fri Sep 25 15:17:49 2009
These people sell ’branded lighting’ on Ebay. I ordered some downlights from them, which on arrival had been substituted with a different product. There was no consultation as to whether I wanted this substitute, it was just sent to me. When I returned it - at their insistence via a tracked delivery - they refunded the cost of the lighting, but not the courier charge. Therefore, it cost me 10.34 to return the wrong goods THEY had sent to ME.

Be warned!!

From: suingnow
Subject: JL ALLSORTS (peterjohnlester)
Date Posted: Mon Oct 5 12:05:01 2009
I paid nearly 2,000 for a diesel three phase generator which failed after ten hours. I am having to sue Mr. Lester to get my money back.

From: George
Subject: nicola3908
Date Posted: Mon Oct 12 09:44:49 2009
Said not accepting paypal so I foolishly agreed to pay via bank transfer for a Sony Playstation 3. A day after I sent the payment their account was ’no longer registered with ebay’ and I couldn’t even access the item description page. I contacted eBay who said I could request their details. So I thought great, if nothing else works I can go fuck them up or rob them or something. I kept replying to eBay emails as they never seemed to have any idea what was going on and kept asking me to jump through hoops without ever giving me any information. They’re last email told me to ask for a refund on the PayPal website which I then did even though I hadn’t even used PayPal. Ebay’s communication has been disgustingly useless and if anything I have been encouraged to carry out the theft of my own using such a great system.

Here are the emails sent by the user:

Email 1:
hello. how would you like to make payment as im having problem with my paypal at the moment. you can come and pick up or make payment to my bank. thanks

Email 2:
you can make payment to:
abbey bank
acc no: 96523154
sortcode: 090126
Name: O Simption

From: patverrastro
Subject: plasmacuttertigstickwelder
Date Posted: Thu Oct 22 14:19:13 2009
I am the winning bidder on an item that starts at 99 cents with no reserve and free shipping. After 11 other bidders, I’m on top at $49.95 at end of auction. Seller states will ship UPS and supply tracking # within 24 hours of cleared payment. I use Paypal, instant and confirmed. Four days pass & I ask for a tracking#, he says he’ll check into it & get back to me. Another five days pass with no response. I ask again, this time he says his "shipping department" tells him it will cost $200 to send if I want to pay. I reminded him that his listing said FREE shipping. Three days pass and I ask again"where is my item I paid for?. No he says for another $300 he’ll ship it. So, it went from FREE, to $200, to $300. I’m not a doctor, but I’ll bet that if I were one, I could come up with some kind of medical diagnosis that would be appropriate. I tell him to honor the original deal that was made, I have no time to devote to a this nonsense or I’m going to slam him everywhere I can.
He calls me crazy.
I guess I am for allowing this ti get this far into la-la land.
That’s my story. Contact me for copies of all the wacky emails he has sent me with my responses. I’ll be happy to oblige. As a parting shot, I will not stop bashing this shylock until he is removed from ebay as a seller. If you have any good reporting web sites that you think would be helpful to post the antics of this rip-off huckster, let me know. By the way, His personal info is:
Contact Information for plasmacuttertigstickwelder
User ID: plasmacuttertigstickwelder
Name: H Wang
City: sunnyvale
State: CA
Country: United States
Phone: (408) 206-4041
Registered Since: Sunday, Jul 09, 2006 19:08:16 PDT
My email address is:
Please contact me on this Liar, Fraud, Con Man

From: Big D
Subject: EBAY
Date Posted: Thu Oct 22 17:52:42 2009
Honest sellers are screwed by fees and shafting buyers.
I recently sold a car, the description was correct.
An asshole called Daniel Hicks bids on it and wins. The bid was 250.
I then get charged by ebay for final selling fees.
The guy doesnt make contact for a week, then he claims his kid brother used his computer and bid. Sorry about that. huh
Ebay upheld the negative feedback until I pointed out that they were aiding deflammation of character, when they then removed it.
What ever happended to Escrow??????

From: sadmummy
Subject: onceuponourchild
Date Posted: Fri Oct 30 07:06:12 2009
I won an auction from onceuponourchild for a baby swing. It hasn’t arrived, and this is 5 months later. She sold it in another auction on ebay after I was supposed to have received it (and bought another one). She told me she would refund me, but has not. Every time I mailed her about it she would couch the apologies in Christian speech, making me think she was moral. She isn’t. She waited until it was impossible to get a paypal refund and cannot leave feedback before becoming rude.
Do not buy from Onceuponourchild.

From: Dontenay
Date Posted: Thu Nov 5 15:29:44 2009
Fair enough but your forgetting about the biggest rip off of them all. Ebay its self.

Recently sold an item for 870. I somehow found my self paying Ebay 90 pounds and Pay pal 40(ish). So my item I sold which would ahev sold for the same price if I had advertised it locally ended up being over 100 pounds less than its market value becasue of Ebay fees. Oh and there was the 40 pound carriage which my buyer wamted me to pay half becasue....and get this...he said he got him self in to a bidding war and made a mistake when pressing the button on his mouse

Yeah and my name is Bambi. Their all at it, the whole stinking world is one massive rip off.

From: hibs-till-i-die
Subject: craftyboy1985
Date Posted: Sat Nov 7 19:16:40 2009
Let me tell you this seller’s name said it all. This fuckwit was happy to take my money and tell me he would post my item the following day. After three emails unanswered and a week i took out a dispute. Then recieved an email simply saying ’will post tomorrow’ tomorrow was a sunday???? Anyway i am still waiting not holding much hope.

I hate ebay pricks man.

From: rm
Subject: pricelessauction
Date Posted: Tue Nov 10 06:15:45 2009
this guy selle electronic gadgets,he sent me a faulty camera,he said send it back,I did,then nothing came back,I finally told ebay they said its over 45 days,and they cant help,AVIOD THIS SELLER at all costs,all friendly when your bidding,then NO HELP at all,he wont answer any emails(ive sent 6),RIP OFF DODGY ,they are based in china............STEER WELL CLEAR of this prick

From: thinkpinkbabe
Subject: duncans05
Date Posted: Tue Nov 24 10:13:11 2009
I was bidding on 4 books he was selling. I won all 4 (they were 45p each). I chose to bid on those because it stated free P&P. In the body of the advert, it did state a price for overseas, but none for uk (as it said free at the top, one would presume it was free!!!). When he invoiced me he added 2 P&P to the books!! I emailed him saying it was against ebays policy to put free P&P then charge after the item was won. I said he would either need to amend the invoice or i would report him. I got a very nasty email back accusing me of threatening him! I then took it up with ebay who confirmed that it was against their policy and that action would be taken against him. he is still selling on there - be aware.

From: tia
Subject: mariarose1961
Date Posted: Thu Nov 26 06:53:27 2009
This seller likes to come after you out of jealousy. She sells yankee tarts,so do I. She got jealous of how well my sales were doing so she purposely bought from me with the intent to leave me negative feedback. I had bought tarts from her before I started selling them myself. I received clumpy nasty tarts crammed in a way too small box. I didn’t give her a negative because she seemed like a sweet caring old lady. So a month or two goes by and I accidentally (I promise) bought from her again. She sent me an email telling me that I had bought from her before and my heart sank!I had forgotten her user I.d. Because I buy numerous tarts daily on ebay and forgot she was a bad seller!so her package arrives and the condition of the tarts are better than last but they are crammed inside a way too small box again! So i still am nice to her and make sure never to do it again! She emails me everyday telling me about my own tart selling and how well my auctions are doing. Even looks at who I see and buy from by stalking out my ebay feedback profile! Really creepy! So I’m still really nice to her and then she buys two cheap star wars items I had listed n my store. She receives them and gives me really low dsr star scores and a positive. I know she did it because I check my scores daily. About a week later she leaves me a neutralon the seconf thing she bought from me. Now this is funny because she’s been emailing me all week long tellin me she’s my friend ya da ya da. So I finally give her a negative on the purchase I had made from her almost two months before. It was an honest comment and I got tired of her acting like we were friends and then stabbing me in the back. She has since copied my listings and now is on a crusade to personally slam me ! I listed many listings with christmas tarts but I wrote them as xmas tarts to save room n the title. So she now writes that I’m xing out christ. But the funny thing is that x stands for christ and it has been accepted by the religious faith of christians for over 1000 years! Anyone can research this truth on the internet!she also likes to send people to your auctions just to give you negatives. She did this to me and others I’ve talked to on ebay. She also likes to copy every thing I do and talk smack about me but doesn’t give my ebay user I’d so its totally ok with ebay! They haven’t helped at all! Mariarose1961 also likes to buy things from people and either claim that she didn’t receive them or that they were broken when they arrived to her. Then she gets her refund and ships half of what she got back to the seller and keeps the other half!!and yet numerous people have complained yet ebay does nothing! They did suspend her for four days in october but that only pissed her off more!I’m not sure what they suspended her for because they don’t give out details of others,but they let her come back still talkin her trash out of sheer jealousy!

From: faraway
Subject: lolitashedevil
Date Posted: Fri Nov 27 10:37:56 2009
Pops you for international signed for postage fee, then gives numerous rude and time wasting responses when you query via email where your package is. No offer to refund money, still selling and probably pocketed the insurance claim from international signed for. Have checked her feedback now - over 110 negative responses of not refunding, items torn, damaged etc.

Do not buy any clothes from her and she is dishonest. How can ebay UK allow this seller to still sell?

From: bluecow1080
Subject: homepride101
Date Posted: Sun Nov 29 10:31:08 2009
Promised courier delivery

Sent snail mail

Postage and packing charged 12

Actual postage cost 3 + bubblewrap - say total 5

Asked for refund as was not sent as agreed. Declined and abusive emails resulted from seller.

From: Callie
Subject: 123.punx_88
Date Posted: Wed Dec 2 01:01:27 2009
I bought some black american apparel shorts (reasonably priced) and they simply never arrived. Delay tactics were used (postal strike, returned to sender etc.) until the date which I could officially complain had passed (unbeknownst to me) at which point communication ceased entirely. Feeling pretty p.i.double snaked off right now...

From: bob
Subject: bmx_mtb_shop
Date Posted: Mon Dec 14 01:31:22 2009
They accept payment for items via bankdeposit then open unpaid claims agest you so you carnt leave feedback or recive your goods and they keep your money aviod at all costs bmx_mtb_shop

From: Bazza
Subject: babzsmedia
Date Posted: Thu Dec 24 14:23:16 2009
Don’t buy any thing from this user they just sell crap. When you send it back they say they have not received it.

From: Anon
Subject: a-r-c-2008
Date Posted: Sat Jan 2 23:54:25 2010
Trading under two user ids: a-r-c-2008 and gasgas744.

Used by it now option and didnt turn up nor pay a deposit.

Using fake auctions on one accound and selling to the other to bump up feedback. The item sold by arc2008 to gasgas744 was a car that was actually sold on the pistonhead website.

Be warned...

From: the winner
Subject: ajane
Date Posted: Sun Jan 3 07:43:05 2010
Subject: Re: curvyred2008 has sent a question about: Payment & Checkout for item #290382772103, that ended on 23-Dec-09 14:47:34 AEDST - 4xV8 Supercar Lowndes/Ingall/Ambrose 04/08 Ford Falcon Received: 24-Dec-09
From: ajane09 Expires: 24-Dec-10
To: curvyred2008
Item ID: 290382772103

eBay eBay sent this message to Robyn Edwards (curvyred2008).
Your registered name is included to show this message originated from eBay. Learn more.
Seller has responded to your question about this item
Do not respond to the sender if this message requests that you complete the transaction outside eBay. This type of offer is against eBay policy, may be fraudulent, and is not covered by buyer protection programs. Learn More.

Dear curvyred2008,

Your choice then ...You take it further and even if I lose then at least the principle is a standard of logic...selling cars at stupid prices just breaks me and being human we all make mistakes...obviously though you are one of those that is happy to take advantage of others doing it tough... I might as well throw $150.00 into the gutter ..anyway if the money appears in my account then I will hold it for you since you refuse to give me your account number...I wont bother you again Ian

- ajane09

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From: curvyred2008
To: ajane09
Subject: Re: curvyred2008 has sent a question about: Payment & Checkout for item #290382772103, that ended on 23-Dec-09 14:47:34 AEDST - 4xV8 Supercar Lowndes/Ingall/Ambrose 04/08 Ford Falcon
Sent Date: 24-Dec-09 13:02:42 AEDST

Dear ajane09,

I want these items and will push it as far as i can go sellers like you are a cancer on ebay on should be removed for good i will even take this matter to small claims which you will loose and pay all costs enjoy

- curvyred2008

From: ajane09
To: curvyred2008
Subject: Re: curvyred2008 has sent a question about: Payment & Checkout for item #290382772103, that ended on 23-Dec-09 14:47:34 AEDST - 4xV8 Supercar Lowndes/Ingall/Ambrose 04/08 Ford Falcon
Sent Date: 24-Dec-09 00:28:01 AEDST

Dear curvyred2008,

Robyn sorry to say that I am going to have cancel this sale ...Whilst I have a responsibility to Ebay to sell there are sometiems when the price is just so low that it rips me to pieces ...For $52.00 I just cannot sell these 4 cars which retail at $49.95 each normally ...and these are all new...this is not your fault but mine as I have just moved house and was off the net for 5 days and was not able to get on and cancel the auction just prior to this ending knowing the price being offered was this amount...especially Craig Lowndes in the package ...I understand you would be angry but on this occasion I am prepared to wear the circumstances.. I will send you a cancellation notification and you can complain and refuse this or agree and be understanding that I just made a big mistake...anyway just being honest with you ... I will refund your money as soon as I receive it as well okay Ian

- ajane09

From: curvyred2008
To: ajane09
Subject: curvyred2008 has sent a question about: Payment & Checkout for item #290382772103, that ended on 23-Dec-09 14:47:34 AEDST - 4xV8 Supercar Lowndes/Ingall/Ambrose 04/08 Ford Falcon
Sent Date: 23-Dec-09 20:48:01 AEDST

Dear ajane09,

Payment has been made thanks Robyn.

- curvyred2008

4xV8 Supercar Lowndes/Ingall/Ambrose 04/08 Ford Falcon
4xV8 Supercar Lowndes/Ingall/Ambrose 04/08 Ford Falcon
Item Id: 290382772103
End time: 23-Dec-09 14:47:34 AEDST

ajane09 (532)
96.2% Positive Feedback
Member since 26-Mar-05 in Australia
Location: New South Wales, Australia
Listing Status: This message was sent while the listing was closed.
This seller is a wanker he has done this to others check his negative feed back.
Andrew and jane hide behind a computer and think they can sell for what they think is fair what a wanker he still has my money and sends ebay a message to suspend me lol what a joke andrew and jane the joke is in your hands every time you go to the toilet.These practise are fully backed by ebay good on ya trust and safety div your all fucking useless your laws are a Fucking Joke. Sorry about language this couple piss me off and so does ebay they are fucking wankers like this seller Ian Manning

From: the winner
Subject: ajane
Date Posted: Sun Jan 3 09:21:06 2010
Ebay are lame arses the whole lot of em.Ebay is a corupt organisation taking money from hard working people and supporting corupt practises.
Ebay is like all yankie companies they take and take and when a buyer is dodgy they back them and not the seller.Ebay are gutless and have no balls to handle any complaints they always favour the dodgy seller.Ebay should colapse and fade away so real people can deal with real people. Being the middleman is a load of shit they grab your money and leave you to fend for yourself. THIS SOUNDS LIKE THE US FORCES EVENTUALLY YOU GET WHATS COMING FUCK OFF USELESS AMERICAN EBAY YOU WILL FALL IN THE END ALL CORUPT NATIONS HAVE SO TIME IS RUNNING OUT.

From: wildbillcoyote
Subject: radioman_ni
Date Posted: Mon Jan 4 18:02:33 2010
keeps private feedback.

buys items then immediately raises a Paypal non recieved item dispute the minute he knows the item wasnt sent recorded delivery. I’d literally only posted it the day before and even upgraded the post because it was less than I had quoted.


From: cajoctaw
Date Posted: Thu Jan 14 03:02:01 2010
Beginner Guitar Method Video CD-ROM Lesson
from seller MANICWAVE

Do your self a favor, DO NOT BUY FROM THIS SELLER.

His feedback and DSR’s look good on initial once over, but reading the comments would have revealed the truth.

Go read for yourself to see I’m not just yanking your chain.

He is a slow shipper, frequently claims items were "lost by USPS", and if you message him for information he gets mad and hurls insults.

Example of reply you may get......

From: manicwave
To: cajoctaw
Subject: You’ve received an answer to your question about item Beginner Guitar Method Video CD-ROM Lesson FREE S/H
Sent Date: Jan-13-10 08:52:50 PST

Dear cajoctaw,

YOU are a fat douche.

- manicwave

If it werent for EBAY making it so hard to post FACTUAL FEEDBACK about a seller, guys like this wouldn’t be able to plague the community.

Don’t buy from this guy if you enjoy a pleasurable deal.

From: sid
Subject: fastcakes
Date Posted: Mon Jan 18 21:24:04 2010
Registered pedophile, google taf-kat or view fastcakes shop look for his business address then google it..
convictions in 2000 & 2006

From: boris
Subject: ebay themselves
Date Posted: Tue Jan 19 18:17:55 2010
I can’t stand these companies working together, not to serve the public, but to rip them off. I have had heaps of disputes with ebay/paypal and the types they attract on their site. You have no leg to stand on cos they tie up every transaction with fee’s. If you have an item in dispute for a refund, and you don’t reply to their email within their pathetically short time frame given, they keep your money. I have never dealt with more corupt and dishonest companies. I hope eveyone in the world wises up to you Ebay/Paypal and boycott you until you collapse. You should have gone down in the global financial crisis, you useless scammers.
I wish i caught up with Pierre Omidyar and Skoll (The scumbags at the top) and kicked em straight in the balls for such shit greedy rip off companies. I hope for every dollar you scam, it makes you sicker and sicker---COS YOU OBVIOUSLY DONT HAVE CONSCIENCES.

From: sandybullivant
Subject: martyandemmett
Date Posted: Tue Feb 2 16:39:30 2010
This guy is unbelievable. Hides behind the knowledge that after 60 days there is nothing you can do to recoup your money.

He sold us a Nintendo DS that had a broken screen, as well as a faulty screen and it wouldn’t charge.

We asked him to refund it - he refused and asked us to send it back and he’d have a look at it. That was the last we heard pro actively!

He doesn’t respond to emails and deliberately stalls buyers until they lose their right to a refund or a dispute resolution.

To add insult to injury he then emailed us to tell us that was what he had done:

"ebays terms and conditions cover a 7 day period for return, no warranty was offered on the sale or in the auction listing, ebay and paypal also state that after 60 days you are not warranted and will not allow a refund via paypal. As such as you have threatened me with the police i am legally required to return the goods to you, i am now having them returned in there current state, ie not repaired and i am returning them back to you or will give them to the police if you are having them called this legally covers me"

Nice Bloke! Don’t trust him and DO NOT BUY FROM HIM!!!!!

From: Michael
Subject: joeclothing
Date Posted: Thu Feb 4 08:08:06 2010
I paid immediately upon winning the bid, around $600, including payment for international express courier. The goods arrived one month later.

I then contacted joeclothing immediately to obtain his agreement to honor his refund policy because the pants didn’t fit. Joeclothing agreed that I return the goods. I returned the goods by express international courier and when I hadn’t received the transfer of the refund into my Paypay account I wrote to him 3 weeks later enquiring as to its whereabouts. He confirmed that he had received the goods and had instructed his assistant to process the refund.

I then wrote a week later enquiring as to the status of the refund. He wrote back at length explaining to me that the payment was about to be made.

We have heard nothing since despite follow up e-mails.

It is clear that the seller has been seeking to manipulate first, the 45 day period to escalate to a PayPal dispute, and second the 60 day rule by which I would not be able to leave feedback.

Subject: peterjohnlester or pjl allsorts
Date Posted: Fri Feb 5 21:25:03 2010
liar and a cheat !! jump starter leads broke off in my hand , talked to the guy on the phone .... seemed genuine .... wrong !!!! told me to return item for a full refund including the 10 it was going to cost me to return it to him . ignored emails at first until i filed a case against him on ebay . refunded me threw paypal the initial price of the item and told me he had put a cheque in the post for the p+p refund !! yeh , right !! obviously the cheque never materialized and he has since refused to answer my calls and emails.
the guy has been mentioned on here a few times , only wish i’d checked him out on here first !!! really peed off but what can you do ? he’s got away with it again....!!!!

From: skids
Subject: pjl allsorts / peterjohnlester
Date Posted: Wed Feb 10 17:30:15 2010
he’s done it again .......
as mentioned on here previously !!
the guy ignores emails / phone calls and when you leave the waranted negetive feedback , ebay removes it !!! and you never even know its been removed......completely disappears from the system...
even paul daniels would be amazed
absolutely gutted and there seems nought you can do about it , how criminal is that ?

