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On this page you will find the latest picture re: my hobby of astronomy and astrophotography. I am an ameteur of aproximatley 1 year photography and 2 years visual, i dont have much time to persue my hobby and when i do the weather is normally bad (I live in the UK) so progress is slow.
This is the best pick of my first attempt at lunar digital imaging with a telescope and digital camera.
It is a single image taken at ISO200 with a Canon IXUS 330
Subject: The Moon, just after first quarter.
Focal Length: 1000mm+
Fstop: Unknown
Film: Digital Image
Exposure Time: 1/160
This image has not been altered in any way. The orentation of the image is as taken!
Click the image for full size version(900K).
First attempt at lunar digital astrophotography.
Photo Credit to: Robert Geake

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