Garden Products For Sale to Buy Online

Garden ornaments, sculptures and statues embellish a garden and are an excellent way theme your garden or bring an atmosphere more suited to your character

On their own they add points of interest, humor or even structure to a normally plain garden. Some garden ornaments can even be the centre piece of your entire garden. When used together in collections, they can be used to bring a particular theme to a certain area of your garden and you can even create a multi-themed garden with different areas dedicated to different themes.

Bring a spark of life to your garden with our hand cast concrete garden ornaments. Available in many colours from natural sand or concrete grey to pink and magenta, the choice is yours (please specify your chosen colour on a per item basis in your shopping cart list)!

Our Hand Made and Cast Concrete garden ornaments will weather as they are painted with standard emulsion, over time their look will improve as the paint wears away. They can be re-painted with standard exterior paint (lasts many years) or normal emultion (lasts a couple of years but has a nice weathering effect).