From: bargain_hoover
Subject: homelivingonline1
Date Posted: Tue Feb 16 19:46:44 2010
had day off work to wait for delivery that they stated had been despatched. They sent me an email stating this!

Checked with courier after waiting 12 hours for it to be delivered, they said it had not been sent! They owe me a days pay!

Very poor service.

From: daisy
Subject: lizzyhaveleyes
Date Posted: Mon Mar 1 12:42:22 2010
I Ordered a bed over 5 weeks Ago, it arrived damaged and i refused to sign for it. I phoned homeliving up and they said we we send you another bed! that was a month ago.. I have cancelled my order, and still waiting for a refund, which has been promised to me!!! still no money after a dozen or more phone calls. the girls on the phone are rude and dont give a damn!!! i have spoken to my solicitor this morn and hopefully i’ll get my money back! i’m an honest person, and would never treat anyone the way they have treated me! dont buy off these crooks!!!!!

Date Posted: Fri Mar 12 11:01:06 2010

From: Lizzyhazeleyes
Date Posted: Fri Mar 12 11:10:35 2010

From: Irezumi Muzan
Subject: Karen161164
Date Posted: Wed Apr 7 13:22:52 2010
I was bidding on a Disaya bracelet from Karen161164 and had placed a starting bid of 25.00. Within an hour, I was outbid by someone with a feedback rating of 4. I checked the bidder’s history and in the last 30 days, they had placed 58 bids on 18 items and had a 100% bid rate with this seller. I thought that was dodgy so checked the seller’s ended listings over the last 30 days. This bidder had won numerous auctions that were then immediately relisted (including a dress that got relisted twice!) and had also bid up the price on many more. It was such obvious (and bad!) shill bidding that I emailed the seller and said I wanted the fake bid removed and also gave a link to ebay’s rules on shill bidding. Seller did remove the bid but then emailed me and said it was OK to shill bid because the price was so low!!! I again responded to explain why shill bidding is fraud and then the seller got abusive and started threatening me with lawyers!!! That made me laugh because she was the one who was breaking the law! I withdrew my bid at that point as I did not want the seller to be able to get hold of my address. I reported it to ebay who did... NOTHING!!! They said there was not enough evidence. Of course, ebay has no problem with shillers because it increases the FVFs they get paid.

From: Aggravated
Subject: kotasmommy24
Date Posted: Thu Apr 15 22:26:45 2010
After winning a Robotic Arm Trainer OWI-007 from this seller I waited and waited for its arrival. After a few weeks I began researching his feedback and found several others who did not receive there item. SO I sent several emails through ebay and never got a response, so I was forced to contact ebay for a refund, left the moron bad feedback.
I also noticed that during all the attempts by me and ebay to contact him, he was adding new items to sell!
If you check out his items you will find most are reprinted manuals that are mostly USELESS.


From: karen161164
Subject: irezumi_muzan
Date Posted: Fri Apr 16 08:06:28 2010
Noticed that my favourite Ebayer (7 April 2010) has AGAIN left comments with regard to me because she didn’t get a bracelet she wanted ....

Firstly please can I draw your attention to her BLOG ... if you google my User ID and then go into the BLOGSPOT of Malignant Narcissism you will understand why I have not got into dialogue with this person, this is further reiterated when you follow through to her Twitter and go into the entry for "What’s it with Shill Bidders" and see the venom with someone that did ... also you will see further Blogs with regard to Dead People ... and she didn’t want my address ....... ????

Secondly I will now address her "allegations" which were reported to Ebay, found to be unfounded and given the content of her BLOG which they were notified of, subsequently BANNED from bidding on my stuff ...

1. I have a buyer who has me listed in their favourites who car boots and therefore periodically bids on my items as they have purchased from me at a car boot and know the quality of my items, if they feel they will not make a profit as the bids increase, they cease bidding ! Shill Bidding ..... ?????

2. I have NEVER bounced a cheque in my life ! If the Ebayer had done her "investigation" thoroughly she would have seen my response to the feedback left - The cheque was CASHED by tyhe Seller the day after it was sent, proof of which was submitted to Ebay !!

3. The dress I "stole" - Proof of my signature from Passport and Driving Licence, together with a letter from my Employer regarding the day in question were again submitted to Ebay which proved a) that the signature was certainly not mine; and b) I was at work on the day that the parcel was "signed for" ! Unfortunately Ebay would not retract the Feedback.

You will see that I purchase alot of items from Ebay which are very expensive, why would I "steal" a t-shirt dress that was circa 20 !!

3. Feedback Abuser? - Please go into my feedback comments and note that I send very positive feedback on those where negative or neutral feedback was left it was justified .. fake jewellery ? Damaged tent (which the seller listed themself as being in England) sent damaged goods, agreed for me to return, which I did and then refused to refund - I took to Court and was advised that the Seller was in the Isle of Man, not England and therefore outside of British Law ..... NAUGHTY !!

If you check the feedback for this Ebayer you will note that although she has 100% Feedback, due to the restriction by Ebay with regard to Sellers leaving negative commments, go into her feedback and you will see that on more than one occassion that the comment "NIGHTMARE" appears ??

Anyway .... enough said .... I will leave you to log into the aforementioned BLOG and make up your own mind !

From: TJ123
Date Posted: Fri Apr 23 13:04:12 2010
I called to confirm if they had the item(a sofa) in stock. They said yes and gave a delivery date of 4-5 days. I paid in full, they took 599 from my account there and then. I called several times for a delivery date conformation. They emailed me 2 days later to say delivery was 4-6 weeks as the item was out of stock!!
I still have no refund even after several calls to them and emails asking for one and being told yes it will be done, they are now not answering any calls.

From: daisy
Date Posted: Wed May 5 09:36:18 2010

From: EBAYSucks
Subject: silverstonemr*
Date Posted: Fri May 7 17:33:33 2010
Silverstone is terrible to deal with and the rotors and brake lines that he sells are garbage! The rotors are not plated like the listing says and the "cross-drilled" looks random. They warp and crack very quickly, possibly due to the holes drilled through them. I’ve been told that proper cross-drilled rotors are drilled precisly as to not cut the internal cooling fins and weaken the steel or the holes are actually cast into the rotor when they are made. The brake lines are not the correct length, won’t fit without modification and after you’ve paid the mechanic to do this, they end up leaking and have to be replaced again!
I think most people are leaving feedback when they receive the rotors and not after they’ve used them for awhile.

From: lofty
Subject: 1tuna
Date Posted: Mon May 17 16:37:47 2010
sells watches as NOS but the movements are modern pieces of crap. He will not refund and laughs at your stupidity. What an arse. Do not buy from this idiot

From: devesvws
Subject: samuraiparts
Date Posted: Thu May 27 16:01:16 2010
the wont ship the item i bought its been 10 days they wont respond to sent msg

From: voiceofreason
Subject: rq-beautyshop
Date Posted: Fri May 28 13:34:31 2010
Avoid this scrote seller at all costs. Ordered an item. They very quickly sent a different item to the one I ordered. Completely ignored emails until I threatened to complain to ebay. They then asked me to return the item and refund my postage costs. I returned the item via Recorded Delivery. They weren’t in when RM attempted to deliver and then couldn’t be fecked to pick it up from the Post Office within the seven day collection window, so the item is sent back. The cheeky fecker then asked me to send back again. Again completely failed to acknowledge any emails asking when I would receive the correct item. In the end I received a refund after complaining to ebay, however I am out of pocket by 6 chunks after paying for recorded delivery TWICE!!! Fecking great! The kicker is that the seller was selling an identical item to the item I originally bought and was still listing it after they finally got hold of the return...... Looking at other feedback it is not the first time they has pulled a stunt like this. Take my advice and AVOID....I won’t be happy until the account is terminated by ebay...fat chance of that!

From: Alex JOnes
Subject: furypromo@aol.com
Date Posted: Fri Jun 18 03:22:35 2010
Bad tube vendor.

Leaves bad feedback if you try and return junk merchandise.

From: Lee
Subject: Swansea Laptops
Date Posted: Thu Jun 24 21:40:58 2010
Bought a battery from these people - got it with no clips so it would not stay in the lap top. they said - stick it in with some tape? Sorry - no it keeps falling out. OK - send it back - did that and guess what - they say they never received it, even though it had their number, returns number and all other details requested on it. Their answer now -- sorry, we cannot help you. Their attitude stinks.

From: MaddenME1
Subject: bestserver88
Date Posted: Thu Jul 8 17:15:24 2010
I bought a netbook that arrived DOA. They said "don’t worry about it" and told me to return it and they would replace it. They pretended not to receive the return (I have proof that they got it) and strung me along until the dispute window was closed. Now I am out all of my money and have no product in hand and ebay will do nothing for me, so I am seeking as many places to post warnings as I can find so nobody else gets robbed. Thanks for the opportunity to be heard.

From: jc
Subject: a1cool
Date Posted: Sat Jul 10 18:15:37 2010
Ebay Item 170487658239. Black leather boots. It has been over _6 weeks_ and I have contacted you, a1cool in California, multiple times, only to get excuse after excuse as to why you HAVE NOT SHIPPED THIS ITEM. Such a simple thing to box, address, and mail the package. I left you negative feedback. Because I was the only bidder on those boots, it is apparent that you are hoping you can get out of sending them, which is FRAUD. Others have had a similar problem with you, based on older feedback you have as a seller, Maggie, for all internet users to read. Is that what you want? Yes? How you have shipped dozens of items during this time, but lied to me about mine because of what? I think your best option is to resolve it immediately. A1cool, you say for a month-and-a-half that you have no time to ship them? Well, I have plenty of time to share my experience with every ebay user and searcher in the world.

From: danny england
Subject: esale2esale
Date Posted: Wed Jul 14 22:53:29 2010
ESALE2ESALE this business is selling spas using a picture of a completely different model. its cheap chineese rubbish.DO NOT BUY FROM THIS COMPANY YOU HAVE BEEN WARNED. ebay have been informed but they have taken no action against them. this is fasle advertising!!!!!!!!!!!!!

From: ME
Subject: andrewj3599
Date Posted: Thu Jul 15 16:06:42 2010
IDIOT leaves bad feedback for 1p items!!
Do NOT BUY FROM andrewj3599

From: The Law Lord
Subject: Papal and Ebay
Date Posted: Sun Aug 8 23:18:20 2010
The thing is this.The Distance Selling regulations are clear for business sellers.That if you receive something and it is faulty or not as described then you can cancel the contract within 7 day’s of receipt and get your money back WITHOUT returning the item.DSR say it is the sellers responsability to collect the item they sold. Yet all the business sellers are saying "send the item back and we will give you a refund"They are not allowed to insist on that and should just refund the money.If they want the item back they can send the postage and ask you to send it.But none of the traders on Ebay are doing this.If you insist they send you the postage before you will return the item what they will do is push you towards the resolution center Paypal or Ebay.They do this because they know Ebay and Paypal will deal with the dispute and always come down in favour of the Trader as far as return postage is concerned.They will say send it back by Tracked mail and you will get a refund.This is wrong and Ebay and paypal know it.They are doing this because the Traders make them a lot of money and they er on their side.If you have this problem with a Trader do not go via Paypal or Ebay threaten to take the trader to the County Court( it can be done on line now).

From: honest seller
Subject: divinityarthouse
Date Posted: Thu Sep 9 00:51:30 2010
dont sell to, generally rude and lies

From: Law Lord
Subject: thecheetahexpress
Date Posted: Thu Sep 9 20:15:46 2010
thecheetahexpress sold me sub-standard item that appeard have failed the manufactures quality tests and been asebled wrong.Also refuses refunds and say "send back to manufactirer under warranty".When refunds are given it offers to pay return postage costs if negative feedback is not left.But after positive feedback is left does not refund the return postage.Saurabh Chawla is the person running thecheetahexpress trading as a business seller on ebay.

From: killmore coppers
Subject: Ebay customer support
Date Posted: Thu Sep 16 13:04:20 2010
Ebay customer support are a buch of wankers they lie and cheat you. What is worse is they make it easier for others to cheat you. If anyone knows where their workers live post it on here. As i’ve time on my hands. he he he. Thanks and remember I dont wanna be a sinner, I just wanner be a cop killer. yes yes.

From: sarahkilburn
Subject: catmandigger
Date Posted: Fri Sep 17 14:41:32 2010
where do i start with this one? I enquired about vehicle and went to view it. I asked him if he could tax the vehicle for me as it had no tax and he said that would not be a problem. I left him a 200 cash deposit and 120 to cover tax and he told us he would take it off ebay (big mistake as we were buying at buy it now price-i should have just clicked the button i know but i didnt want someone else to click the button whilst i was on my way home). When I viewed the vehicle it was a bit rough but he told me he would put in a new interior and have 12 mnths mot put on. I noticed some holes in the bodywork and he assured me that they would be welded as part of the mot. I arrived to pick the vehicle up, the interior had not been doen, the ’welding’ had been covered up with undersealant so we could not see it properly. Got the vehicle home to discover that it has not been welded but fibre glass has been used. I have emailed him about this and he assures me that the ’welding’ has been done as he had paid for it to be done. My husband is currently having to fix it himself. He also lied about the tax-he told us he had applied for it but didnt have correct documents but dvla were aware etc etc even gave me a signed letter saying if we got pulled by police he would take responsibility-everyone knows that it is a drivers problem to have correct documents. After doing checks it turns out the car actually has 6 months tax on it just no disc. He also didnt have a log book so I have had to apply for that before I can tax the car as the green slip he gave me had been stamped in 2009 and therefore invalid.
After emailing him when I got home he said that he hadn’t lied about the tax and that all work had definately been done for the mot and any problems he would be willing to sort out. I have sent several text messages but that was the last I heard from him and I don’t have any come back as it was sold outside of ebay. have also looked at the mot as i believe it to be questionable and the mileage does not make sense.
I have been looking at his feedback and got in touch with someone else who bought from him but they had the sense to go through ebay and they have had exactly the same problem as me. They are currently going through ebay but I doubt they will get anywhere.
I have also looked at his other listings and he is telling complete lies. He was selling a peugeot that he stated was his wifes car he had just bought her as she had just passed her test however he put on my listing that the car i purchased was for his wife but she wanted a convertable. I am going to try and report him to trading standards but do not know how well i will get
beware he is a very bad ebayer and i would not buy anything of this person if my life depended on it.

From: vinnie
Subject: lazergraphixs
Date Posted: Tue Sep 21 19:06:03 2010
i paid for a mario poster for my 9 yr old son not a huge amount of money 7 on 15th july i only use ebay occasionaly so i dont have a pay pal so i spoke to the guy and he said it was ok to send postal order which i sent iv never had a porb before with paying for items using postal orders but this feckin moron says its on its way no sign of it still emailed the guy god knows how many times he responds says he’ll send another but still no poster its so feckin frustating cause there no way of me reporting him to ebay that i can find i cant even leave feedback as the order did not go through ebay properly! he’s taking the pure piss!

From: English Lad
Subject: Crazy-Printers
Date Posted: Wed Sep 22 11:45:59 2010
This trader refuses to allow inspection of any of the printers (#220672438220) he has for sale and uses the excuse Health & Safety reasons. He changes his address between a warehouse and a private house in the same town.

When you push the point he gets all upset.

From: ebayer
Subject: divinityarthouse
Date Posted: Sat Sep 25 13:18:45 2010
Says items do not work, lies, works when applied correctly.

Leaves unfair and untrue feedback.

This bad ebayer is best avoided if you dont want to recieve unfair feedback for no good reason.

From: rowsell
Subject: homelivingonline
Date Posted: Mon Sep 27 19:49:14 2010
Dear All,

I would strongly recommend never to use this company, i purchased some rattan furniture with a delivery date of the first week in August, first week came and went so i phoned to find out what was happening, they informed me that it was in the country and it would be with me the following week. i phoned again on the Thursday of that week to find out what was happening only to be told that its in the warehouse and it would the following Wednesday. i phoned on the Tuesday to just confirm that it was going to be delivered and they said yes between 9am and 6pm. i phoned on the wednesday at 4pm to be told that it was still in the warehouse as they had a courier issue. enough was enough so i canceled via phone and email as requested. i heard nothing from them so i phoned a couple of days later to confirm that they have received my email and they replied that they would come back to me. after 10 day i checked my account to find no refund so i phoned to find out was was going on, there reply was they were waiting for the goods to be return, i replied i never had the goods and it was sitting in their warehouse. i am still waiting for my refund and now have a dispute with them via my credit card company. please please avoid this company they are con artist....

From: jef
Subject: 1millionpercent
Date Posted: Fri Oct 8 14:16:29 2010
just to warn everyone dont buy a DISNEY TOUCH SCREEN MOBILE PHONE XMAS BIRTHDAY PRESENT.seller says the items are new.
we got one and so did another user and they both had photos and videos on them of other ppl.so was used.seller takes years to anser you back and when u report him asks seller to retract the report u made on him and make out u never had a phone from him. seller is doing some kind of scam and we think he is sending the same phones round and round to buyers and that he is getting ppl to fake his feedback.
dont buy from him he is getting away with this still now as i post.ebay should ban anyone that sells items that are not whay they say on site.

From: p.p.t.
Subject: gunnerkul
Date Posted: Sat Oct 9 23:02:20 2010
A full blown liar. Stated touch phone for sale had a few scratches. On arrival the screen was full of scratches!!! Had the balls to say I damaged it!!! Beware of this liar. Will bullshit just about anyone to get rid of shite.

From: topper
Subject: thememoryfoamcompany
Date Posted: Sun Oct 10 21:47:26 2010
These lying bastards sold me a memory foam mattres topper that was at least 30% underweight (the quality of memory foam is measured by its density ie. Kg/m3) their explanation was:

"the density is measuerd before the foam is combustion modified not at the end of the process.
eg. if you buy a 10 once steak the weight is given by the restaurant before its cooked and not the weight after cooking.

If density was simply the figure derived at the end when the item is ready then what would be the point of it, as we could simply use weight"

Complete and utter rubbish. -"combustion modified"? Do they set fire to it?

From: Janet
Subject: Homeliving online
Date Posted: Wed Oct 20 15:35:15 2010
Do not touch these people with a barge pole. I ordered garden furniture in July paying all the 569.00 cost, was told it would arrive first week in August. It didn’t !!! then I got one lie after another ’container held up’ ’container not sent yet’’container arrives but customs search it for a fortnight’ !!!!! ’then customs did not have it for a fortnight’ etc etc I have a file of e-mails. They will not answer their phone and when I asked for my money back, time after time, after time, they ignored it. The garden furniture finally arrived, in October!!! just when I wanted it!!!!!! If you want to wait for months for your goods while the seller keeps your money and will not let you have it back, and if you want to hear one lieing excuse after another whilst they ignore the telephone, then this is the firm for you.
Oh, they did give me 40 back as long as I sent an E-mail saying that I was pleased with the goods (I hear it used to be 50 for a good feedback must be cut-backs!)
I just hope this E-mail stops someone else going through the nightmare that I’v just been through.

From: barmireille
Subject: benjilove12
Date Posted: Sat Nov 6 16:47:43 2010
Paid money straight from bank received no goods, cannot get hold of seller now, not responding to any messages, scammer

From: sjr
Subject: sublab-sublab
Date Posted: Sat Nov 20 00:12:18 2010
After 2 weeks of waiting for item to arrive messaged seller to request if or when item was posted after a further week no reply so contacted customer support & opened a case for a
refund after a further 10 days still no item no refund no contact escalated to customer support who decided I was,nt entitled to a refund giving no reason why.On investigation this seller has had 11 neg feedbacks in a month changed his ID 4 times in less than a year so you wonder how many more buyers have been ripped of by this individual yet Ebay still allow this fraudster to trade.

From: sammy
Subject: princess_baby_reborns
Date Posted: Thu Dec 23 14:36:14 2010
just wanted to warn everyone of a scumbag on ebay. superluxuryphoneshop2010. i returned a mobile within 2 hours of recieving it. got proof of posting. 11 wk later still no refund. i contacted ebay a few week after posting, told you have to give it 6 wk due to it going to hong kong. did this. then tried to raise a dispute with paypal only to be told your past the dedline. well thanks a bunch only lost 107!!! he wont answer my emails, telephone calls or letters sent by recorded mail. so angry can anyone help? thanks sammy x

From: bleedingviolin
Subject: fender_elite
Date Posted: Mon Jan 24 19:41:46 2011
I ordered an item on 22-11-2010. That is, indeed, last year.

I live in the Netherlands. The seller lives in the US.

It is item number : 290502748951

Now, you would think ’ah, just 5 negatives in a month’. But wait. So i ordered, thinking it was alright. After a month; no item. I email’ed, asking where the item was. Seller asked if i could have more patience, cause he claims he sent the item.


So i waited another week. Now bare with me; i order a lot of stuff from eBay, from all around the world. Asia takes 1,5 at max. delivering items, normally a item from the USA takes max. 2 weeks. We we’re 1,5 month further now.

I email’ed again about the whereabouts. No response. Email’ed a week later with the same question. No response. Eventually i threathened with Paypal claims, and suddenly the seller could respond, within 24 hours.

Saying this;

[quote]give it a while I shipped the item.

- fender_elite[/quote]I waited another week. Asked again where the item was. No response. I threathened that i wanted an answer within 3 days, or i would open a claim. Seller just ignores everything i say and keeps on selling stuff on eBay.

Pretty ignorant, he just thinks ’ah, who cares, i have your money, go away’. So, later on i noticed you could only open eBay/Paypal claims if you do this within 45 days.

A typical seller that takes money, neglects refunds, doesn’t give a damn if you lose your item/money. Now, if i had never made a deal on eBay, i could understand his motives. But this is just low.

Sadly, i never was aware of this rule and lost my money to this seller. I’m offering him a chance to refund my money, or else this story will stick on the web forever. If i get a refund, this story will be edited.

From: HonestEbayer
Subject: redpigeonbob
Date Posted: Thu Feb 17 09:45:01 2011
Ebay Seller: redpigeonbob aka Mr Robert Pickering

I have had the great misfortune of dealing with Mr Robert Pickering who styles himself as "redpigeonbob" on Ebay. Status (16) as of this message and myself neraly 400 (100% feedback).

I purchased a model locomotive in February 2001 which was described "AS NEW" on his listing. It was used, but nonetheless described as new and therefore my minimum expectation was that it would work.

I should point out that I had already purchased some 100 locomotives for a software project I was carrying out.

Upon arrival, it was found to be faulty, with the wheels stuck and the motor burned out. Surely the Sellet must have known this.

In any event, what should have been a straightforward dialogue between buyer and seller descended into insults and accusations on his part when I was eventually forced to open a claim within Ebay.

To this day he washes his hands of the matter and I would strongly urge people NOT to purchase from Mr Pickering as he sells goods which are mis-described and then has no desire to resolve the matter.

From: X
Subject: X
Date Posted: Sun Feb 27 09:12:21 2011
Please help. I’m being accused of theft after I won a case in the eBay resolution centre. She is threatening mr with court action! What do I do?

From: Pizzedriteoff
Subject: stephenmrfixit
Date Posted: Mon Mar 7 21:21:06 2011
Ebay member Stephenmrfixit bid on and won a DVD from me.
A few hours later he emailed me asking me to "Come to a compramsie" on the winning price...
Needless to say I sent him the correct invoice.
He signed for the DVD Upon delivery, watched the DVD and left Positive feedback...
A week later he emailed saying that Only part 1 was on the DVD.
I reassured him that both part’s 1+2 were indeed there (As I well know they are)
He emailed yet again trying to put word’s in my mouth and then nearly a month later has started a claim for "Item not as described"

Can you see a pattern emerging here???

Now this dumb ass is refusing to send back the DVD for a refund, but ebay are still holding the payment until it’s resolved.

Beware of this kind of rip off artist on ebay.

Remember this twat’s username STEPHENMRFIXIT
I’m feel like fixing this c**t’s smirk by collecting my Dog’s morning deposit’s and sending it to this funny c**t and let’s see him smile then! Smug rip off jack ass!!!

From: Peter
Subject: silvermonkey1973
Date Posted: Sun Mar 20 22:55:31 2011
payment reversed after item marked despatched.
Blames your dealings with paypal to be the cause of this. doesnt answer emails asking what the fuck is going on. then left Negative feedback for you saying you have a bad attitude...
Avoid this buyer check out comments left by honest sellers who left feedback upon apparent paypal payment

From: Jakelym
Subject: gucci1988
Date Posted: Mon Mar 21 20:33:43 2011
never sent item and then decided to bombard me with abuse because i notified him i hadn’t received my item
called me allsorts

this guy’s a complete loony please avaod at all costs
the saddest thing was it was all over a pair of 99p gloves

From: Ti
Subject: retrojems
Date Posted: Fri Apr 15 21:15:01 2011
Beware of this seller, he seems to get hold of a lot of broken vintage computers and game consoles and sell them as working.

My ordeal with this seller has been the longest and most trying of all my experiences on ebay.

At the time, I was after a 128k Atari 8-bit computer. I bought one listed by this seller as working. Turns out, the machine was completely dead and when connected to a TV simply made a loud buzzing noise and black lines on the screen.

I contacted the seller asking for a return and he replied shortly after saying it was my problem because I had bought an item that was "clearly listed as faulty".

I sent a message back, politely explaining that the item had been listed as "working" and it was anything but. I recieved another message from the seller, this time rudely accusing me of being an ebay time waster.

At this stage, I made an official return request via ebay detailing the issue, but shortly after, it was declined with a derogatory message about me being a bad buyer.

By now I was becoming a bit frustrated, and I made a return claim with ebay for the broken item. Ebay required me to use the dispute form to communicate with the seller, who preferred to try and make it look to ebay as if I was being troublesome.

I gave up responding to his comments, and waited the required period for ebay to decide on a solution. They decided he was in the wrong, and instructed me to send the item back and I would be issued with a full refund, so I used the postage label provided and sent the broken machine back where it came from.

The refund system freezes the funds in the seller’s paypal account and requires the item to show up as having been delivered before the money will be refunded. Knowing this the seller decided to make things difficult. I followed the parcel online using the tracking number, and after a couple of days it reported a failed delivery - recipient refused to sign for parcel.

He was planning to wait until the dispute was closed, getting both the broken computer back and keeping the ill gotten gains.

By this stage, I wasn’t having any of it. I called up ebay customer support on the phone, and after about an hour of being redirected and put on hold, I managed to explain the situation to someone who was able to deal with it and the money was finally refunded.

I don’t like to leave bad feedback, but in this case people needed to be warned about this seller so I made it very clear he was rude and uncooperative. It came as no surprise that he posted a feedback response containing nothing short of childish name calling.

A few days later I noticed the same Atari computer on sale, with the same description describing it as working. This proved to me beyond doubt that the seller is knowingly listing broken items as good.

As if that wasn’t enough evidence, a week or so later a friend informed me he had bought an MSX computer from ebay that had arrived completely broken, and the seller would not accept a return; upon enquiring as to the identity of the seller, it turned out to be the same guy.

From: very angry
Subject: nationwiderugs
Date Posted: Fri Apr 29 06:33:06 2011
Under any circumstances do not deal with nationwide rugs an Australian seller. They send the wrong items and are very rude.

From: Jordan
Subject: able_au
Date Posted: Tue May 10 06:41:30 2011
I bought a compressor from able sales for $800 and $100 postage and handling. They sold me a brocken compressor that had been used before. The quiality of the worckmanship was worse than u’d get from a 2 dolla shop. i had to fight with rude workers to get a refund ( less the $100 postage and had to get it back to them ) took them ages to write me out a recipt saying I returned it and while i was waiting I overheard them talking about my compressor saying they will just put it back into stock and sell it to somebody else.... IT WAS BROCKEN. Im sure this compressor had been used by somebody before and sent back before i bought it. They were selling these as brand new which they defenatly were not. Wouldnt be supprised if the compressor was made entirely from second hand parts aswell and just covered in a shitty paint job

Subject: Mardonsin
Date Posted: Sat May 21 14:20:08 2011
Overcharging on p&p fees, retaliates by buying your items under a different name. Leaves horrible feedback, in 8 years of eBay the only bad seller ive come across! Avoid!

Also has a username mad_price_29!

From: fabtastic
Subject: Sugus_come
Date Posted: Tue May 31 19:45:36 2011
Seller from china, makes out item sent but tracking number never leaves china. After 20 days offers to send replacement out, and keeps assuring it wont be long. The replacement item does not arrive and by this time its gone past seller protection. Every email after is ignored and blocks you from buying anything again from him.

The other name they use is Hpstore2008

From: madcow
Subject: e-store-family
Date Posted: Fri Jun 17 14:50:56 2011

Item failed with 8 weeks.
Replacement also failed with 8 weeks.
Sent both back to China.

NO REFUND and for 6 months been getting a run around from them.

Bad products, Lost money......AVOID AT ALL COSTS!

From: sean
Subject: iain_27
Date Posted: Sat Jun 18 13:37:42 2011
This guy is selling Aldi Aventuridge tents that cost 25.00 for 40 plus and charging 19.99 postage.

He does not say the tents are from Aldi but claims to be a mountaineer and got these tents for a corporate function and that they are high quality 4 season tents.

From: jonjo
Subject: cardiacc uk
Date Posted: Wed Jul 6 12:51:54 2011
hi folks,my problem was not with any buyer or seller but with ebay and paypal themselfs who stole over $140,from my account,i set about recovering this by having my sis and 2 cousins open ebay accnts,i then sold several items at a total cost of $2100,i expressed all payments a kept all payments and closed my bank account,i then decided to email 6 buyers apologising and explaining that the item was not posted and under there protection to file a claim which i assume they all did,as a way of apology i sent all the buyers a free bottle of crystal champaigne bought with a reversed charge credit card through paypal ha ha.My point is that ebay and paypal are the real thieves here and they care about no 1 but themselfs,they steal from buyers and sellers (mainly sellers and as a result it is now nothing more than a fraudsters paradise for selling fake and stolen goods to an unsuspecting public,which they no about but to which they turn a blind eye.F**k off ebay and paypal

From: thereporter
Subject: my-baby-leah
Date Posted: Tue Aug 16 18:44:30 2011
He claimed item not received and immediately opened a case: payment reversed as I gave in and refunded after many veiled accusations and his refusal to claim from Royal Mail (with my cert of posting)(methinks he doth protest too much...and I was right!): My emailed Certificate of Posting (I was happy to send the original) was dismissed...and after the payment reversal & the subsequent case closure, the item was returned to me via Royal Mail. Reason stated by RM on parcel: "not called for" (i.e. they had a RM "sorry you were out card but didn’t bother collecting the parcel from the Sorting Office). An interesting situation because he said he has cameras all round his house and AFTER I told him about the returned parcel he said he had ’phoned the sorting office and nothing was there (interesting in itself as there was no mention of this in the eBay case). Not so bad for a small item but this cost me well over 10 in postage. eBay removed my-baby-leah’s negative feedback (left for me) but did nothing else (surprise, surprise!) BTW my-baby-leah has private feedback but says that this is because of what he buys on eBay.

From: charle
Subject: 666flyer
Date Posted: Tue Aug 23 23:06:45 2011
a big time waster sold goods he had them for over 14 days then said they where faulty and wanted money back i said ok when i got the goods back.the goods where not faulty all was ok anyway i told pal pal to give him the money back . so what do i get from him negative feedback why what a wanker

From: Pezz
Subject: longtanhu_huiyi2006
Date Posted: Tue Sep 6 22:55:15 2011
sold iteam never got it sent 5 emails so far waiting for refund now alot of negitive feedback but high score maybe using other fake accounts? never shop there ever had to order the iteam elsewer. no response what so ever i want MY money back and i will get it. not happy at all

From: Michael Finnegan
Subject: gold0586
Date Posted: Mon Sep 19 14:25:45 2011
Arrogant, bad ebayer.

From: pixd
Subject: marty-1954
Date Posted: Fri Oct 7 11:16:55 2011
to much time on your hands !! will process a refund no probs as you allready know the images were printed for you and thay will be resold by me

From: square
Subject: allthatglitterz09
Date Posted: Mon Oct 10 08:54:35 2011
DO NOT TRUST THIS SELLER "allthatglitterz09"!!!
allthatglitterz09 is selling fakes but insists that she is selling authentic stuff.

From: yeti1
Subject: lovehappyshopping
Date Posted: Mon Nov 21 01:27:12 2011
china, industry village,
Bought Oxygen concentrator 157 as poor health.
Arrived, did not work properly, emailed them immediately.
He took ages to get back to me and after negative feedback, sent a spare part. no good.
promised to refund. even gave me address in england to forward item...i rang =an unsuspecting buyer expecting a new + working machine.I told seller & had TO SEND item BACK TO THEM.even got telephone calls asking me to change my negative feedback...told them i’d change it when i got repaid or new machine.
Sent back to China, with tracking (extra 3
49 ]as had 2 yr guarantee.

NOTHING so far and machine was signed for a month ago.

Ebay & paypal refused to help as it was now 47 or 48 days after purchase & i didnt open a resolution as i thought the seller was going to make it ok.
i dont work, i cannot afford to lose over 200-for an item to improve my health.
. I didnt even realise their Ebay & paypal’s guarantee of safe buying is lies and as useless as my Chinese seller..
The selling company refuse my email, have not repaid me, DISGUSTING "INDUSTRY- VILLAGE"
he has loads of people working with him, i had 23 telephone calls from "Emily"
bad emailer is "lovehappyshopping@hotmail.com"

If anybody can help to make them pay, please let me know...so upset

From: yeti1
Subject: lovehappyshopping or Industry-Village or Bai Aoran or
Date Posted: Mon Nov 21 01:45:29 2011
YongXiang Li OR Bai Aoran OR Industry-Village OR lovehappyshopping@hotmail.com AND

Bought Oxygen concentrator 157 as poor health.
Arrived, did not work properly, emailed them immediately.
seller took ages to get back to me & after negative feedback, sent a spare part. No good.
Then promised to refund. Even gave me address in England to forward item to save on p&p...i rang and it was an unsuspecting buyer, expecting a new + working machine.
I told seller & had TO SEND item BACK to China Jai Ding District, Shanghai City
Also got telephone 3 calls [from Emily]asking me to change my negative feedback...told her i’d change it when i got repaid or new machine.
So Sent back to China, with tracking (extra 3
49 ]as had 2 yr guarantee.

NOTHING so far and machine was signed for a month ago.

Ebay & paypal refused to help as it was now 47 or 48 days after purchase & i didnt open a resolution as i thought the seller was going to make it ok.
i’m almost 60, dont work, i cannot afford to lose over 200-for an item to improve my health.

. I didnt even realise their Ebay & paypal’s guarantee of safe buying is lies and as useless as my Chinese seller..
The selling company refuse my email, have not repaid me, DISGUSTING "INDUSTRY- VILLAGE"
he has loads of people working with him, i had 3 telephone calls from "Emily"
bad emailer is "lovehappyshopping@hotmail.com"

If anybody can help to make them pay, please let me know...so upset.

So much for honourable Chinese people...or can one put me in contact with the local police or even the locl newspaper over there.I’d be glad of any help TO GET WHAT IT MINE.
tHANKS FROM ME......yeti1@ntlworld.com

bad ebay seller address:[YongXiang Li]
Bai AOran,4th Floor, INDUSTRY VILLAGE, NO 1030, Fenghua road, JAI DING DISTRICT, Shanghai City 201803, CHINA


From: Concerned
Subject: beatle.bayuk
Date Posted: Mon Nov 21 14:01:58 2011
Sells seriously overgraded beatles items at a premium.

What makes it worse is that he has 2 accounts which he Shill bids the price for each of his items to increase the price.

He is also registered as a private member, but infact he’s a business seller avoiding paying tax etc.

Do not purchase anything from this guy. BEWARE!

Subject: beatle.bayuk
Date Posted: Mon Nov 21 14:04:58 2011
Beware when purchasing from Beatle.bayuk. He uses another account to increase the items value. He also overgrades items when clearly they aren’t quite as good nick as he’s saying.

Purchased from him and without getting in to detail, his attitude is shocking


From: Porkchop
Subject: Peck9282
Date Posted: Sun Nov 27 03:13:02 2011
This puppet bought goods from me that we’re in good order and then mailed me asking for fitting advise when I said I recommended he go to a specialist he disagreed and said my item was broken even after saying himself he didn’t know what he was doing then he got a full refund from eBay and don’t even send my goods back broken supposedly or not weeks later I get the item back and notice its not the one I sent out but a damaged similar one

AVOID this user

From: pabloisme
Subject: fredmart2010
Date Posted: Sun Dec 4 15:29:27 2011
bought an android phone 85 or $123, and it seemed OK

1st stupid move from me, bought another

fredmart2010 sent a pnone which was used or refurbed "the tosser" fredmart2010 even generously LEFT on it the last USERS DATA on it emails, telephone numbers, BANK details, on complaing "pleas dont go to ebay" send it back lost me dough!

ebay are like a "chocolate tea pot" and it’s too much effort to sort a bad egg out, OR they earn TOO MUCH from this dodgey dealer, so it’s back 100% to amazon ** ebay

From: Colin
Subject: luowenxing2011-714
Date Posted: Sun Dec 4 20:33:16 2011
Brought a mobile watch from this seller listing states that the item is brand new, when I got it I found it had been used, and was faulty. I contacted the seller, and he realy did not want to help, just kept fobbing me off. the seller is based in london. I did a dispute with paypal and as soon as the seller noticed I had opend a dispute, he agreed to give me my money back, but the phone had to be sent to China, all I wanted was my phone swapped for a working one. I rung payapl and was told they could do nothing and that I should just send the phone to China, but they could not confirm if the address was real or not. now im stuck with a faulty phone, and my Christmas box has gone

From: Tony
Subject: chidera7
Date Posted: Sat Dec 17 01:10:41 2011
Ebayer advertisedBrand New Leather Jacket.
I mailed him 3x to query material of Jacket as I asked if it was a Primark Jacket it will be PVC.
"Its Leather" came the reply...are you 100%sure...??"Yes came the reply.
But its a Cedarwood Brand..Thats Primark..It will be PVC..I said again....
No its LEATHER he said........

On opening parcel i find a used/2nd Hand Flea Market PVC/PLASTIC PRIMARK Jacket FFS!!!

Opened dispute & requested return P&P costs.
PAYPAL are a waste of space.
I have 989 pos feedback & they treat me like Im at fault.
Im out of pocket to the tune of 5.29 because of this MORONOIC,WINDOW LICKING,RETARDED,F**KWIT WHO CANT READ AN EFFIN LABEL...

From: stuart2004stuart
Subject: 3- winlaptop6788
Date Posted: Tue Dec 20 12:53:21 2011
Seller 3- winlaptop6788 pretends to be UK based but is based in China.
There items are despatched from a Warehouse at Heathrow Airport which they have no contact on control with.
These wankers lost my ipod screen with the home button attached and offered no compensation.
I was left with a broken worthless IPOD
Do not buy from 3- winlaptop6788

From: Susan Blaney
Subject: suzieb1004
Date Posted: Thu Jan 5 15:02:04 2012
Just to add, eBay isn’t just bad for sellers - the buyers can be just as bad.

I recently sold a jacket on eBay and sent it by courier, the buyer e-mailed me today to let me know that he had recieved the item but it wasn’t as described, i know for a fact that the item was brand new and the correct one he ordered because his was the only one i sent by courier. Within 2 hours he had left me negative feedback for not replying to his e-mail..2 hours! Absolutely ridiculous, theres no pleasing some people.

Kindest Regards,


From: ra
Subject: mobispares
Date Posted: Fri Feb 3 20:05:44 2012
I Purchased new iPhone 4 LCD & digitizer from ebay seller(mobispares) on the 13th jan, they didn’t post it for 7 days, then they used 2nd class postage, it was faulty on arrival I informed them(they asked for a photograph of the fault(I sent them one) & they asked me to return it,they then offered me a refund I returned it with tracking details) they then pretended they never received it, I proved they had & that the owner(PATEL) had actually signed for it.post office photo of his signature, they offered me a refund, But they never gave it, I contacted them again explained that as long as I got the matter resolved in a timely manner I would not leave them bad feedback,they were now avoiding my emails, & it left me no alternative but to open a dispute with paypal, they again offered me a refund, but never gave it, I told them I gave them a deadline to resolve the matter or I would leave them honest measured feedback,again I was ignored, So I left them negative feedback, they have now cointacted me to say they refuse the refund because "I left them Negative feedback".

I’ve now had a request to rescind my negative feedback & they were going to issue my refund that very day, I resonded stating if I get the refund today the matter would be a satifactory resolution & I would withdraw the feedback, needless to say the refund never came, I’ve escalated the matter through PayPal(I’ll get my money anyway) but this seller is stuck with my feedback, this is what I left for them- GOD HELP YOU IF YOU HAVE A PROBLEM!!YOU WILL BE IGNORED

I would recommend avoiding this seller.

From: daviesmit
Subject: huxian1985
Date Posted: Mon Feb 20 21:41:26 2012
Item listed as uk was actually hong kong. Item was faulty and seller refused to answer emails.
Seller is part of 1buycart.com, DO NOT buy from them

From: robster1664
Subject: jemxii_j
Date Posted: Mon Feb 27 11:47:17 2012
won an auction for a digital camera didnt get it, seller ignored all emails, opened a case against them in resolution centre and left negative feedback, i think these tossers should be banned from ebay.

From: marc
Subject: karolajna10
Date Posted: Sat Mar 3 15:55:41 2012
selling dodgy prams and push chairs

From: Mr figitbrigit
Subject: PJL Allsorts (peterjohnlester)
Date Posted: Sat Mar 10 11:04:47 2012
Another one for PJL Allsorts - we brought two mini scooters off of this crook in mid December for our children’s Christmas presents, when they arrived we found 2 broken front mudguards & 1 torn Seat cover. The seat cover was replaced but 3 months on we are still waiting for the replacement mudguards despite what seems like 100s of phone calls & emails. They have supposedly sent them out on 3 different occasions & then blame couriers or The Post Office for them not arriving. PJL were very quick to take our money but their after sales are shocking!!!! Please stay away from this Seller - PJL Allsorts

Mr Figitbrigit

From: Mr. X
Subject: dci-gene-hunt
Date Posted: Sun Mar 11 17:09:09 2012
Bought an Xbox 360 from this member who said console was 2009 model he’d tested it and it had no red lights.

On testing it had 1 red light and E74 error and console was 2008.

Became rude, abusive and behaved like a 5 year old when I pointed this out to him.

Took case out with ebay and they agreed with him - stupid twats!!!

Don’t ever buy from this guy. He’s great if things go well but behaves like an idiot if things don’t go smoothly.

From: Cher
Subject: mlap3757
Date Posted: Sat Mar 17 20:47:49 2012
didnt pay

From: Titaniascloset
Subject: crashandski
Date Posted: Fri Apr 6 15:49:37 2012
I bought a dress from this seller which was sold as new with tags. When it arrived it showed cler signs of having been worn. i.e. shredded silk on the underarm (yeah I know, nasty).

Asked for a refund to which they agreed without admitting it was not new. All OK, but a couple of days later when I asked for their address to return the dress they seemed ot have an ’episode’ and accused me of all sorts including wearing the dress. Their last shot was very telling, and I quote
’..and would point out that you have paid just 40.99 for it from a single photograph on an ebay "auction site". Need I say more !
- crashandski
In other words, ’of course you can expect me to rip you off’??
This seller has a very low opinion of buyers don’t they.

From: argento
Subject: olga-maslova
Date Posted: Thu May 10 14:29:07 2012
If anybody leaves her neutral or negative feedback. She retaliates in a childish manner. Posting buyers full name, address and email on a website she owns and calling them a bad buyer when in fact she is a shady character.

Do not trust this seller unless you want your data protection rights breached.

From: poppy2charlie
Subject: 0797jim
Date Posted: Wed May 16 22:56:10 2012
This is one to block whose a scammer & fraudster. He bid on my chopper bike at the last minute and kept promising to collect and pay cash. He sounds so plausible but dont be fooled by him. He then said "I will pay you through your bank account" and wanted all my bank details. He lied and lied for 3 weeks. His name is Jim Newton and his address is:

27 The Marsh
Bedfordshire MK4 37JU
Tel No: 01234 721570
avoid at all costs

From: JB61
Date Posted: Sat May 26 11:03:18 2012
Anybody that sells Lingerie beware of the above seller who acts under several names but uses the address of:
Eleanor Heasman
71 Springfield Avenue
Muswell Hill
Tel 0208 3726952

She gives her competition red reviews and becomes very accusing to discredit her competition

From: Mug
Subject: shopfusion
Date Posted: Mon May 28 11:41:33 2012
I bought a beetle off shop fusion.
delivery was slow. The item was not as described.
It was described as a blue jewel beetle but when it arrived it was bronze, the lucite was badly polished and there was a green blob embeded in it.
I complained, they said all the beetles were that colour, but if I sent mine back they’d send another one without the faults.
I sent the beetle back.
They never replaced it.
They deny receieving it even though it was carefully parcelled up and addressed and I have a proof of postage slip.
They ignore most of my messages.
In trying to be patient and reasonable I exceeded the 45 day time limit to open a paypal dispute.
They’re either completely imcompetant with appalling customer service, or brazen liars with appalling customer service. IMHO
I know what I think....and they don’t give a rat’s arse what I think.
Buyer beware.
I shall stick with gaofudev who has never let me down.

From: Jen
Subject: koozuland
Date Posted: Fri Jun 22 13:33:00 2012
GAT Fashion Ltd
6 Carmavy Road
County Antrim
BT29 4TF

Does not comply with distance selling regulations regarding refunds with unlawful terms and conditions. Even when the law is pointed out to them they refuse a FULL refund. Their attitude stinks so to make a point legal action being taken and reported to their local trading standards office to investigate.

From: Sam Mckelvey
Subject: flyinscotsam
Date Posted: Mon Jul 2 07:59:15 2012
Some Sellers especially vehicle bidding there own goods up. Its my opinion the whole of eBay is a farce and a sudo auction site..Stopped using the site over a year ago seems to be to one sided.

From: Me@home
Subject: jsggxsxn
Date Posted: Tue Jul 17 10:38:51 2012
Bought some converse, they never arrived. Trying to resolve issue with seller and now he is no longer a registered member. Tosser. I WILL find you and get my money back.

From: Nikki
Subject: katn83
Date Posted: Mon Jul 23 20:41:47 2012
Bought a bag off this seller at a low price, no reserve on it. Bag was listed as used but only damage was scuffs. I paid after winning, then was told it was ripped inside!

Imagine my surprise to see the same bag listed again but with higher price on the postage...

Copy of last email below:

Dear ********,

hi I’m really sorry I’ve just checked the bag and the inner lining is ripped. very sorry about this I will refund you straight away.

- katn83
Reply in your email program or through My Messages

Jane norman bag
Item Id: 190704839170
End time: 21-Jul-12 18:34:15 BST
katn83 (218)
100.0% Positive Feedback
Member since 09-Nov-04 in United Kingdom
Location: Derbyshire, United Kingdom
Listing Status: This message was sent while the listing was closed.

From: Lionheart
Subject: 1134smith
Date Posted: Wed Jul 25 18:21:07 2012
This half-wit, bid & won a car I was selling on eBay, thus cancelling out an earlier bidder. He then started asking questions AFTER he had won, rather than when the auction was live. The car in question had no road tax, no MOT, so by default, any insurance would be invalid, ALL of which was disclosed in my listing along with the fact that the car needed a new battery and would only start off jump leads, so it would need trailering away. Despite this, the moron who bid and won, phoned me to tell me he would be coming on a train from London to Stockport and would DRIVE the car back. I suggested that this wasn’t a good idea, as the police ANPR camera’s were likely to be in abundance on the route between Stockport and London and I said that if he stopped the car to fill up with petrol, that it may not start again, whereupon I received a barrage of e-mails asking me why I did not think that the car would start again after stopping. I reiterated that it needed a new battery (mentioned in the listing), but he came up with half a dozen reasons why it wasn’t the battery and told me to ’forget it’. I graciously submitted a ’mutual withdrawal’ request with eBay as this tosser was obviously more trouble than he was worth, but the wanker refused to even fill his side of it in and I had to do it manually after 7 days or I would have been charged 33.50 in fees by eBay. This kind of idiot seems to be getting more commonplace on eBay, since the right to leave APPROPRIATE feedback for them has been removed by eBay, so obviously, there new feedback system isn’t working.

From: Leon
Subject: Djgeon
Date Posted: Mon Jul 30 21:43:12 2012
Won a engine for 77, The seller then told me the other bidder must have told him he would give more for it. So he then told me he would not let it go for 77 and said the other offered him 250 for it,

And then told me I could have it for 200,
Basically he’s trying pay us off each other and get the most he can. Probably be back on eBay in two weeks anyway

From: T-Power
Subject: nndxxx3
Date Posted: Tue Jul 31 09:56:09 2012
Had the worst experience ever on e-bay with seller nndxxx3 aka Neena Dayal / Yelena Dayal. Bought a T61 laptop described as fully working and in good condition but received a T61p. This laptop besides being heavier and bulkier, contains the infamous defective nVidia graphics chip, which overheats badly and could kill the laptop at any moment. All serial numbers and production date stickers had been removed right before shipping judging from the marks at the bottom. Also, the laptop contained paint marks and blemishes on the top lid. None of this was mentioned in the auction. Having e-mailed the seller soon after receiving the laptop, I was met with a barrage of confrontative and obnoxious replies. Finally the seller demanded I remove my negative feedback and replace it with positive BEFORE returning the laptop! Feedbacks left by other buyers left no doubt that this was not the first time nndxxx3 blackmailed his buyers, with very negative comments next to inexplicably positive feedbacks. I am still waiting for a resolution to my case, with currently the wrong defective laptop on my hands, and still short of my money, not counting the considerable amount of time I’ve wasted. From my experience nndxxx3 should be added to your blocked list pronto!

From: Ripped off customer
Subject: dominice10
Date Posted: Mon Aug 6 20:50:58 2012
won item from this German eBay seller, and paid in full through international cheque. Before item was sent the seller sent me an e-mail talking about not to send any solicitors letters, then sent the item through with my postcode wrong. All the seller had to do was contact Hermes and give them the right post code, which they refused to do. I complained to eBay but they said there was nothing they could do, so the seller kept my money and sold my item which was legally mine through another eBay seller called whitwoman, and so doubled her money. The sellers scam has happened to someone before, and she hates American and English and ripped there money from them.

Jolanta Kusch is a very hateful rip off eBay seller...avoid!

Date Posted: Tue Aug 14 20:02:06 2012
It is surprising how many people do not know that PAYPAL is owned and run by EBAY.
Did you also know that PAYPAL can freeze your account for 180 days for no reason and if you do by a miracle get PAYPAL to unfreeze your account, they do not pay you interest on your balance for that period. If you decide to close your account they charge you a massive fee to clear your funds and after the 180 days they will pay the funds into a given bank. They are not governed by normal banking rules, so do not expect to be treated the same way as when you are dealing with a respectable regulated bank.
Definition of an auction: A public sale in which property or items of merchandise are sold to the highest bidder.
Under this definition EBay is not a true auction due to its selling policies and legal action should be considered to question their claim to be so.
EBAY offer very little protection for sellers, its no returns facility is worthless and misleading. They have a fatal flaw in their policies which is being abused by criminal buyers. EBay have been made fully aware of this issue and for some reason choose not to close this loop hole. Like many other honest sellers, I fell for this scam and will never sell another item on EBay again, there are now many other reputable sites other than EBAY that give better protection to sellers.
For example:
If you list a pair of jeans on EBay and choose no returns accepted you would assume that once the highest bidder wins the item and pays by PAYPAL its a done deal, NOT SO.
The buyer might wear the jeans, damage the jeans, find they are too small, to large or simply dont like them and return them back to you for a full refund if you excepted PayPal as payment, however by not using PayPal you are safe to sell. PayPal promotional pitch is they offer a secure method of payment for both parties, when in truth they have their own motives in promoting PayPal, that being profits and nothing more.
(Anyway, back to the scam).
All the buyer needs to do is file a complaint with EBay that the jeans where not as described such as a small mark on the knee or any other trivial made up complaint. (They could even damage the jeans and say they came like that, which happened in my case). I complained that this had occurred but EBay and PayPal say its not there problem and take the side of the buyer and open a one sided case against you. When the case progresses certain scammers are very clever at getting you to argue or get you to say the wrong things, this will give EBay more excuses to conclude the case in favour of the buyer. (It is a proven fact that no matter what the seller says in their defence including the seller assumed he was selling in a so called auction and covered by EBay no returns accepted facility the seller rarely if ever wins the case. EBay progress with a joke of a process that is supposed to be fair to both sides but ends up being one sided, that being on the side of the buyer).
More about the scam:
Once the buyer who paid for the item using PayPal files a complaint with EBay you will find that PayPal instantly remove funds from your PayPal account without your permission, even if your account has no funds, leaving your account in the red. Some seller have complained that PayPal have even removed the outstanding money direct from there bank without the account holders permission and had no chance of getting it back, EVER. EBay/PayPal are a multimillion pound company and posts like mine are soon removed from the net as it exposes its weaknesses, any lesser company would be on rogue traders.
Something EBay do right, however,
Rightly so, EBay encourage both parties to try and conclude an agreement between both parties, which is fine but this is done with loaded dice in the favour of the buyer as he has nothing to lose. Once EBay have completed the farce of a one sided case they ask the buyer to provide a tracking number for the returned item which should arrive back in 3 days to the seller. When it arrives and you sign for the returned item, the buyer gets a refund from PayPal. You open the returned box and you get a brick inside or some crappy pair of jeans you never sent the buyer. You complain to EBay who say its not there problem and you should contact the police, yea right, another bee in my bonnet that one is, you have more chance of Russia and China backing the West against Syria.
!!!!!!!!!!!!! EBay/PayPAL CARRY A PUBLIC WEALTH WARNING !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Sellers who except PayPal payments are open to EBays flawed policy that helps criminal bidding as follows: Bid for the item to the highest level, win it, pay by PayPal, receive the item, lodge a win win case with EBay, buyer sends you back a frog or a brick in a box. Getting to keep the item and get a full refund from EBay/PayPal, simples!
I must add, there are many honest buyers on EBay and not all use this form of EBay policy scam, but it is my aim to make more people aware about this loop hole used by certain people and try and protect sellers, EBay/PayPal dont care how they make their money and its only people power who will make them change their policies to be fair for all. My advice to sellers is not to use PayPal and only except cheques, postal orders, bankers draft or collection only, avoid PayPal like the plague as this does nothing to protect the seller or protect your funds within your PayPal account; they treat the money as their own. I nearly forgot, just try and find a live customer care line for PayPal lol, no chance, only contact is by email or a premium charge phone number that you will spend around 20 minutes waiting to get an answer, such is the high rate of complaints to PayPal, but method in there madness, every penny is a profit and premium phone charges ads profits to PayPal.
I intent to post this around the net and if you agree with my findings then please feel free to copy and post it any place on the net to help advertise and warn other people about EBay/PayPal and criminal buyers.
EBay and PayPal will remove this as they dont want honest sellers getting a fair deal. Please remember EBay is not a true auction and PayPal do not respect you as a customer, they treat your money in your PayPal account as theres and use it to promote EBay/PayPal.
EBay have just emailed me and told me I have lost the case after EBay customer care telling me I do not need to accept the return, surprise surprise, confused.com? I now am told I have to except the now damaged goods back and give a full refund, although I posted the item undamaged and marked in my advert on EBay as no returns accepted. No chance!
EBay turn a blind eye to these scammers leaving sellers with no protection what so ever. Every penny is a profit; buyers have more value to EBay/PayPal than sellers for obvious reasons. Simples ;(
Update 8/2012
I tried to gain access to my EBay messages and could not log into it, however early this morning I managed to log on to retrieve the customer care discussion attachment as evidence and it had been deleted. I contacted EBay who apologised and said they had a technical fault and they would TRY and retrieve it lol. In they also confirmed I had lost the case and are trying to bully me into now accepting the damaged item. Told them its now a matter of principle and they must answer the following before I will respond to their unlawful demands:
Few points.
1: Why do you offer a no returns facility for sellers that indicate the item is none returnable? This facility should be removed as it is misleading to new seller like me.
2: Remove the above facility from EBay as this is none valid.
3: I assumed EBay was an auction and if not then why do you promote EBay as an auction?
4: Will the buyer refund me for the time and effort I have put into entering the item on EBay, the time I spent packing and the time it took to arrange delivery. Not to mention the time I now would need to receive the item, re-advertise and re-post again, if it came back in one piece or if he ever decided to return it. I am not prepared to take that risk and it is not my problem that he bought the item found it to be too small, (Which I can prove by a message he sent me, (unless that to has also mysteriously disappeared due to a technical fault). This buyer is using a loop hole in EBays policy to try and return the now damaged item. It is not about the money anymore its about principle and EBay need to close this scammer loop hole. If you decide to close this case in the buyers favour then I will proceed to contact papers MP,s and any other party to expose a scamming loop hole you refuse to investigate and close. I refuse to be bullied by EBay into accepting a now damaged item and by law you cannot force me to do so. I am really annoyed and surprised EBay are helping scammers use the not as described facility to return items even when the buyer has stated the item was too small and this is the real reason he is returning it.
5: Will you stop advertising EBay as an auction as this is misleading?
6: Why did your customer care team tell me I did not need to accept returns? Our conversation attachment has mysteriously gone missing and until this has been found I am unable to progress with helping resolving this case. Once this has been found and produced we can progress.
7: 34 people were watching and bidding on this item, so why is it fair that a scammer like him can stop honest buyers winning the bid.
8: Will you remove this buyer from EBay as he is dishonest and a well-schooled liar.
9: Why should I except back now damaged goods when I posted them in good order, clearly seen in the picture advertised on EBay.
10: How can EBay instruct PayPal on a private sale remove funds from a business account on PayPal without the Business owners permission.
11: Why has both attachments from customer care mysteriously disappeared when I mentioned them as evidence?

I feel I am unable to help anymore with this case until I get the transcript that your customer care advised that I do not need to accept this return due to the buyer saying the item was too small and it is now damaged. I feel EBay are trying to bully me into accepting now damaged goods. In what court of law can anyone make a person except damaged goods as a return in an auction when it was mailed in good order and when I said the item was none returnable, a used item and gave a good description including answering every question about the item asked on EBay.

Mr Scammed on EBay & PayPal

From: Bangarang
Subject: 330_mate
Date Posted: Thu Sep 13 13:54:38 2012
Japan based seller - knives, tools, natural sharpening stones.
Auctions list many different options for his goods (knives in particular). However, following his instructions listed in the auction on how to purchase something other than what was listed will put you in breach of ebay policy (circumventing fees).
Sending a message requesting a revised total will get you ignored for two weeks before he opens an unpaid dispute on you. Seller not the easiest to deal with. Understand that english may not be his first language, but selling internationally? Surely at the least he could get someone’s kid to translate replies. His responses are generally unhelpful and he is slow to respond (if at all)
Quality of merchandise is hit and miss, with some gems in amongst the trash.

From: Bangarang
Subject: fudachi_worldwide
Date Posted: Fri Sep 14 03:14:06 2012
Dodgy Australian seller who likes to gouge on postage to cover any losses he might make when an item goes for less than he wants.

Individual postage prices are on the high side, yet no mention is made on the auction about combined postage, only that things go by ’frieght’ through Australia Post. From feedback left after my dealings with him, frieght means everthing in a box, with no padding. Ergo, he can’t argue that indivdual p&h for each item was something you agreed to on bidding.

Messaging him for a realistic combined price for goods that have totalled over $100 in domestic postage yeilds a smart-arsed reply where he asks you to do the ’simple maths’ of totalling the each individual items final auction price with the postage cost and somehow this shows that a 100g item sold for $1, with $16 postage is ’free postage’, especially since the warehouse is along way from the store and local pick up is ’currently unavailable’.

Call his bluff about gouging to make up for some of his loss and he responds with a whole host of other reasons why you should pay $121 dollars for 10 computer parts that weigh less than a kilo - "You misunderstand. Handling Charge covers the labour cost of our team member to pick the stock from our warehouse, listing the product on eBay site, sorting the product, and make sure every transaction goes smoothly. Not to mention the warehouse cost, electricity cost and eBay fee is not include in any fee as yet."

I suppose it does cost to maintain a wharehouse somewhere in Asia, if this feedback is anyhting to go by -
Drive didn’t include cables as listing suggested. 10 days postage. Fixed listing

Fortunately he knows the ebay rules, so if you keep at him about excessive postage and handling, he will cancel the transaction.

From: vintly
Subject: aim4u2
Date Posted: Fri Sep 14 13:07:53 2012
This person sells masks, snorkels and flippers for adults and kids amongst other things. I bout two sets for my kids but the masks didn’t fit, nor would they ever as the seals are appalling, and will never work. When I asked for clarity on this I was told that they’re ’not designed to go underwater.’ HAHAHA. Don’t buy anything from this joker.

From: Angry Bob
Subject: dafhaw
Date Posted: Fri Sep 14 19:56:15 2012
I purchased a hydrometer from 0122cube, item 251100793783. I did not use it right away, but when I did it was rubbish. After asking for a new hydrometer, the seller said that his ’warranty’ had expired and I was stuck with the worthless instrument. I made a claim under Paypal’s 45-day protection plan which the seller claimed was inapplicable because his stated warranty period was only 14 days.

Seller sells defective goods and will not stand behind them. AVOID AT ALL COSTS.

From: Angry & with no payment
Subject: Margaretmoz1959
Date Posted: Mon Sep 24 12:31:23 2012
DO NOT TOUCH THIS TIME WASTER!!! apparently she won our item by mistake and has no intention of paying for it???

From: graham
Subject: fishery_777
Date Posted: Thu Oct 11 09:18:47 2012
sold me a harris bipod , got it in a harris bipod case , opened case, bipod made in chana, harris are made in usa, told the seller (fishery_777) no refund , nothing , dident wont to know, tot ass hole .

From: Joanna waterson
Subject: emmajanex92
Date Posted: Thu Oct 11 13:45:38 2012
emmajanex92 is a dodgy dealer!!! Bought a pair of jeans from her and they were nothing as described!! I contacted seller to say that the jeans weren’t as described and she said sorry blah de blah...then I asked if I could return them and get a refund and she replyed quickly enough with her address so I could send them back....so I sent them back...stupidly just sent them by normal post and not recorded delivery...DUMB!! Cos now the stupid bitch is just ignoring me and I’ve not got a refund....I’m fucking raging...I’ve left her terrible feed back which is all I can do cos PayPal aren’t interested...then I found this site so thanks for letting me vent....once again don’t trust emmajanex92 she’s a fuckn dodgy bitch...GGRrrrrrr.....

From: goodsam
Subject: pure*destiny
Date Posted: Thu Oct 18 12:28:33 2012
Hi - trying to post re:above, but getting a message "go away spammer" after clicking "add comment"

Subject: NONE
Date Posted: Thu Oct 18 13:30:49 2012
Try not adding links then ... Spammer!

From: goodsam
Subject: pure*destiny
Date Posted: Thu Oct 18 14:08:10 2012
The only link I put in was to a discussion board on ebay seller central which is relevant to the details I want to post.

It’s rather presumptive to assume someone is spamming isn’t it? A more civilised answer would have been just to inform me that the problem may be caused by links in my post.

I’ll remove the link and post the message.

From: goodsam
Subject: pure*destiny
Date Posted: Thu Oct 18 14:10:10 2012
170921284397 Item number

This is one I cam across in the community seller central boards, which I check on fairly regularly. I wasn’t involved in the transaction, but as a business seller with a good reputation and concerned about buyers getting driven away from ebay because of bad sellers, I am infuriated enough to write about it.

The seller seems to have been a real prick throughout and it’s this type of seller that needs to be eradicated from ebay for good.

I got the details from a discussion thread the seller started on seller central, entitled "demands for refund". I’d post a link to the discussion, but including it seems to prevent me from posting the rest of the message and results in me being called a spammer - see "ADMIN" response above.

It caught my eye because of the number of views - over 3000 when I first looked at it.

It was a simple case of the buyer not receiving the goods. The buyer asked for a refund and it appears that the seller very quickly said yes, you can have a refund - BUT, only after she had found out what had happened from the courier.

The buyer, quite rightly, I feel, queried this and said the refund should be given straight away because the seller was accepting it was due, so there was no reason to delay.

The buyer’s point was that the seller had specified in the listing that delivery would be by parcelforce 24. That’s a signed for service. However, the seller used HDNL - a crap disreputable outfit based on my own experience and, it seems, the buyer’s. The buyer, quite rightly, felt that since the delivery method they paid for was changed unilaterally by the seller, whatever happened to the package was between the seller and her chosen courier and there was no reason for the seller to delay the refund that she admitted was due, until she’d established what her own courier had done.

If you look at the discussion thread, you’ll see that it’s closed now, but I read it before the mods got to it and deleted some of the postings, but it’s still worth a read to get the gist of what went on. I had started to copy some of the posts, but only managed to copy one before having the time to go back to the thread and copy the rest of it. I’ll set out the post I copied later, but I’ll mention some of the others which I recall simply because they were outrageous and clearly showed that this seller is one to steer clear of.

Firstly, you’ll see that the seller opened the discussion at 8:57AM on Mon 15 Oct 2012. On the following day, the buyer appeared on the thread, having been alerted to it by a third party, and put their case. So, we then got the other side of the story that the seller had been putting forward, making out the buyer to be abusive and aggressive, although the buyer’s messages the the seller copied from the ebay message system didn’t, in my view, or the view of others, seem to support this allegation by the seller (the posts containing copies of messages between buyer and seller are among those deleted by the mods).

Subsequent posts from others were very supportive of the buyer and the seller clearly didn’t like this. She came on and posted a rant about how she now had evidence that the buyer was dishonest and was a liar, and was distorting contents of messages to exclude material showing how aggressive and abuse the buyer was, etc. This has been deleted by the mods, but the post of lil_miss_grockle at message number 75 is a response to the seller’s rant.

Believe me, I couldn’t believe it when I saw it and to me, it demonstrated again that the seller is one that should be avoided.

There’s more, however. In a later post by the buyer, which seems to have been deleted because it copied contents of a message from the message system, the buyer pointed out something quite disgusting to me as a reputable seller:

The seller opened this discussion at 8:57AM on Mon 15 Oct, the buyer having requested the refund on the Sunday night.

From recollection, of the buyer’s post, the seller had responded to the buyer at about 8am on Mon 15 Oct saying no problem with the refund, but it would be only after she’d found out from her courier what had happened. The buyer responded at about 8.30am saying there was no reason to delay the refund since the seller had just said it was due, so what could be the reason to delay refunding.

At 9.13am the seller posted to her discussion thread the follwing:

"I know that I will have to refund the buyer and don’t have a problem with that. I have a problem with her attitude about it. I have assured her that a refund will be provided, but I just need some time for this to be looked into. She is getting very aggressive for no reason.

I want to drag it out just because she is being so nasty. Maybe I should let it go to eBay disputes just to buy me some more time. The same outcome will occur anyway right."

That’s what really got my back up about this seller. The seller was making herself out to be so reasonable and the buyer to be nasty and aggressive, but this statement by the seller on an open public forum gives the true picture. To my mind, any seller who admits that a refund is due to a buyer but is looking to delay giving it for as long as possible should be given a permanent and public black mark against their name on ebay which all buyers should be able to see.

If you think about the timing, it was VERY quickly after the refund was requested that the seller accepted it should be given but at the same time decided she would delay giving it for as long as possible.


What’s funny about it is that the seller was stupid enough to say all of this on a public forum! Thicker then two short planks, perhaps!

What’s more surprising is that there were posters there still supporting the seller even after that - disgraceful. So disgraceful that they, too, should be named and shamed in my view. The most obvious ones (who I’ve now blocked from bidding on my auctions, by the way) are:





You’ll see that the buyer did ask some of these people whether they were therefore supporting the buyer’s refusal to give an immediate refund after accepting that it should be given and they all failed to provide any real answer to this or other direct questions from the buyer.

Fortunately, it looks like the seller agreed to refund, although it seems it’ll be delayed until 26 Oct.

However, you’ll see in the seller’s post numbered 116 where she said she had refunded, she still made accusation against the buyer and continued to try to make herself out as stand up seller.

One poster took issue with this and posted a reply. That is one that was deleted by the mods, but it was the one I managed to copy before the mods came around. It expressed everything I felt needed to be said to this seller. Here it is:

"OP, this is the first sensible thing you’ve done.

I can’t help noticing how you claim to be so reasonable and honest yet toss around allegations of dishonesty against your buyer when you have supplied no evidence. You’ve been asked to provide it but you just ignore the requests.

You also failed to answer the buyer’s questions posed above about why you didnt just give the refund there and then when you stated to the buyer and on here too that you accepted the buyer was entitled to it. I can see the buyer posed this question above a few times to you and the few who have supported you, but none of you provided an answer. There’s a reason for that: there is no answer and no excsue for such appaling behaviour.

Furthermore, in my view, the only dishonesty here is clearly set out in the post you made at the outset that your intention was to delay refunding as long as possible although you accepted the buyer was entitled to the refund. That is despicable behaviour and I hope ebay reads this discussion and acts on it.

Your 100% rating means nothing. As someone else pointed out the real test of a seller is how they behave when a problem arises. You have failed the test with your abysmal behaviour and your readiness to accuse you buyer on an open forum without any supporting facts.

How can you claim to be reputable when you appear to be conducting an illegal unregistered business, depriving buyers of extra rights? It’s a criminal offence to represent yourself as a private seller when youre really a business. What can possibly be reputabel about that????

You like to play the victim and moan how everyone is against you. Just because most here have seen through your act of little miss innocent and you really exposed yourself when you went off on the buyer with allegations of dishonesty and accusing the buyer of lying but have failed miserably to reply to the buyer’s request that you provide details. That’s reputable is it????

IMHO youre a disgrace to ebay and if you do stop selling here, ebay can only be a better place for it."

Well said! (unfortunately, I didn’t copy the name of the poster, but thanks, whoever you are!).

So, pure*destiny is a seller to avoid - please take note!

By the way, let’s hope she gets prosecuted for failing disclose that she is operating as a business and posing instead as a private seller and that HMRC look into it too. This is one seller who is deserving of all the shit that lands on her.

Thanks for reading.

Yours, a concerned, reputable ebay business seller.

Subject: NONE
Date Posted: Thu Oct 18 14:37:28 2012
Maybe but do you think someone who is big on being polite and nice would actually put a page like this on a site???

Seriously dude, read the rest of the site. I have NO PATIENCE whatsoever!

From: dooyoob
Date Posted: Thu Oct 18 23:13:21 2012
ADMIN....if you are the creator of this blog, then its clear that it has taken a wanker to know a wanker.

If you have a rule against putting web links in posts then why not state it in your rules at the top?

Or is your head so far up your own arse that you couldn’t think of doing that yourself.


From: goodsam
Date Posted: Fri Oct 19 14:38:05 2012
While I wouldn’t have put it in the terms used by the previous contributor, it do agree that it might be helpful to people like me if the rules stated that links in posts aren’t allowed.


From: Arnie
Subject: apple_life2012
Date Posted: Thu Oct 25 23:19:14 2012
This company lies and sell inferior products. Then they say they will send another to replace the item. They do this so the 45 day period runs out and then there’s no recourse.

From: Leila
Date Posted: Mon Oct 29 13:27:52 2012
I think most furniture inside my home has a double purpose.
Since we have such limited space, some sort of couch
which is also a bed and a bed which has storage compartments beneath is indispensable.
There are numerous excellent designs available too.

From: moyrac99
Subject: darkmage90000
Date Posted: Sun Dec 2 20:28:28 2012
This guy is a deceitful little tosser to say the least.

After including a misleading deascription in his Ebay auction, the item (a warhammer 40k army) was delivered with 40 worth of necessary parts missing.

He first tried to claim that they were shown in the picture... then totally failed to demonstrate where, before claiming that about 20 of the parts were ’optional’ (such as flying bases for all of the vehicles, or vital guns) .. which is like saying that wheels are optional for a car to have.

He was a rude, obnoxious, condescending little bitch when I tried to complain, claimed I had lost the parts that were missing even though that’s not true.... and was just generally the sort of seller you would want to avoid like the plague.

In the end he falsely claimed that he would issue a 12 partial refund (but while acting like it was a massively generous act of good will rather than a refund for parts which should have been included but which weren’t) .... but actually it became obvious a few days later that he had never bothered to put the transaction through.

He was a sulky little shit all over my Ebay complaint resolution submission, then before the resolution team made any effort to respond he started demanding the item back in the exact condition which it was sent.

Having refused to refund the item for a month, by then many of the models have been repaired or pro-painted ; or incorporated into a larger scratch built model (in the case of a shitty broken husk of a vehicle which he laughably claimed was functional) ... when he heard this, he began brattily demanding the item back in the exact delivered condition and tried to claim that I had to pay the postage ; while mocking me for bidding on his crappy item in the first place.

Since some of the models have new paint jobs, he started crowing about how i had voluntarily chosen not to receive a refund as i had altered the item from the delivered state.

Oh, and he also whined and bitched that I didn’t report my complaint immediately upon discovering the problem ; even though I was well within the Ebay time limit for doing so.

This guy is basically a garden variety scammer, and is probably about ten years old & lives in his mum’s basement.

I left him appalling feedback, and he complained like a little snot faced brat about that as well.

I think it’s unfortunate that ebay condone this sort of conduct (my complaint was closed when he submitted his unreasonable offer of a full refund, knowing it was not possible to return the item in the exact condition which it was delivered in) ... but since their resolution team seems to be entirely unconcerned about even looking into this kind of case, all i can really advise is that you leave this freaky little brat’s auctions well alone.

From: cb
Subject: thehut_group_outlet
Date Posted: Wed Dec 5 18:00:51 2012
Bought two jumpers billed as 100% cotton. Arrived as really bad quality 100% acrylic. Complete crap.
Contacted ’thehut’ who apologised and told me to return for full refund.
I returned them with proof of posting then heard nothing. After chasing them they told me refund was processed and wait 3 to 5 days. Still no refund arrived. This happened 4 more times - they told me the refund was being processed but nothing ever arrived. They are complete scammers. They have no intention of refunding any returns - they just string you as long until you are out of the eBay terms and conditions for filing a complaint.
Big lessons to learn;
never ever buy anything from thehut_group_outlet;
If anything at all goes wrong with any purchase IMMEDIATELY file an official complaint with eBay - do not try to resolve the problem directly with the seller.

Don’t be a sucker like me!

From: jo
Subject: pollypuffles
Date Posted: Mon Dec 10 05:52:14 2012
Bought a so called manufacturers refurbished bush freeviews recorder extremely unhappy the box was riddled with scratches looked like it had been in a skip or bin. Cost me 42 pounds. Sent it back next day at my own cost of 6-50 pounds. Still waiting for refund . I tried to leave negative feedback. but it showed up positive by mistake. Im sure there customers must be blind or something they all seem happy but im not. It’s was something I needed for. The xmas tv now I got to wait around for refund if I get one. Believe me the freebies box they sent me would be. Better of in bin also looked like it had been thrown around a room a view times. Never trust this seller again or use. The term money for old rope comes to mind .

From: The Henry's Victim
Subject: Henrys.com
Date Posted: Wed Jan 2 08:31:13 2013
I got a problem with "Henry’s" henry.com on eBay. After winning 2 bids I asked for invoice they send an invoice to my account and said I can buy more and save 50% of shipping cost. So I bid another and winning more 2 bid then asked for invoice but this invoice are not 50% shipping save but adding more 50% on the first item, asked them for a reason, no reason from them only said I have to pay as they invoiced me. I cancel all orders they then open unpaid case, cannot comment this seller BAD MAD or ROBBERY.

Help find out and comment This seller "Henry’s" Henry.con I want to post 3 copies of invoice photo but don’t know how to. Ebay web doesn’t have place for buyers to post the ugly seller they protect seller more than the buyer.

Thanks for this website

From: Hayley Taskin
Subject: ana.neale (4778)
Date Posted: Thu Jan 3 11:19:05 2013
I recommend that nobody use seller ana.neale (4778) purchased a fancy dress outfit that turned out to be cheap quality and overpriced for what part arrived. when arrived was missing the main part. Cat
Woman surely can’t be bloody
Woman without the poxy mask so Contacted
Seller to inform who requested
I return and they would find out what went wrong in their dispatch team heard
Nothing for a while so waited got told to return for refund then got told I will be given a decision in 5 days on what the outcome will be??? So waited despite being confused day 6 i nudged seller for update got told I will be refunded and transaction canceled. Didn’t get full refund or return of post money seller tried to say I’d worn it that’s
I only got some money and said I lied about only getting part cause they check 100 % now transactions cancelled can’t leave any feedback. Don’t bother wish I hadn’t! Scam! To get

From: vsvane
Subject: *foosoo
Date Posted: Fri Jan 4 18:34:44 2013
Member ID *foosoo

FOOSOO sometimes make mistakes, and pay for them. *NOT*


Automatic reply for months !!!!!!!!!
Dear Customer:

Sorry to disturb you

Just noticed you left negative feedback for your order

I am so sorry for the problem and apologize for any inconvenience caused by this

I fully understand your feeling, you might not know that in recent months, there are some troubles for shipping in China, we have lost many parcel and feel so helpless for this

Now we are willing to fully refund you to resolve your issue faster and if possible, could you please help us to revise the negative feedback, thanks

I am looking forward to hear from you soon

- *foosoo
Dear Customer: We have send the money to your paypal account(clonetrooperade@yahoo.co.uk) and have send the revise negative feedback request to you, please help us to revise the negative feedback as your promised, thanks Regards, song - *foosoo

Ebay does nothing with such vendors, although it is obvious that this is fraud.


Do not buy any thing from this F*cker *foosoo foosoo song Song


From: Berto
Subject: delhanway2009
Date Posted: Thu Jan 10 07:58:22 2013
They are selling GU10 LED lamps with a 3 month warranty; because they fail after 3 months! I ordered 11 and five have failed within 4 months. Do not buy from this seller.

From: Steve
Subject: ihubcentral
Date Posted: Thu Jan 17 00:18:53 2013
Takes your money and doesn’t post item.
When asked if the item is posted says it is ready to be picked up by courier.
After that nothing.
Long history of not sending things or long delay sending or sending faulty or broken.
Most negative feeback is for these reasons.

From: Mark
Subject: MrkDuk
Date Posted: Fri Feb 8 22:25:38 2013
Do not buy from UK_Very_Good_Seller.

Bought laptop charger from this seller, with a few weeks stopped working. Seller said he send another one, this never arrived. Then said he send another one this also never arrived. Asked for a refund and seller said he would refund. Despite lots of broken promises no refund ever received. Looking at his feedback this seems to a be a common theme.

Problem is now its out of the time limit for Paypal dispute and this is why I had all the failed promises.

Do not buy from this con merchant.

From: justin
Subject: discountappliance2010
Date Posted: Sat Feb 16 20:21:13 2013
discountappliance2010 is a terrible seller. Very very very bad communication. Once you’ve paid, the seller does not answer your questions, dones not provide any information on time.

The seller is careless and sent the item to the wrong address. The item may have returned to the seller. discountappliance2010 has relisted it and never repaid me. Does not answer my emails. Horrible horrible seller. Never should do business with this thieving swine ever.

From: deakstar
Subject: e-auction-uk
Date Posted: Mon Feb 18 21:35:05 2013
This seller is an absolute waste of space. It all started with the advert demanding payment within 2 hours of auction finishing or the bid would be cancelled and auction relisted no problem i paid within the first minute. Also paid 12.99 for 24hour express delivery. 5days passed item not posted no communication from seller so contacted me tried to brush me off saying he didnt have to post yet double standards. After several unhelpful emails i opened a dispute with paypal wanting my money back. After this the seller said he would refund but could do nothing as dispute open so being helpful i closed dispute and waited for refund. Seller said no problem will sort it. This is when all contact from him stopped despite repeated emails then next thing i know the item show as dispached and still when i email he refuses to answer do not use seller arrogant idiot i want him banned from ebay so unhelpul.

From: angelmatty
Subject: sfrns2013
Date Posted: Wed Feb 27 16:26:27 2013
Bought a USB cable from this user small cost for a ipad 4

so new style cable

user did send item quickly but on arrival in a plastic bag with a wrap holding it in place.

tried it with ipad nothing
not when added to pc or wall charger

contacted the seller

refused to take back or refund went on to resolution services to get this resolved

seller abusive saying item was boxed which wasnt and then had the cheek to send me a link of a APPLE box with the logo on it when he stated item was not APPLE

explained this and he became more abusive swearing and threatening,

Ebay refunded me and then seller sent me another message saying he knows my address and to be careful

From: Ruth
Subject: cattle913
Date Posted: Sat Mar 9 23:53:29 2013
Ebay seller cattle913 don’t honor warraty of it’s products !

From: travissimo78
Subject: jiejiestore2009
Date Posted: Sat Mar 23 11:10:05 2013
Bought my son a supposedly BNIB Nintendo DSI XL.

Dear jiejiestore2009,

Hi, I hope you are well!

I’m afraid the DSI XL I purchased from you before Xmas is faulty.

The entire bottom half of the console doesn’t respond, intermittently.

What do you suggest I should do about it?

Kind regards,

hi friend.

so sorry for all the troubles and the inconvenience caused to you

so could you pls kindly check if it can be repaired in the electric or mantain shop ?

i can pay all the fees for you.

and i will send you a R4 which comes 60 games to you as a gift.

is that Ok ?

so sorry for all the troubles.

if it really can not be fixed, you can send it back to me and i will send you a replacement.

is that Ok ?

what i want is you can get a full working DS and then we will both have a happy ending.

i will ask my operator to check before ship to insure you will have a full working one.

is that Ok ?

i believe we can solve it out in a friendly way.

so sorry for all.

waiting for your reply and wish you a nice day !

- jiejiestore2009
Reply in your email program or through My Messages

Dear jiejiestore2009,


Which electric and maintain shop? Do you use a particular one or should I try to find my own?

Regards Craig

- travissimo78

Dear travissimo78,

can you try to find your own ?

any electric store where it repairs product will do i think.

waiting for your good news and wish you a nice weekend ~~

- jiejiestore2009

Dear jiejiestore2009,

The nintendo repair shop says the serial number is invalid so I cannot process the repair further...

I’m becoming frustrated now. This was my son’s only Christmas gift and he sill can’t use it a week later.

What do you suggest?

- travissimo78

Dear travissimo78,

sorry to hear this news
but I am wondering whether you have tried it in other shop ?
best regards

- jiejiestore2009

After this I requested a return and the stopped replying... Ebay were polite but completely useless on the matter... Watch out for them, they will ruin your special days...

From: megan
Subject: sgi.outlet
Date Posted: Fri Apr 12 21:12:17 2013

From: P!ss3d 0ff
Subject: etrade98
Date Posted: Mon Apr 22 09:21:05 2013
Dear etrade98,

I have sent this email before about 3 weeks ago but got no reply and also a follow up asking for a reply- text as follows Please Respond ASAP

Hi Etrade98
Can you please expand on your instruction to get this back to you?
Are you asking me to Use a company called Australian Logistics to get it back to you ? If I do so do I need to ring them to come and collect it?
If I am not mistaken A freight Company cannot deliver to a PO box - Australia Post will not accept "Mail from a freight company into a PO box"
I know this may sound a bit "dumb" but I am just not sure what you want me to do, If I stick it in the Australia Post system with that info that you have given I am not confident that it will get there....
Please advise

- 2276steves

From: etrade98
To: 2276steves
Subject: Re: Other: 2276steves sent a message about AU STOCK 16GB Slim 1.8" LCD Media video MP3 MP4 radio FM 4th Gen Music Player #321044686329
Sent Date: 11-Mar-13 17:52:00 AEDST

Dear 2276steves,

i am sorry about it,
please return to this address:
ATTN: (RB) - RMA: (RB138)
Australian Logistics Pty Ltd
Nunawading BC
PO Box 3462
Nunawading Vic 3131
You should write the RMA number RB138,your ebay id and your name on the bottom left corner of parcel and we will accept it correctly.
when we receive it, we will refund or resend to you.

- etrade98

From: 2276steves
To: etrade98
Subject: Re: Other: 2276steves sent a message about AU STOCK 16GB Slim 1.8" LCD Media video MP3 MP4 radio FM 4th Gen Music Player #321044686329
Sent Date: 09-Mar-13 14:22:59 AEDST

Dear etrade98,

HI Etrade98

Again apologies for the delay. Unfortunately I have confirmed that it is the Player itself.
You have offered to either refund or replace and my daughters preferance is to have the unit replaced.
If we are to return the faulty unit to you this is going to incur a freight/postage cost that needs to be resolved. I dont believe that we should have to "absorb" that cost to return faulty goods. I will need to know the return address and then determine the postage cost. I am not sure of your "standard practice" in such instances, but am open to your suggestions.

- 2276steves

From: etrade98
To: 2276steves
Subject: Re: Other: 2276steves sent a message about AU STOCK 16GB Slim 1.8" LCD Media video MP3 MP4 radio FM 4th Gen Music Player #321044686329
Sent Date: 20-Feb-13 19:40:40 AEDST

Dear 2276steves,

that’s fine, anything i can do for you, you can contact us, we will do our best to solve it, thanks

- etrade98

From: 2276steves
To: etrade98
Subject: Re: Other: 2276steves sent a message about AU STOCK 16GB Slim 1.8" LCD Media video MP3 MP4 radio FM 4th Gen Music Player #321044686329
Sent Date: 19-Feb-13 20:16:49 AEDST

Dear etrade98,

Sorry for the delay in getting back to you. The reason for the delay is because the player is currently not doing what it was!!
At present it seems OK,(although as I said I heard it do it myself) I have asked my daughter to use it more to determine if we still have a problem. I dont want to trouble you unneccessarily if it is now working...(??)
Can I ask that you please be patient while I try to work out whether is is OK or still faulty??

- 2276steves

From: etrade98
To: 2276steves
Subject: Re: Other: 2276steves sent a message about AU STOCK 16GB Slim 1.8" LCD Media video MP3 MP4 radio FM 4th Gen Music Player #321044686329
Sent Date: 07-Feb-13 04:51:56 AEDST

Dear 2276steves,

i am sorry about it, could you use another earphone to have a try, if still so, could you send it back, we will resend or refund you, do you agree?

- etrade98

From: Graham Hill
Subject: Audrey6844
Date Posted: Tue Apr 23 03:54:41 2013
Sent a fly rod to Canada so poorly packed that the rod was ruined. The rod was also previously damaged, denied by seller. Filed a fraud complaint with PSNI in Coleraine.

From: Andy
Subject: rossirving2012(38)
Date Posted: Tue May 7 20:13:58 2013
Bought a pair of miners lamps for 26.83 + postage , paid immediately , then heard nothing for a week emailed and asked if they had been posted ?
No reply
after 10 days i had an ebay message saying that i had not paid for this item
checked the order details only to find that he had credited my account with the money , Ebay are totally spineless in these matters and say there is nothing they can do , as a result i am now sourcing my items from elsewhere (most collectors of these lamps wouldn’t use Ebay anyway , as they have also experienced similar problems
another possibility is that because i got them so cheap , that someone used the (contact seller) to negotiate a better deal on his part am just biding my time to leave poss the worst feedback ever
It’s amazing though 15 mins on google last night and i found out so much about this loser
he is 26 years old single lives in Scotland in Carluke with his mum and dad . I found his address names of his mother father sister etc
and even photos of the creep on all his social network sites where he goes to try and make friends . If he didn’t live 200 miles away ’ i’d pay him a visit
What a tosser


From: Sarah
Subject: my-goodies-uk
Date Posted: Sat May 18 05:13:49 2013
Purchased two glass nail files from this seller.
Description said "Salon Quality".
Files looked ok, but when used, the surface wore away very quickly revealing smooth glass underneath. Filing surface was not etched into the glass as it should be, instead, was coated with an inferior look-alike surface.
Contacted seller, but no response for 6 days. Seller responded AFTER I left negative feedback.

She offered refund, but ONLY if I modified my feedback (obviously to suit her approval).

When pressed, she said I could return the files at MY OWN EXPENSE for "verification". The price structure was:
Items 2 nail files GBP 3.98
Postage and handling GBP 7.00

The postage is so high compared with the size and weight of the product that the seller has geared maximum profit from the postage fees.

I have decided to cut my losses, and not chance further loss.
Obviously it’s not worth taking a chance with this seller "my-goodies-uk"

From: Bertie
Subject: cornwallcashstorm
Date Posted: Sat May 18 19:20:18 2013
Bought a games console from this man/woman. It never worked and was in DREADFUL condition. Attitude stinks as well.

Looking at what he sells, he is the usual ebay type, buying things in his shop for low prices and not testing them/selling faulty items. AVOID!

From: LazyGirl
Subject: richardmasterson
Date Posted: Thu May 30 10:49:05 2013

Bought a kids wardrobe from him, bid (as you do) at the last 10 seconds and chuffed to get ti for 99p. It was nice but not over a tenner nice. Son (aged 4) chuffed to bits. Sent message asking when we could collect and saying, son is very pleased. No response all day.
Finally got a message nearly 24 hours later, saying that as he’d had no bids he’d sold it for 20 to a dealer who would sell it on, so as my son was so excited, he’d kindly sell it to me for same price. So, uses a 4 year old to try and extort more money for an item not worth that price. I tried to stay calm and said no, ebay rules dictate that when you bid its a contract between both parties and this was a rule break by him, I would pay the amount I won it for fair and square. No response again until 24 hours later saying "tough, items gone". Reported to Ebay but the guy has done it to someone else too. Think he makes up the dealer angle to worm more cash out of buyers. You should see why the dickhead lives, it s massive house, it’s not like he needs the cash either.

From: justincwade
Subject: uklabsupply.com
Date Posted: Sat Jun 1 17:58:00 2013
Recieved goods. Smashed.to pieces. Yet the box.was in perfect condition. Hardly any bubblewrap for the item type. After complaining they replied "well.we didnt.send.it broke did.we?", i then stated it was.obvious they didnt package it right n if they dont sort i would pursue costs in county court. Was.told.to "do one" and calles a."keyboard warrior" i.laffed at the latter. Im 6’3" over 240lbs n bosy build. Hence why i lol’d. Anyway. No correspondence since. No refund.
Guess what. Did some checks. Registered director jamil ragish
Paypal setails. Account pay was amber something. And the email registered was in another mans name not jamil?!? dodgy. Seems that way. Probably sent it smashed after getting a eedund from a supplier i bet.

Told.me.tosend it back?, yeh ill pay 6 pounds postage. Twicw. For a 15 poumd item. I dont think so. Ive opened case. So hopefully all well. Noticed two peevious.sellers didnt even recieve their goods?!?!

From: Kanith
Subject: diamondsea87
Date Posted: Fri Jun 7 07:39:55 2013
State parcels not arrived to get a refund

From: Ben
Subject: bestbuystreets
Date Posted: Sat Jun 15 07:42:29 2013
"Free shipping" but if it’ll cost them too much they’ll just pocket your money and claim the post man stole it (which may have worked if my goods weren’t sent to a holding facility).
After they stalled long enough for the ebay case to close, they finally /said/ they would give me a refund. No deposits into my paypal in over a month.

Scamming liars, that is all.

From: annap
Subject: racedynamics2u
Date Posted: Thu Jun 20 18:51:00 2013
We ordered a car part from them. We phoned and checked it was the correct part before ordering, they said yes. Got the car to the garage and it was the wrong part. Paid to return the item, they received it according to royal mail. They just keep messing us about and refusing to refund our money, very rude when contacted and deny it is their fault.

Please don’t buy from them!


From: jimbob121
Subject: *trackattack*
Date Posted: Mon Jul 8 03:34:31 2013
They sell autographs, framed etc, decent money. I have complained to eBay for over a year. Check thier buyer history. All items are poached off eBay, repacked and sold with thier own COA "100% geniune2 blah blah. Anyway check item 400514526913
The spam below is thier purchases from the last 30 days, price & from who. The item number above for Katherine jenkins was purchased for 99p here, save you searching my spam >

121126352643 13-Jun-13 16-Jun-13 19:41:29 0.99 SIGNED COPY OF KATHERINE JENKINS CD, LIVING A DREAM *trackattack* (*) lovesmyshoes

151058375425 05-Jun-13 06-Jun-13 10:10:04 14.99 Suggs From Madness Original Signed Program From My Life Story Purchased on:
06-Jun-13 10:10:04

140989496146 02-Jun-13 07-Jun-13 10:22:38 14.99 Kasabian Signed Photo - Hand Signed *trackattack* (*) filmfi
230995600970 08-Jun-13 08-Jun-13 11:24:20 40.00 Signed Kings of Leon Aha Shake Heartbreak CD Purchased on:
08-Jun-13 11:24:20

370826587970 01-Jun-13 08-Jun-13 13:38:18 US $29.99 Frank Turner SIGNED Tape Deck Heart CD AUTOGRAPHED tim barry jon snodgrass *trackattack* (*) heemie480
121120528628 02-Jun-13 09-Jun-13 14:51:10 21.00 Slipknot | Wait and Bleed | Signed CD *trackattack* (*) kit_havok
121119020108 30-May-13 09-Jun-13 15:24:29 24.69 JON BON JOVI Signed Autographed Page Leeds Airport 2001 *trackattack* (*) star*essentials
121119570251 02-Jun-13 09-Jun-13 19:57:19 10.50 TRICKY - FALSE IDOLS LTD EDITION DELUXE SIGNED CD *trackattack* (*) simwilts35
111088010596 02-Jun-13 09-Jun-13 20:06:35 5.00 GARY NUMAN SIGNED WARRIORS PHOTO *trackattack* (*) sister456
121121041761 03-Jun-13 10-Jun-13 11:41:34 7.33 Plan B - Ill Manors SIGNED 2 CD Version With Music Score ill Manors *trackattack* (*) jason9663
300916661789 07-Jun-13 10-Jun-13 13:39:35 20.99 Ed sheeran signed CD ’+’ authentic *trackattack* (*) npep2830
200933573926 11-Jun-13 12-Jun-13 09:18:06 14.99 Signed Biffy Clyro 7" Who’s Got a Match? red vinyl rock *trackattack* (*) keelanearly
181153308546 05-Jun-13 12-Jun-13 13:36:28 21.00 Alter Bridge - AB III (2010) SIGNED BY MARK TREMONTI *trackattack* (*) wayneblackberryorange
281119866989 10-Jun-13 13-Jun-13 17:36:02 7.50 sony cd walkman *trackattack* (*) chaoswilson
181158456951 15-Jun-13 15-Jun-13 12:34:32 40.00 Beady Eye Be Cd Album Hand Signed (100% Genuine) 2013 *trackattack* (*) bigsteroidzz
181155222972 09-Jun-13 16-Jun-13 07:45:32 46.00 Thin Lizzy signed autographed Thunder & Lightning tour programme *trackattack* (*) xhitsthespot
300920240556 15-Jun-13 16-Jun-13 10:07:24 12.00 One Direction Signed Up All Night Yearbook *trackattack* (*) abbiemcdonald
380656947940 09-Jun-13 16-Jun-13 11:18:09 24.99 OASIS * signed band promo 8" x 6" photo * L@@K!! [Sony Oct 1992] *trackattack* (*) tall_dai
221238519814 09-Jun-13 16-Jun-13 11:53:16 10.00 stereophonics signed photo *trackattack* (*) aebux1403
281118044781 06-Jun-13 16-Jun-13 15:05:12 66.02 The Clash Vinyl LP, The Clash 1977, Signed ’To Robert’ by ’Joe Strummer’ *trackattack* (*) toastisking
281118060597 06-Jun-13 16-Jun-13 15:54:02 63.51 The Clash Give Em Enough Rope, vinyl LP 1978, Signed To Robert by Joe Strummer *trackattack* (*) toastisking
121122658225 06-Jun-13 16-Jun-13 17:48:16 26.00 Genuine SIGNED Slipknot Album CD Road Runner Records - Rare *trackattack* (*) selloutsmiths
330937537026 09-Jun-13 16-Jun-13 17:52:51 12.50 Biffy Clyro Cover Art Signed by the Band *trackattack* (*) ellencait
171055658923 09-Jun-13 16-Jun-13 19:27:05 16.00 Noel gallagher signed xmas 2012 print oasis *trackattack* (*) camzino
121126352643 13-Jun-13 16-Jun-13 19:41:29 0.99 SIGNED COPY OF KATHERINE JENKINS CD, LIVING A DREAM *trackattack* (*) lovesmyshoes
350812143037 10-Jun-13 17-Jun-13 11:25:59 31.00 RADIOHEAD SIGNED T SHIRT GOOD CONDITION *trackattack* (*) antp60
140995963811 12-Jun-13 17-Jun-13 20:20:33 33.00 Biffy clyro, saturday superhouse signed 7" vinyls part 1 and 2, rare *trackattack* (*) ryanchloe10
221240997816 15-Jun-13 18-Jun-13 09:15:14 7.50 Enter Shikari signed CD *trackattack* (*) laurenb20xx
121123771497 08-Jun-13 18-Jun-13 18:18:37 6.14 IAN BROWN (STONE ROSES) HAND SIGNED AUTOGRAPHED CD MY STAR *trackattack* (*) jamesg3184
290930256383 12-Jun-13 19-Jun-13 08:59:40 37.89 Depeche mode A4 Signed Photo *trackattack* (*) tkh442
251290845961 16-Jun-13 19-Jun-13 13:25:40 21.01 Signed Beady Eye Album BE (Not Deluxe) *trackattack* (*) jlh_27
300918824399 12-Jun-13 19-Jun-13 14:37:02 14.30 MILES KANE DELUXE EDITION CD AND SIGNED POSTCARD *trackattack* (*) nolmol21
251289996166 14-Jun-13 19-Jun-13 20:35:56 15.66 Biffy Clyro Infinity Land Autographed Signed Album *trackattack* (*) gonetofrance
251289997986 14-Jun-13 19-Jun-13 20:41:17 3.99 The Charlatans Melting Pot AUTOGRAPHED Signed Album *trackattack* (*) gonetofrance
181161312905 19-Jun-13 20-Jun-13 08:34:09 19.95 ALL 4 KASABIAN SERGE PIZZORNO TOM MEIGHAN HAND SIGNED AUTOGRAPH PHOTO 10X8 & COA Purchased on:
20-Jun-13 08:34:09

251289375744 13-Jun-13 20-Jun-13 11:38:22 13.50 Signed Copy of Motorhead Sacrifice *trackattack* (*) batitudeshop
271221035011 10-Jun-13 20-Jun-13 20:21:19 3.21 Feeder - Tangerine CD Single - SIGNED BY ORIGINAL MEMBERS *trackattack* (*) goosebaster
161043657737 10-Jun-13 20-Jun-13 20:22:31 33.00 NEIL YOUNG - Signed Black & White Photo/Print *trackattack* (*) whitemountainbooks
221240692212 14-Jun-13 21-Jun-13 12:20:32 2.52 Hand Signed Plan B ILL MANORS Album Ben Drew RARE *trackattack* (*) 09vintagelove
140999167550 17-Jun-13 22-Jun-13 14:50:23 21.00 Kasabian Signed Photo - Hand Signed *trackattack* (*) filmfi
321142853489 12-Jun-13 22-Jun-13 21:33:31 30.50 Iron Maiden Fan Club Hand Signed Photo A4 NOT A PRINT ORIGINAL HAND SIGNED *trackattack* (*) dodo-toys
111098703054 16-Jun-13 23-Jun-13 15:09:02 8.00 Gary Numan Tubeway Army Are Friends Electric signed 7" single *trackattack* (*) pleasemiss2011
290932619489 16-Jun-13 23-Jun-13 20:29:12 14.61 depeche mode martin gore Signed Postcard *trackattack* (*) tkh442
161048071736 17-Jun-13 24-Jun-13 14:26:40 10.50 THE JAM-STRANGE TOWN-SIGNED PAUL WELLER -JAPANESE MEGA RARE & MINT- AUTOGRAPHED *trackattack* (*) alpharecords1978
221240853436 14-Jun-13 24-Jun-13 21:45:03 6.59 JAKE BUGG - SIGNED - HAND SIGNED PAPER PAGE - AUTHENTIC - UACC *trackattack* (*) topsigunitedkingdom
121127464675 15-Jun-13 25-Jun-13 20:05:16 9.99 Panic At The Disco hand-signed CD Pretty Odd *trackattack* (*) buckleyant
17-Jun-13 08:42:53

310689592717 16-Jun-13 26-Jun-13 14:33:18 7.00 Biffy Clyro - Vertigo of Bliss SIGNED CD rolo tomassi foo fighters oceansize *trackattack* (*) rossm2525
111107255261 26-Jun-13 26-Jun-13 20:39:22 5.00 within temptation signed tour card *trackattack* (*) astonjs1
281126084994 23-Jun-13 28-Jun-13 19:02:24 14.50 Hand signed MARK KNOPFLER *trackattack* (*) georgencindy05
130931024927 19-Jun-13 29-Jun-13 09:34:19 18.00 ROGER WATERS -PINK FLOYD- 12x8 PHOTO SIGNED- (DEDICATED) *trackattack* (*) hellraisergeoff

300923357110 22-Jun-13 29-Jun-13 12:00:29 15.66 Kt Tunstall Invisible Empire / Crescent Moon SIGNED CD *trackattack* (*) p_x_m
111104250298 22-Jun-13 29-Jun-13 17:11:40 35.00 SIGNED BY ALL MEMBERS Alter Bridge - One Day Remains (2004) *trackattack* (*) munz1972
221244619400 22-Jun-13 29-Jun-13 17:53:46 0.99 Ill Manors - Plan B (SIGNED) *trackattack* (*) joshdl2010
111104311703 22-Jun-13 29-Jun-13 18:44:40 32.66 Whitesnake Signed Photo & Various Other Photo’s (1981) *trackattack* (*) goldstone_ground
221244715910 22-Jun-13 29-Jun-13 20:52:35 10.50 **Within Temptation The Heart Of Everything + Fully Signed Tour Card No.571** *trackattack* (*) rja_ravenheart
121132041809 23-Jun-13 30-Jun-13 14:07:17 22.00 Iron Maiden OUT OF THE SILENT PLANET CD SINGLE + Poster + signed fan club photo *trackattack* (*) roosex
121130969776 21-Jun-13 01-Jul-13 16:11:32 18.00 Iron Maiden Signed Photo (Fan Club) *trackattack* (*) eremiteowl
161054696808 27-Jun-13 02-Jul-13 12:15:18 7.50 Pet Shop Boy - Please (1986) Signed Copy *trackattack* (*) dmsports12
300923372441 22-Jun-13 02-Jul-13 12:40:40 20.00 Within Temptation - Unforgiving (2011) SIGNED SPECIAL LIMITED EDITION *trackattack* (*) bluerockitman
111104372005 22-Jun-13 02-Jul-13 20:12:25 1.99 Shed Seven 7 - A Maximum High SIGNED by band (CD 1996) Brit Pop *trackattack* (*) photii
390615594337 23-Jun-13 03-Jul-13 16:00:54 17.00 GENUINE - PLACEBO - FULLY SIGNED 10x8" PROMO PHOTO - GREAT ITEM! *trackattack* (*) theautographdetective
390615595231 23-Jun-13 03-Jul-13 16:02:51 15.00 GENUINE - LIONEL RICHIE - SIGNED 10x8" UNDEDICATED PHOTO - GREAT ITEM! *trackattack* (*) theautographdetective

Hope something can be done. Ebay ae not interested in the last 12-18 months.

From: LazyGirl
Subject: alfie181205
Date Posted: Tue Jul 9 10:08:34 2013
Utter timewasting twunt.
Bought an item from me. Asked not one question before the bidding ended.
The bombards me with questions. Asks when he can collect, it was on ad it had to go before Friday. So I repeat that. He says "I’ll collect Friday then". Started to think he was a moron. Slowly proved me right.
The asked if he and his girlfriend would be able to carry the item. So offered my partner’s help. Then he whined about it being a 4 hour trip to my home (its not, and no one made him bid).
Now he says I listed incorrectly, he apologises for wasting my time but it’s "partly my fault and I should take some responsibility". Un-fucking-likely.
Am starting a case but no doubt Ebay will pussy out, allow him to leave a negative feedback and do fuck all.
Avoid like the plague my friends.

From: JJ
Subject: ausstocksupplier
Date Posted: Fri Jul 19 05:47:43 2013
Sent item that was meant to be brand new mason jar style container. Turned out it was just a used moccona coffee tub! Was greasy inside, there was a used by date on the bottom and the seal and lid were not air or water tight as the ad promised. The seller ignored all emails about this!

Even worse, the other items they are selling are "HD didgital photos" of landmark sites like castles which they say they own and have the rights to - all these images can be found on google within seconds!

Bad seller, not to be trusted, do not use and do not trust! ausstocksupplier is their name and they should be avoided!

From: LazyGirl
Subject: e.walentynowicz79
Date Posted: Fri Jul 26 22:10:50 2013
Utter fucking freak.
Messages me regarding a top, says its a "fucking dishrag" that I must have photoshopped pictures (for a top that cost her, with P&P, 6). Then admits she is leaving negative feedback as its "fun to annoy English scum"

Yes, really.

EBAY WONT REMOVE!!!!!! What the fuck are we meant to do when they allow that? This is the third Polish oik I’ve had leave shitty feedback or demand money returned, Ebay don’t give a shit as long as they get their cash, however small the amount.

From: alan mcleod
Subject: paulyeahman2010
Date Posted: Sun Jul 28 21:06:30 2013
Seller advertised car as having 38K mileage. When I went to pick up car, seller used a number of distractions i.e. bringing his small daughter along who kept running into the roadway, diverting my attention with a whole bunch of meaningless "receipts", insisting on cash he legged it. No Registration Document or MOT, when I looked at the speedo it read 121K miles!!!! I don’t even have the guy’s real address or even if was the true owner of the car ;-(m Yes, I’ve been a mug and Ebay don’t really want on know. My trust is gone with the human race...

From: NWO
Subject: cornwallcashstorm
Date Posted: Fri Aug 2 12:44:48 2013

Dreadful seller, rude ignorant and sells dodgy material from carboots. Please avoid this seller if you know whats good for you.

From: lazyfox
Subject: lazyfox1923
Date Posted: Wed Aug 14 16:11:49 2013
I think e bay is the worst company I have come across everything you get is scratched broken, I have bought guitars from America only to arrive broken, stereo equipment works but not how it should do, 90% per cent shit and 10 per cent all right. When you try to ring them at your own expense then you get loads of legal rigmarole till in the end you give up, I have actually removed there site from my computer and believe they should not be put on the computers to begin with. After all they don’t contribute any tax or revenue to the united kingdom I honestly believe they are parasites .

From: Becca
Subject: maz74blue74
Date Posted: Thu Aug 22 13:34:04 2013
Sold a car to us, seemed ok, drove just under 200 miles in it over 6 days (commuting)head gasket blew bolts missing from the engine contaminated oil etc had a mechanic look over it and he said it looked like it would have been going for a while and the guy probably wanted to sell it before it went completely we put in a claim in the resolution centre for 70 for the replacement head gasket as we had paid for a ’good runner’ and he said we had caused the damage and refused to give us any money back we have now paid over 1000 for the car and repairs and its still not running. I just think it would have been a gesture of goodwill to give us the small refund we asked for not happy

From: Roger
Subject: g24ary
Date Posted: Wed Sep 4 20:46:28 2013
Bought a signed fleetwood mac album cover from g24ary and paid 25 pound for it and he never delivered it, fobbed me off saying it was on its way so the time had ran out I me to claim my money back, just a common criminal, shouldn’t of been so stupid and bought an item from someone with bad feedback, also really not convinced with the authenticity of the item, he’s selling tons of signed merchandise which looks fake, seller needs stopped or banned from eBay

From: jon5527
Subject: enanopro
Date Posted: Mon Oct 7 17:12:44 2013
If you have to send a faulty item back to an eBay seller then do it recorded.. eBay allows their sellers to say that the buyer must pay return postage... this is against the advice given in "The Sale Of Goods Act" you can claim back your return postage & the cost of sending it recorded.. I bought a power supply from enanopro on eBay in august 2013 that was faulty, I got in touch with the seller & their advice was to repack it in the original packaging which had their address on & just to put it in a letter box, no need to take it to a post office... this I did, I didn’t hear from them or receive a replacement/refund so I contacted them, they said they hadn’t received it.. I contacted them many times & got the same reply, it hadn’t been received, eventually I opened a dispute through the eBay resolution service... this service makes a big song & dance about customer protection, this turned out to be bollox... talking to ebay customer services is like talking to robots.. they don’t read your e-mails properly.. they kept asking me to provide tracking information, I explained there was none, I had followed the sellers instructions on returning the item, they didn’t listen & kept asking for tracking information... I kept e-mailing them but they didn’t listen, they then closed the case in favour of the seller... all this hassle over a 3.95 faulty power supply... I have now stopped buying through eBay, they really are tossers... I go onto eBay & contact the seller direct & pay with my credit card.. you have proper protection with your credit card.. also if you use paypal make sure you pay again with your credit card...

From: Mike Edge
Subject: 786gbuyer
Date Posted: Sat Oct 12 13:26:54 2013
From: sadd saddiq

Sells G-Shock watches that he makes to look like similar limited editions and sells for similar prices.

He says in the title on the ad, they are the real thing. When I got my watch it was one that he made. It was 100 and parts are like 50 and he sold it to me for 219!!

I thought I got a super good deal! To only find it was not the original. VERY MISLEADING!!

From: Jimbo
Subject: postal-online
Date Posted: Wed Oct 16 18:12:12 2013

Sells used (hand cut with a saw) postal tubes as new see item 140973650907

here is feedback from some buyers. He also sells other low grade rubbish as new. He is insisting I send them back for a refund at my cost even though they arrived CRUSHED & not even tube shaped!

Awful quality - thank goodness ebay escalated this for me to get a refund!!
600 mm 450 mm x 76mm 18" 24" x 3" Cardboard Postal Tubes Packing Tubes A4 A3
Appalling. Item deliberately sent in unusable condition. Won’t use seller again
600 mm 450 mm x 76mm 18" 24" x 3" Cardboard Postal Tubes Packing Tubes A4 A3
AVOIDItems were very damaged & im positive that they were sent out in that state
600 mm 450 mm x 76mm 18" 24" x 3" Cardboard Postal Tubes Packing Tubes A4 A3
Disappointed with quality, tube ends badly cut. No reply to message sent. V.poor
600 mm 450 mm x 76mm 18" 24" x 3" Cardboard Postal Tubes Packing Tubes A4 A3

From: veksy
Subject: jmart1987
Date Posted: Sat Nov 2 19:53:31 2013
AVOID AT ALL COSTS! purchased a pair of jordan sneakers of this guy. Heaps of photos listed that were of legit jordans. I recieved the worst pair of fakes I’ve ever seen in my life. The box was orange (it’s supposed to be black and grey). As soon as payment was made he requested good feedback and told me any problems he’ll refund me immediately. I have been through countless messages with this idiot. His story changes every few messages because I keep catching him out on his lies. He’s now at the point of just straight out insulting me and basically refusing to refund me. I have screen shots of everything so I’ll get my refund via paypal but I should be getting extra $$$ just for having to deal with his crap. Went through his other items for sale and it looks like he mainly sells cheap fake iphone cases so I guess he thought he’d step up to fake sneakers...absolutely avoid this scam artist at all costs!

From: crofts
Subject: rambowicky
Date Posted: Thu Nov 21 20:40:08 2013
been with ebay for years, whoever took over the running of the company should be in government with the rest of the over educated idiots.

Their account program is flawed so would advice you add up all your selling fees / refunds to make sure they are correct, mine are not and they refuse to answer my query after 3 attempts.

Now sellers have to pay fees on postage despite last year ebay telling us to reduce postage costs, hypocritical or what.

ebay is just not worth it anymore, bad buyers, bad royal mail services, bad ebay and on top of that you have pay pal who charged me 14 for dealing with a chargeback that the customer eventually cancelled.

From: Shi
Subject: lovingshopping2012
Date Posted: Sat Dec 7 11:50:15 2013
Seller lovingshopping2012 is a scammer who knows how to avoid bad feedback by using crappy ebay policies to his advantage.

Bought a toy, toy came broken, seller said he would resend a new one. Waited. Waited some more. Toy never came. Messaged again, Seller said he sent it, to have patience and wait a little longer. Item never came. Messaged again. Seller said he would try to resend another one. Toy never came. The case I opened against him has expired in the mean time, and when I came to leave negative feedback I found out I can’t do that after 60 days.(Thanks a lot ebay) So basically this lying scammer strung me alone knowing full well that if he did so for long enough there was nothing I could do.

lovingshopping2012 !!!! never buy from that POS.

From: Bernie
Subject: Bags by Diamonds
Date Posted: Thu Jan 16 10:31:19 2014
Customer Support has opened a case for you.The seller has until 12 Jan, 2014 to respond. 04 Jan, 2014 at 18:01

The details you provided:
The item doesn’t match the seller’s description.
You paid for the item on 09 Dec, 2013.
Your phone number: 07930869067.
You gave permission to share this phone number with the seller.
The buyer chose ’other’ as the problem with the item
Additional information:
"I received the item and it looks fine but I noticed a little mark on the front so I tried to clean it with radley leather cream and it seems to have took some colors of the bag. Seller asked me to take the item to a shoe repair shop to seek for advice to restore the color back on the item. I want a replacement please if possible because I like the bag and this does not normally happen to radley bags. Thank you"
You’ve requested:
You prefer a replacement item if one is available.

The seller has responded to your case with another solution. 05 Jan, 2014 at 13:08

Seller’s message:
"Hi When you wrote to me via eBay messages on 4th Jan you explained that you had a little mark on the front so I tried to clean it with radley leather cream. You did not say how or when the mark had got on the bag, nor what it was, nor that you thought I was in some way responsible. You asked for my advice. I advised you to take it to a leather specialist who would be able to appraise the problem and try and fix it for you. You did not say where you got the Radley leather cream from or whether you had read the instructions on the bottle which say Preservation cream for leather (not suede or nubuck). I would have been able to tell you that Radley cream is unsuitable for use as a cleaning product if you had contacted me prior to making matters worse by using it. I am sorry that you tried to clean it with the cream and now have this problem. - continued in next message."

The seller has responded to your case with another solution. 05 Jan, 2014 at 13:09

Seller’s message:
"I am confident there were no marks on this bag, which was sent to you on 9th December, as it was brand new with tags and in perfect condition. If you are claiming that the mark was on the bag when you received it you should have informed me on receipt of the bag. Then you should have sent it back to me within 14 days of you receiving it and you didnt do either of these things. In support of my position the Distance Selling rules in the UK are this The seller does not have to offer a refund if the buyer damaged an item by trying to repair it themselves or getting someone else to do it I am willing to consider my position further if you load photos clearly showing the details of the problem? You can load photos up to this case

You’ve responded to the seller. 05 Jan, 2014 at 14:23

Your message to the seller:
"Hi Thank you for replying. I am not saying the mark was on the bag when I received it. The bag was a Christmas present from my boyfriend, and I didn’t start using the bag till Christmas day. I noticed a small mark yesterday and tried to clean it off. The bag is ivory so I would expect it to show dirt marks. I cleaned it with Radley leather cream and it has took the colour out? I have spoke to Radley this morning and they have assured me this should not happen? I am offended that you have took this attitude. I have attached photo’s of the bag. I have several Radley bags and this has never happened before? I will leave this with you. Regards Bernadette Carter"

The seller has responded to your case with another solution. 05 Jan, 2014 at 14:36

Seller’s message:
"Hi Bernadette, Please don’t be offended as you have no reason to be. I’m so glad you don’t say the mark was on it when you received it - thanks for that, because I am so particular about how I describe and sell my Radley items. As I said previously, the Radley cream is not a cleaner - it is a protection product and would not be an appropriate product to try and remove a mark - it would compound the problem. So - we don’t know what the mark was, and all we know is that it has now been compounded by a product used for covering the leather with a protective treatment. I’m surprised that after all this you think that the problem is with the Radley bag rather than what you have done to it since you received it. Please let me know which number you used to speak to Radley today and who you spoke to. I’d like to follow this up with them too in an effort to help you. Thnaks for the photos."

You’ve responded to the seller. 05 Jan, 2014 at 16:11

Your message to the seller:
"Hi, the number I rang was 08450 707080.The mark you see on the bag was much smaller, as I put the cream on it took the colour out so I stopped! This cream is from Radley and I’ve used it before on my other bags and it didn’t do this. I didn’t catch the name of who I spoke to but said the cream should of not took the colour out. Regards Bernadette Carter"

The seller has responded to your case with another solution. 05 Jan, 2014 at 16:29

Seller’s message:
"Hi - I’ve just rung the same number and unfortunately couldn’t get through to who you spoke to becuase they couldn’t say who that was. In my conversation with them they stated that the cream is not a cleaner and should not have been used to try and remove a mark. They also said that on the side of the cream bottle it says only rub very lightly, do not let it dry and polish it lightly. So - here’s where we are. You got a bag from me which as you stated in this case was as described and the mark was not present when you received it. You then somehow got a mark on it and used Radley cream to try and remove the mark. It didn’t. You claim the bag therefore is faulty. I believe that the incorrect approach was used to try and remove a mark which was put on the bag by usage by you. As a gesture of goodwill to you I can offer a partial refund of 20.00 providing this would satisfactorily close the matter with no bad feeling or feedback. Please let me know if you accept my proposal."

You’ve responded to the seller. 05 Jan, 2014 at 19:15

Your message to the seller:
"This is where we are? I paid 140.00 for a Radley bag yes which is going to get dirty at some point? If any other marks get on the bag this could happen again? If I would of paid 20.00 for a bag and this would of happened to it, that I would expect, but not for a bag of this price? I would like a replacement of the bag or a full refund. Regards Bernadette Carter"

You’ve responded to the seller. 06 Jan, 2014 at 18:36

Your message to the seller:
"Hi, as per email of as yesterday could you please reply. Thanks. Regards Bernadette Carter."

The seller has responded to your case with another solution. 07 Jan, 2014 at 16:29

Seller’s message:
"You insist on an exchange or complete refund for the brand new bag I sent you which you have damaged and have rejected a goodwill gesture offer of partial refund. You have stated the following in this case. The bag was as described when you received it with no marks. The mark appeared on it after you had been using it. You tried to clean the mark off with an incorrect product. The bag is now damaged. You first contacted me after you had damaged the bag asking for my advice. You raised a case not as described but have stated in this case that the mark was not there when you got it. In accordance with UK Distance Selling Rules UK I am not responsible for the damage you have caused to the bag since you received it. My offer of a partial refund, which you have declined, was a very generous one under the circumstances, and it is now withdrawn. "

You’ve responded to the seller. 07 Jan, 2014 at 18:41

Your message to the seller:
"First I was like to say it was the EBAY customer service agent that chose "not as described" and he opened the case, (his name was Jeff),I spoke to the CSD after your rude reply to my email.Whenever you buy goods from a shop or some other kind of business, your contract is governed by The Sale of Goods Act 1979. This states that all goods supplied by a trader must be of a satisfactory quality, fit for their purpose and as described. From the information provided it would appear that the goods purchased may not be of satisfactory quality: this means that the goods should be free from faults; last a reasonable time and be fit for the purpose they were made for. This statement is from Trading Standards. No the mark wasn’t there when I received the bag, it was just a dirty mark which I cleaned and the colour came out of the leather. So you are saying I will not received a replacement or refund? Please reply asap so I can take action from there. "

You’ve responded to the seller. 07 Jan, 2014 at 18:57

Your message to the seller:
"I would also like to add.The Sale of Goods Act says you must have time to examine the goods after you’ve bought them, to make sure there are no faults or that youve got the right goods. This is because you might not realise there’s something wrong until you get the goods home and unpack them or start to use them. During this time you are said to have not accepted the goods. If you find something wrong, you can take the goods back for a full refund. This is known as your right to reject the goods. The law doesn’t say exactly how much time you have to examine the goods. Instead, it says you have a reasonable time. What’s ’reasonable’ depends on the type of goods and the circumstances."

The seller has responded to your case with another solution. 07 Jan, 2014 at 22:48

Seller’s message:
"I understand the Sale of Goods Act and also Distance Selling regulations and am fully compliant with them at all times. You have stated that the mark was not on the bag when it arrived. You purchased a brand new Radley handbag which I did provide to you, and you said in your first message it was lovely. That was after you had inspected it. Please explain where I have been rude to you.

You’ve responded to the seller. 08 Jan, 2014 at 08:57

Your message to the seller:
"As you have pointed out you are aware of trading descriptions "You then somehow got a mark on it and used Radley cream to try and remove the mark. It didn’t. You claim the bag therefore is faulty. I believe that the incorrect approach was used to try and remove a mark which was put on the bag by usage by you" Your remark to one of my emails. Going forward are you willing to replace the bag or issue full refund."

You’ve responded to the seller. 09 Jan, 2014 at 09:40

Your message to the seller:
"could you please reply to my email."

The seller has responded to your case with another solution. 09 Jan, 2014 at 12:04

Seller’s message:
"Here are the facts relating to this case, as already stated and without being rude as you now claim. You have agreed the bag was as described when you received it with no marks and you commented it was lovely. The mark appeared on it after you had been using it. You tried to clean the mark off and the bag is now damaged. You first contacted me after you had damaged the bag asking for my advice. You raised a case not as described but have stated in this case that the mark was not there when you got it. All matters are in accordance with The Sale of Goods Act and UK Distance Selling Rules UK. I am not responsible for the damage you have caused to the bag since you received it. I am not willing to replace the bag. My very generous offer of a partial refund, which you have declined, is now withdrawn. "

You’ve responded to the seller. 09 Jan, 2014 at 18:39

Your message to the seller:
"Thanks for replying could you please forward me your surname as per trading standards I need to put my complaint to your in writing which I will be doing so, I have your address from your web site. Please could you do this asap."

You’ve responded to the seller. 09 Jan, 2014 at 19:17

Your message to the seller:
"I have also spoken to eBay’s resolution team today and they will take over the case on 12/01/2014."

The seller has responded to your case with another solution. 10 Jan, 2014 at 11:26

Seller’s message:
"Bags By Diamonds is my trading name."

You’ve escalated the case to Customer Support. 12 Jan, 2014 at 16:50

Your message to Customer Support:
"The bag was ok when I received it. I had a dirty mark on the bag so went to clean it with Radley leather cream and the colour came of out the leather? I have used this on all my Radley bags. I contacted seller her response was take it to a shoe shop for them to look at it? It wasn’t the response I expected as I had paid 147.38 for this bag. I rang your CSD about this and Jeff opened a case for me. Since then several emails have gone back and forth, the seller offered me 20.00 but this is unacceptable to me as going forward the bag is ivory and will probably will get soiled with usage, so what happens then? I asked for a replacement bag or full refund as I think this must be a manufacturing fault, as Radley are known for their good quality and durability of their handbags. I have the seller quite abrupt and I would go as far to say rude. She raised the question "where was the Radley cream from" the cream was purchased from House of Frasier along with a Radley purse I should of asked the question where does she get her "Radley bags from"? I was dubious at first of buying the bag of eBay but I have bought a lot of item before and found them of good quality. The bag was a Christmas present of my boyfriend and I only started using the bag on Christmas day. Both my boyfriend and I are very upset about this as it was a present and I would like to add a very expensive one. Look forward to hearing from you and hope you can help."

Customer Support has made a final decision and the case is now closed. 12 Jan, 2014 at 17:20

Customer Support comments:
Based on information provided in the case, the item may no longer be in the same condition as when you received it. You won’t be able to return this item for a refund.
Final decision:
A refund won’t be issued for this case.

You’ve lodged an appeal for this case with Customer Support. 13 Jan, 2014 at 09:44

Your message to Customer Support:
"As I have stated the cream I used has been used on all my Radley bags and this has not happened before."

Customer Support has declined your appeal and upheld the original decision on the case. 13 Jan, 2014 at 09:48

Customer Support comments:
We’re sorry you have a problem with your purchase. However, after further review, we’d like to confirm that our original decision still stands

From: Woo
Subject: tracystephanie2010
Date Posted: Sat Mar 1 15:17:00 2014
Buyers steer well clear of this lying individual.
180 Ipad 2 bought and arrived on time, but in bubble wrap and a jiffy bag.
Posted as cheap as possible. When used typing would not work correctly extra letters typing out
Reset and updated device worked for about 5 hours and started playing up again. Tried Resolution centre and no luck. Emailed seller and was told the famous "was all ok when i posted it."
No refund offered and told goodluck with getting one. Told to contact post office and try getting a resolve with them.
Total W!!!R avoid like the plague.

From: hammer1959
Subject: lcdtech889
Date Posted: Tue Mar 11 23:54:28 2014
Returned a perfectly good $90 lcd screen to the seller. The laptop graphics hardware was the problem. so a perfectly good screen was returned to lcdtech889. Talked into taking a credit to alleviate a "restocking fee" . Few months later try to contact several times with no replies at all from this seller. They got a returned good lcd screen back and kept my $90

From: mad of brecon
Subject: tomtop
Date Posted: Tue Mar 18 07:21:11 2014
LED Daytime Running lights
Lovely packaging lasted about a month before water ingress started to fail ,the LED’s. they wont answer or refund money... STAY well away say they are UK based but you guessed it Chinese!!!
Still on offer on eBay

From: kai
Subject: fatima020812
Date Posted: Thu Apr 10 09:07:32 2014
Useless sack off turd won the item then kept completely schtum didnt even try to cancel the sale, moron

From: T
Subject: criccle10
Date Posted: Thu May 8 11:01:19 2014
This joker sold me a ZX spectrum computer that arrived with a non-working keyboard. I politely informed the seller of the issue asking for a partial refund to cover replacement or to return the item.

Seller’s message:
"dont do refunds has this is 25 years old and was working when sent out to you sorry but no"

At this stage I had a look inside and one of the ribbon cables had cracked where it met the membrane.

Your message to the seller:
"The keyboard membrane is clearly cracked, so I don’t see how it could have been working when you sent it out. If I buy something that’s listed as working I don’t expect to have to spend an additional 10 so that it actually is."

Seller’s message:
"again marked dont do refunds was working when sent it out been using it for a while its nearly 30 years old you got a bargin of me sorry but will not refund any money has WAS WORKING "

So I took a photo of the damaged membrane and attached it to the next message.

Your message to the seller:
"Again, not sure how it could have been - here is a photo of the keyboard membrane showing one of the ribbon cables has cracked away significantly and is only making contact on a couple of the tracks. I don’t think it could have happened in the post as the rest of the membrane is not especially brittle. Did you actually test ALL the keys before listing it?"

Seller’s message:

Ok, this is where I stopped even trying to be polite to the cretin.

Your message to the seller:
"I’m sorry, I seem to have mistakenly assumed you actually cared about your reputation and customer satisfaction. You know as well as I do that I didn’t break it, it wasn’t working when I got it. I’m sorry you’re not mature enough to accept responsibility or be polite, I guess those are things you’ll have to work towards because your ebay feedback is going to reflect a bad attitude towards customers. Since you have been so delightfully rude I shall be escalating this case to eBay. Good day sir."

Seller’s message:
"sorry u feel that way should not have opened it hsu invalid warranty cannot refund you sorry "

Warranty? There was a warranty on a 30 year old computer?

Your message to the seller:
"If you were offering some kind of warranty surely you would have honoured this when I first brought the issue up, not mention it after I have investigated the problem myself which in turn was after you refused to help. You are either taking me for a fool or attempting to sway the case decision against me. Either way, the folly is on your part and so, incidentally is the responsibility. To put it very simply, you sold me a computer that was listed as fully working and the computer I recieved requires replacement parts to function. That is against eBay terms and the responsibility lies with you to resolve the problem. You have used every excuse you can think of and done all you can to try and shift the responsibility to me including outright accusation and to be honest I think your attitude stinks. I was prepared to drop the complaint if you had been at least polite and reasonable but I find your behaviour insulting and I regret my feedback on this transaction will reflect this."

Seller’s message:
"no you did all this after the fact should have left it unopened then would have sorted out seen so paypal and ebay have taken 20 quid out which i am in arrears now u have messed up my paypal account which i cannot do anything THANK YOU VERY MUCH no been rude or anything again thanks for messing up my paypal account"

Your message to the seller:
"I can go back and quote you, telling me, before I opened it that you had no intention of sorting it out and that it was my problem so stop making up whatever story suits you at the time and grow up. Paypal/ebay don’t just take money from your account, at the very worst they will have frozen it and if they did then it’s your own fault for being so awkward - like I said I would have dropped this ages ago had you not been so arrogant about it. In arrears? You’ve got to be kidding me. Are you trying to tell me the sale of one ebay item determines whether you can pay your rent? What if it hadn’t sold at all? Oh, and I messed up your paypal account? How does that even work? you tell me I have no clue."

Seller’s message:
yes one item can damage we for a month has i am not in work and get jsa a fortnight and no dont do refunds and again u have messed me up you are making so much trouble for me can pay anything at all or use my paypal account i am down loads of money that i cannot afford has i have no money what so ever now all because of you thank you very much spectrum was working u opened and broke it so dont come to me about your own fault and now you be leaving negfeedback thats just nasty has i have left you pos feed close case please so i can get my money back"

Your message to the seller:
"What on earth makes you think that accusing me of breaking it is going to make me want to help you? How dare you speak to me like that. I’m not a nasty person but I do not like your attitude in the slightest. I don’t expect a penny back from you and I have already ordered the new part. I don’t now why I should close this case after your continued insistence on blaming me but since I don’t wish to be causing even the most ignorant of people financial difficulties if they are already struggling I am going to give you the opportunity to apologise and accept responsibility. If you can do this I shall grant you this case closed, good feedback and not ask for any form of compensation. If however you reply with any more accusations, rudeness or anything other than a sincere apology then I shall be continuing this case."

Seller’s message:

I felt bad about possibly exacerbating someone’s financial troubles and the above message had me laughing for a good couple of minutes so I closed the case with the following note:

"Case closed out of goodwill, the seller needs the money more than I do despite being rude and arrogant. Was hoping for an apology but that response was priceless. Suggest seller goes to bed."

and gave the muppet positive feedback. What does he do? Reply to my positive feedback with the following:

"sent out working he opened and broke it buyer rude and blackmailer avoid"

So in short, don’t deal with this clown unless you feel like winding some muppet up who writes the most hilariously idiotic responses.

From: Ducky
Subject: ajvani_shoes
Date Posted: Wed Jun 18 13:04:29 2014
Didn’t receive my item from them. Waste of over 35. Ebay sided with them as they apparently had a proof of postage. Never got a refund or my package.

From: tonydalock
Subject: digital_anny
Date Posted: Tue Nov 25 10:26:53 2014
I purchased a used Dell Motherboard listed as no repaired, performance as the new condition.
The seller only had one option for shipping, and that was $28.00 Expedited Int’l Shipping from China. This was my first mistake, as I have bought many Motherboards from China and they usually offer you low cost, or free shipping. When it arrived I was billed another $28 in duty and DHL hidden cost.
I accepted that I got burned, and wrote off the additional cost, as I was anxious to finish the repair for my customer.
This is when I discovered the motherboard did not work.
I contacted the seller and he cut off communication. When I called ebay, they told me to send the Item back for a refund....an additional $25. In my past experience, sending back to China will end in no refund. The seller will simply deny receiving Item as tracking ends when it reaches China.
This is not the first time I received a defective product and a good seller offers to send a replacement....not cut off communications.

From: isledaurigny
Subject: iphone-special
Date Posted: Fri Nov 28 18:06:31 2014
Bought re-conditioned iPhone 5 for daughters b’day. It arrived seemed excellent so left good f’back. Problem developed. 45-day warranty quoted. Seller said to send it back which I did.

Since when (many months) no refund, no phone. I’ve been the victim of theft. Daughter in tears, had to go out a buy a brand new one.

Seller ignores me. eBay/PayPal useless > 30-days and will do nothing. Can’t even take legal action against the guy in the county court as eBay refuse to release his details.

Avoid eBay. They protect thieves!

From: not saying
Subject: mmmhhhh
Date Posted: Fri Dec 12 00:04:40 2014
Came across this searching for buyers who con sellers .

" mostly Ebay businesses "

It works both ways mate .....my business is legit and i get sick to death of being conned by scammers / gob shites / immigrants / twats etc who use ebay to con sellers .

Yes .....we are sick to death of these lying scumbag Ebay ripoff "buyers" who use pay pal and ebay to get refunds and keep the item

From: littlemo
Subject: watfords_harry_the_hornet
Date Posted: Fri Jan 23 00:21:05 2015
this is a sick man he order big lots take best out then buyer form someone els send all the crap back will them go on to get his family and frinds to run your account down he has 2 business account and 10 other account I keep blocking him but he got so many account he just keep coming I have 2 crime number as a woman with kids was told he was coming to sort me out many other ladys have told the same story ebay will not help

From: DP
Subject: tndray
Date Posted: Fri May 8 23:39:08 2015
Purchased two items from Chinese seller. One defective, the other DOA. Seller responded, grossly over using the word KINDLY, and promised refund, then changed to refund after I removed negative post, then promised better refund. By the time these negotiations ended 60 days had passed, I have not heard another word and now I can’t post a complaint regarding his use of EBay’s feedback policy to SCAM AND CHEAT honest buyers.
I now try Amazon before risking my money again. Ebay has become a haven for these cheapass Asian scammers selling their fraudulent advertised, knock off crap.

From: wanker eBay.com policy
Subject: Danie_willc
Date Posted: Wed May 13 00:46:11 2015
Here’s a good one for the wankers of eBay.com and the wanker danie_willc
I sold a camera new condition fully working then this wanker of a buyer decided that he would open a case up against me saying that the item was not as described I put proof in pictures to the new conditioned camera no marks even though I had other proof with this camera I still lost the case.so now I understand that if you are a buyer you can get away with anything so I may buy a red car on eBay.com scratch the fuck out of it then open a case up against the seller saying car is not as described send a yellow car back with scratches and get a full refund as well as my postage back fucken happy days

From: Buck
Subject: Cpjpmaple
Date Posted: Sun May 17 19:42:13 2015
Ad for airsteam camper "good condition" was fraudulent .item was not even safe due to frame rust and overall poor condition .Lost 1000 .oo deposit as item was not worth anywhere near price as described.Seller had good ratings so I took a chance .EBay or PayPal would not back me up .

From: zirium
Subject: audio-cycle
Date Posted: Thu May 28 16:24:13 2015
This seller has to be the worst seller I have met in years, he treats his customers worse than than rubbish itself. This was the truthful feedback I left him, "LIED ABOUT SHIPPING, DISHONEST & DECEITFUL, CANCLED SALE 7 DAYS AFTER PAYMENT" Ebay then removed it I do not understand this.


These are his business details:

Matt Oshea
Unit 4-5, Aston Works, Aston
OX18 2DQ

Be very careful he explodes just because I challenged him regarding the delivery of the item one week after the sale.

From: nomis69
Subject: piotrpeter123
Date Posted: Sat Jun 6 02:30:30 2015
Listed an item for sale with collection only in the UK piotrpeter123 won the bidding his account says he is UK based but all his details are for Berlin. Obviously a bit of an oddball, didn’t reply to message sent after 5 days. He has positive feedback but I doubt its real as fake as his ebay account avoid this German goon !

From: crorkzz
Subject: wzZGHYZvGP
Date Posted: Tue Jun 9 05:25:14 2015
zZofoT I think this is a real great article post.Really looking forward to read more. Will read on...

From: Karen Nicholls
Subject: Hackers
Date Posted: Thu Jul 23 18:11:31 2015
Hi! I just wanted to ask if you ever have any problems with hackers? My last blog (wordpress) was hacked and I ended up losing many months of hard work due to no back up. Do you have any solutions to prevent hackers?

Karen, no I don't have bother with hackers.. Just spammers... If you are really posted this feel free to send me an email to discuss the issue because you still seem to have hacked files on your site!!! at the date of this post!

From: Unbeliveable
Subject: NA
Date Posted: Thu Jul 23 18:26:39 2015
What kind of a name is that for a web page?

From: tempest
Subject: tempest321
Date Posted: Thu Nov 5 16:53:40 2015
I won a brand new 12" subwoofer for 5 plus 10 p&p over the moon till it arvied frozen voice coil contacted the seller for a reply of its in testested he never said it was new.

From: Patricia
Subject: patsy1492
Date Posted: Sun Nov 29 23:01:18 2015
I am new to buying jewellery on Ebay and would like to know is the jewellery sold in auction very inferior to the jewellery the sellers sell for hundreds and thousands they sell non auction. Thanks.

From: crystals
Subject: jevington47
Date Posted: Sat Dec 5 21:33:36 2015
Accepted a return, then refused refund, then resold item! This seller is not to be trusted

Subject: zettatech
Date Posted: Mon Dec 7 18:32:54 2015
Sold USB 3.1 PCI-E card that doesn’t work and had finger prints and rust on it. Returned it. Ebay said they’d refund the money so I gave them a good rating. They waited for the rating and then raised a case which ebay sided with (didn’t receive the email in time). Unbelievable. Not only did they send me an item that wasn’t new and unworking but they ended up getting it back so they could rip someone else off!

From: going-bonkers
Subject: lr-holden
Date Posted: Sun Jan 3 23:03:40 2016
Please check the feedback negs which lr-holden hands out all too often for the complaints to be valid, always along the lines of ’parts dont fit, broken, seller has awful attitude’ etc. Abuses returns after fiddling spares from them! Reported & ebay agree that its too often for the same complaint to be true. Hides behind buyer protection with a smug attitude knowing paypals cookie cutter policy on always returning money to buyer if dispute is opened. His feedback against me was REMOVED as ebay could see it was more of the same that he had used all too often before

From: ukseller
Subject: london442010
Date Posted: Tue Jan 19 08:20:28 2016
Not to be trusted .. received item but stating not to altho I have proof they have .

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Subject: tkw2011
Date Posted: Tue Jan 19 20:50:19 2016
jo malone diffuser used .i bought then the small print empty next morning emailed dont want this item sorry all ready sent at .28.50 for a used o sorry emply.

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From: mr-nice-guy06
Subject: willwildea
Date Posted: Wed Mar 2 01:06:36 2016
Everyone should avoid this seller. They mainly sell mobile phone parts so when i needed to fix the screen on my galaxy s4 i decided to buy a touch screen and digitizer from this seller. after waiting a few weeks nothing came so i decided to contact them to ask when it was likely to be delivered. There was no reply so i opened a case in the resolution center. still no reply so i had to ask ebay to step in and get the money back grantee. Upon looking at there feed back there are quite a lot of people who have also had this same problem.

Date Posted: Sun Apr 3 17:33:08 2016

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From: liam
Subject: juliacostle-0
Date Posted: Wed Apr 13 16:21:44 2016
bought a copy of cod bo3 ps4. expected to receive 3/04/2016 and its the 13/04/2016. no reply to any messages. go on his profile which is good. look through reviews. item not received no reply over and over. but some are fucking positive. contacted ebay who say i have to wait 8 fucking days before they do the only thing they can do.refund me. but in itself takes 10 days. so by the time i get my money back, purchase a copy from different seller to get it. it will have been a FUCKING MONTH!!! useless cunt!

From: Astom2003sl
Subject: moirgordo-0
Date Posted: Sat May 7 09:36:48 2016
Seller took my money and didn’t send goods no communication, nothing, eBay gave me my money back. He did it to about seven people in a short period of time... Scumbag thief. eBay should notice a trend after the the first incident of theft and suspend them not after the seventh!!!

Date Posted: Wed May 11 20:27:05 2016

From: david bradbury
Subject: ben albert vairan
Date Posted: Wed May 18 19:11:32 2016
I have been defrauded of 4000, for an item that never arrived, what did eBay do...fuck all and they deny it happened, now i see the truth about eBay, a shed full of rotten dogs bolloks eBay is now to myself Ebolloks

From: Craig
Subject: Neverendingreality
Date Posted: Mon Jun 6 15:09:06 2016
Aranged payment outside of Ebay, then stole the item and didn’t pay.

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From: dilly
Subject: bigboyovdagenham
Date Posted: Tue Sep 27 09:09:51 2016
this buyer won my item, didn’t pay or respond to messages. His feedback is ’Private’ which made me wary. Just before an unpaid item status expired he sent message saying he’d pay in "24 hours" - no apology or explanation for not responding before, or why payment delayed. He now has an unpaid item strike.

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Used to work for him he stole my identity to open an ebay shop, has multiple ebay shops including, myprinterink, directinkuk, inkland. He sells items he doesnt have and will rob you, he has now opened a new shop and should be avoided at all costs! Hes dodgy do ot buy from any of them ebay shops he sells dodgy ink cartridges and sells under fake names and addresses.

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I am not shure how this site work.

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I cant not list the emails I am trying to send. Please make the instrutions easyier??? It now looks like I am the Bad Seller!!!

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From: Staolganus
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From: PetuninPL
Subject: Всем привет
Date Posted: Sat Mar 9 01:33:11 2019
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Date Posted: Mon Mar 18 06:21:49 2019

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From: Jesse hiz
Subject: Modern stair design
Date Posted: Thu Mar 21 08:22:08 2019
As a rule, having asked a question of installation of a ladder in the house, owners don’t assume that the ladder and its protection are two absolutely different products. Well, if the same company, like us, is engaged in the arrangement of turnkey facilities and can offer to make a ladder and metal fences on it in one set, but in practice it is rare. Therefore, before any owner of the stairs in the house the question arises: how to make it safe, we guarantee the best conditions for cooperation thanks to our own production, high potential design office and focus on long-term mutually beneficial partnership. Here you can buy not only standard fencing for stairs, but also design, made to order and is amazingly cheap. New construction technologies, developing rapidly, allow to use light, modern, reliable and weightless structures. Stair railings made of stainless steel are such that the price thereof is acceptable. Railings made of reliable material: an important structural element, part of the design of the building, the guarantors of safety and easy descent and ascent the stairs. Protections for ladders which are offered by our company differ in reliability, resistance to various aggressive influences and faultless appearance. In addition, their manufacture takes into account all kinds of standards and requirements relevant to this group of products. It is difficult to imagine a building in which there will be no stair railings, the presence of which increases the convenience, safety when moving. Note that today for the manufacture of construction offers a large selection of elements with which it is possible to quickly perform the installation of the structure, which for many years will last without losing the original qualities. Manufacturing and installation of stainless steel stairs is inexpensive compared to designs from other materials with equal quality characteristics. However, stainless steel is much more popular material-it is easy to handle, combine with other materials, install and care for the finished product

Date Posted: Mon Mar 25 03:05:07 2019

From: Иван
Subject: Перезвоните пожалуйста
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Subject: Перезвоните пожалуйста
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From: Иван
Subject: Перезвоните пожалуйста
Date Posted: Mon Apr 1 09:03:39 2019
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From: Dennislow
Subject: Разное полезное 2019
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From: lunjubjex
Subject: Тема
Date Posted: Sat Apr 20 10:31:11 2019

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From: Jesse hiz
Subject: Modern stairs and fences made of glass, wood, metal
Date Posted: Tue Apr 23 05:17:14 2019
Depending on the layout of the house and the wishes of the customer to the design can be used marching, slanting, screw, combined and other types of glass stairs. Floating is a relatively simple type of stairs straight or curved designs, the essential element of which is the presence of the inclined series of steps and connecting them stairs (respectively rectangular or semicircular shape). The most common type of stairway has a slope of 30-45°. In such a ladder, the biomechanics of a person who moves up or down it is taken into account as much as possible. The advantage of the design of the flight stairs-the maximum strength with a minimum number of connections. For attaching stairs to the Bolza is used the same type of hinged plates boltov that is a metal fastener, which is used for sequential mounting steps. Stairs can be straight or winder. This type of ladder design allows you to make the mount almost invisible in connection with what has gained great popularity among designers. But, despite the "visual lightness", these stairs are able to withstand heavy loads, in particular, in cases where the design of the stairs is enhanced by a combination with a braid, bowstring or wall mount. In terms of design and construction, the combined staircases are characterized by a free spatial configuration, in which the elements of the staircases are combined with various spiral (screw) structures. Most modular and small stairs are also combined. Combined glass stairs-a vivid example of architectural construction in the style of "eclecticism" - the direction in which an arbitrary combination of styles, designs and materials is used. They are original engineering and artistic solutions. To perform such complex work requires the joint work of the architect and designer and, of course, a high level of professionalism of the installation team

Date Posted: Tue Apr 30 22:03:02 2019

Date Posted: Wed May 1 22:55:48 2019

From: Mark
Subject: Freetopbuy
Date Posted: Sat May 4 18:58:36 2019
After purchasing a fault item off them thinking they were a UK seller was told they would send replacement. It didn’t come. Ebay money back guarantee not had expired. So complained to PayPal. I would not send the item back to Hong Kong as I had purchased it from what was advertised UK so PayPal closed my case

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Date Posted: Sun May 5 21:44:21 2019

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Date Posted: Sun May 5 21:44:26 2019

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Date Posted: Sun May 5 21:44:31 2019

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Date Posted: Mon May 13 23:21:15 2019

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Date Posted: Mon May 13 23:21:27 2019

From: Ramon neate
Subject: Stairs and fences made of goggles, wood, metal
Date Posted: Mon May 20 15:50:46 2019
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Date Posted: Wed May 22 05:43:45 2019